Thimble 2화

I don’t believe I managed to write it, but at the same time, if I didn’t the story would drive me crazy. More notes below. A lot of them.

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“Your grace” you say eyes fixated somewhere above his shoulder. “Your servant should be there where her work is the most useful. Where she belongs to. Just like a piece on a baduk board.”

It’s a proper answer. The one you learn to give from young age. And it gives you immense pleasure to see Crown Prince’s eye twitch. You managed annoy him while staying polite.

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Listen to me. I am leaving, but I am living. I will not be gone from you entirely, Will. When you fight now, I will be still by you. When you walk in the world, I will be the light at your side, the ground steady under your feet, the force that drives the sword in your hand. We are bound, beyond the oath. The Marks did not change that. The oath did not change that. It merely gave worlds to something that existed already.
—  All the feels. -Clockwork princess, The Infernal Devices