Late night meetings || Peter Parker x Reader

A/N : Circe once again writes Parker after 50000 years.
Two requests were combined for this . I hope this isn’t confusing .
Based off the prompts : “I guess I wanted to see if you missed me.”
“What are you doing up there . okay no , how did you get up there ?”

On regular days , being Spiderman was not easy. Dealing with super villains , stopping crime , saving people , all of it really takes its toll on one person. Being Spiderman when ones relationship was in jeopardy was even tougher. Dealing with supervillains , stopping crime and saving people alongside dealing with the after effects of a broken teenage heart , really really did take its toll on one. Taking all the following into consideration , Peter Parker was doing really badly.

Maybe that’s why he showed up on your roof after stopping a bank heist , still dressed as Spiderman. To say this was a risk was the under statement of the century, but here he was. He knew this was about the time you made your way up here. After dealing with the stress and responsibilities of the day you always came here to relax and like the amazing person you were , you had brought him here with you too once. Peter didn’t really remember when your relationship started to go downhill but it had to deal with all the constant disappearances and shady stuff he had to pull as Spidey. He was contemplating this only when he heard a gasp. He turned around to see you standing there , in those adorable PJs of yours , with a hand covering your mouth in shock. He wondered for a brief second whether you could work out his Spiderman costume in the dark before you spoke up,
“What are you doing up here ? Okay , wait no , howd you get up here ?” You asked and Peter found himself blurting out
“I guess I just wanted to see if you missed me ”/

You felt confusion wash over you as you stated at Peter’s solute in the darkness. What the holy hell was this boy doing on your roof at 1:30am on a Monday night, sprouting out lines from emo poetry or something. Ofcourse whatever confusion you were feeling multiplied times infinity or so to say when Peter appeared infront of you dressed like Spiderman and wow that was some impressive cosplay where did he get the money to afford that and oh my. Realization hit you like a giant tidle wave and you gawked at Peter.

“You… You’re ….” You started
“Spiderman , yeah ” he finished for you and you stared at him , with your mouth hanging open trying to find some words to say. You felt like your head was spinning and you couldn’t get your thoughts straight.
“Listen (Y/N) I can explain ….” He started , walking cautiously towards you .
“Ohhh no ! ” you exclaimed “no don’t come here. I need to think and you’re gonna make it a whole lot more difficult” you pointed to a dark corner on the roof “go stand there and let me think ”. Did you just put your own boyfriend in time out ? Yes you did and you felt kinda proud about it. Cue inner monologue , (Y/N)’s brain. And start ,

“Time for pros and cons. You were dating a crime fighting spider. Con : he could get really hurt and kinda die too maybe and you’d have to deal with a lot of disappearances and basically alot of shit. Pro : he looked kinda hot in that suit. Turned you on a little really. Like how hot would it be - FOCUS. ”

You took a deep breath , this monologue really wasn’t working. The real question was did you like him enough to put your emotions on the line for his whole fighting bug thing. Your brain didn’t even take time with that question. The answer was clear : Yes.

Meanwhile Peter was standing at his designated corner , looking at you intently. You had your eyebrows furrowed and you were frowning at the ground , with your head tilted sideways. He noted that you looked absolutely adorable like this and he bet his new suit that you were having a monologue with yourself right now .

You sighed defeatedly as you gestured towards your window which was connected to the roof “I have hot cocoa inside which you can drink as you write me a 1000 word apology letter and explain everything in detail. I also want to try on the mask ”

Peter smiled at you , big toothy grin and you glared half-heartedly at him
“I’m serious, Parker ”
“I know (Y/N) I know .”




- #sorryabouteurovision

-that Haru pillow was in the background again
-phil was on the carped :D
-BBC Big Weekend this weekend :D
-beer from Japan
-club names
-sharing glasses
-Phil left after 15 minutes

-Dan can’t watch the Eurovision Song Contest because he’s on the BBC Big Weekend Festival
-“Guess the crime”
-special BBC radio show soon (about the Big Weekend)
-Nawh he saw Joey’s video (is happy for him <3)
-the Bad Blood video
-billboard awards
-Kanye West……..
-teen jobs
-the book
->the writing is done
->the designing is nearly done
-Dragon City
-the Manila thing..(he first said that Manila is in south america..but then Phil corrected him that it’s in Asia)
-new muse song
-Anime: cowboy bebop
-dan&phil are doing many things at once (?)
-and they love life and the work they are doing(?) -quotes by Dan
-tyler&connor messaged him and he didn’t reply
-his birthday soon
-he’s going to to see pitch perfect soon
-d&p have started to work on the tour
-feeling myself video
-d&p went outside today
-Troye and Zedd (nawh he’s really proud of him)
-there are a lot of pictures of Japan in the book
-dan is working on something cool with EA sports which he’s gonna do in summer (?)
-Mario Kart
-dan&phil will hang out with PJ,PEWDS and MARZIA soon
-> oscar’s hotel (??????) maybe???
-Game Of Thrones
-No Phil liveshow on Sunday
-summarizing the show
-a loooot of sirens this liveshow
Yea..that was it :)

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