my rival

saw myself stalking me
after lurking in the urban bushes,
head down, under a Chicago Bulls cap

the only thing i muttered sotto voce
when i caught my eye was ‘tsk’,
so many other more sinister foes
seeking asylum in the Realm

where your reflection is your refuge
& your own instincts betray
the status quo-tidian scheme 

underlying, prioritized to satisfy the
placating agenda around here.

i proceeded to slip out of and throw
my rumpled trenchcoat in the air,
creating just enough of a diversion

to help me evade my own mentations,
mined & mirrored in the maurauder
wearing the me-shaped suit and a smirk.

but he doesn’t know what i know -
that there’s only room enough for
one sheriff in this skin city game

& the filter i wear doesn’t tint rose,
amber, blue, or green - it’s translucent -
aptly prescribed to let me see clearly,
avoid the trap of double vision 

& vanquish my rival, once & for all.
10/15 - lebuc - my rival 


Beautiful khuṭba from my love and lamp, Shaykh Tijānī bin Sayyid ʿAlī Cissé, during the Islamic World International Conference in Atlanta on 14-15 January 2011.

25 newly trained midwives from five regions in South and Central Somalia graduating from the new Mogadishu Midwifery School in Xamar Jajab District of Mogadishu. The graduation ceremony was attended by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Religious Affairs Hon. Ridwan Hirsi Mohamed and several ministers, MPs and senior government officials as well as UN Population Fund for Somalia country representative, Mr. Cheikh Tidiane Cisse and his World Health Organization counterpart Dr. Ghulam Popal.