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“Man, what are those things? Jello?” Sora tilts his head, incongruously disconcerted by the appearance of several globule creatures that had already begun their sluggish but frighteningly terrifying advance toward his feet with the consistency of mashed potatoes. “They kinda’ remind me of the flan Mom makes during Thanksgiving.” he comments to no one in particular, swerving his torso to the left to avoid one creature hell-bent on grappling his face. Tilting his head to the side, he spots a few people already hard at work with cutting up the monsters to pieces. “Heeeeey, be careful!” he calls, and like any good protagonist-slash-winsome hero, he dives right into the fray. “Let me help you out!”

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The thing had come out of nowhere and she liked to believe she was rather observant but even her keen eyes hadn’t seen it creep up behind her. It was certainly more challenging fighting an Unversed while trying to control a glider, keeping a steady balance as she had to keep to long ranged attacks. Didn’t help matters that the creature was incredibly fast in the air too, diving up and down she’d been so focused on it that now she was utterly lost. It was odd saying she’d made an emergency landing in another world, however that didn’t stop her pursuer as it easily followed after her forcing her to stay in the air. It was persistant she’d give it that as her arms grew weary of steering so sharply to avoid its blows.

It seemed such weariness was taking more of a toll than she’d thought, unable to dodge a large blast of fire to the back of her glider, sending the vehicle plummeting to the ground in smoke and sparks. Luckily she was able to dismiss it before she crashed to the ground, landing on her feet only to stumble several large steps forward before toppling over. It was far from graceful and unfortunately not far from a town either, surely her crash landing had been seen. Quickly getting to her feet, the rush going to her head as her legs didn’t want to move but her mind willed it so. She needed potions after all, considering she was all out…obviously it wasn’t her lucky day. She knew she needed help and wasn’t going to let her pride get in the way. Her clothes somewhat stained from the fall she entered the town she’d landed close to hoping no one saw her little accident, though it was unlikely. She did get a few odd stares as she searched for an item shop, quickly seeking help on the matter.

“Excuse me!” She called still somewhat dazed. “I’m looking for an item shop to purchase some healing remedies, if you could point me in the right direction I’d be very grateful” putting on a smile despite the aches.