tidal flow

I’ve learned that life is a tidal wave. Sometimes it flows and carries you smoothly, but other times it comes crashing down on you so hard and fast that you’re not sure if you’ll ever be able to make it up for air. And sometimes it’s just still. And there’s nothing you can do about it besides letting it take you and hope that you’ll come to the surface and be at peace in the end.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1226
We fill

What do you do
when you feel the pain
rising from the depths
Do you push back,
exerting all your will
Or do you open up your soul
letting it all flow
A tidal wave
of hurt, and rage, and shame
Sweeping away
everything in its path
Clearing away
the detritus of your life
We fill our hearts,
we fill our souls
with that which is temporary
forgetting that
we have within us
Rising from the depths
when you feel the pain
what do you do

i should do something

one purple tree in a sea of green, then
a tidal wave flows over my house
and cracks a window,
a man explains to me the engineering of waves
then i mention broken particles,
thats when a kaleidoscope of colors begin to swirl with
limitless light dancing in a complex form,
a man tries to kill me over and over,
(when i say man i dont mean men)
i walk fire lanes one and two then
sit outside with a brat and beer.
in so many ways he tries to be careful.
so much so that i use windex.
it doesnt help.
i like the chocolate almond sea salt and chia kashi bar.
i want a lap to sit on.
he says love as if its literature.
im nonfiction.


These truly massive whirlpools form when conflicting tidal flows meet. The swirling vortex is powerful enough to pull in swimmers and small boats. The most powerful is Saltstraumen, located outside Norway.

The World Is New

Tangents creep up quick in a conversation
Hastened by a quip here and a concept there
Each and every word has that potential to leave you asking

When did this debate become so
Obnoxious, yet so sublimely serene?
Rare glimpses into the
Limelight of the mundane expose the
Drastic state of

Imaginary moments
Sectioned out, allowing the sweet and succulent

Nectar of life to
Ebb and flow in tidal
Waves of unabashed joy

ok so yall with your typical gems given to stan and ford in the crystal pines au

but have you considered: cape may diamonds

o kbut stan and ford’s gemstones are cape may diamonds because hell i just found out about them theyre not actually diamonds, theyre a type of quartz. and it’s funny because the diamond part of the name actually came from a scam to get it to sell more even tho it’s aCTually pure quartz

cape may diamonds look like this

they tend to wash down from the delaware river to the beaches on cape may point, new jersey but geologists say a lot of them are from local desposits.

The Kechemeche Indians were the first to find the fascinating and beautiful stones now known as "Cape May Diamonds.” The translucent gems were held in high esteem by the Kechemeche “who attached mystical powers and a sacred trust to their possession.” They believed the curious stones possessed supernatural powers, “influencing the success, well-being and good fortune of the possessor.” Larger, flawless stones were often given as a token to seal the bonds of friendship. "Cape May Diamonds" are pure quartz crystals and are found in a variety of sizes and colors. 

The actual source of these amazing gems is in the faraway upper reaches of the Delaware River. Pieces of quartz crystal are eroded and broken off from veins and pockets by the swift running waters of streams. Then begins the some 200 mile journey that takes thousands of years to complete. The strong tidal flow against the hulk of the sunken concrete ship “Atlantus” is the cause for them to wash ashore here in such great abundance. When polished and faceted, these gems have the actual appearance of real diamonds. Before the advent of modern gem scanning equipment, many a pawn broker was fooled by a “Cape May Diamond.”

cape may diamonds are gemstones found on the beaches of new jersey, the ‘diamond’ in the name came from some pawn broker getting ripped off, they have a nice sandy childhood color and are very souvenir-like

it’s perfect, people

Sam Winchester Dirty Imagine: Patching Up

A/N: As a reminder, requests are still closed.


Sam limped through the door with his hand holding onto his side for dear life. He was being supported by his older brother Dean, whose scared and worried facial expression sent (Y/N) in a state of panic.

“What the hell happened?!” she exclaimed.

Sam winced as Dean gingerly lowered him onto the table. 

“Turns out we were wrong. It’s not a bunch of angry spirits we’re after; it’s a big ass vampire clan.” Dean gruffly responded. 

She frowned in confusion. That couldn’t have been right. Everything they investigated led them to believe that the mass killings that were happening in the town they were in were led by a group of spirits who were in a murderous cult back in the 1970s. Nothing told them that it was vampires instead.

 She quickly shook her head. “That doesn’t make sense..”

“I know it doesn’t,” Dean answered back rather harshly, “so something’s up. We need to go back and look at everything we’ve got so far. Obviously something went wrong - I just don’t know what it is.”

Sam uncomfortably shifted his seating position on the table, causing him to painfully groan. (Y/N) immediately rushed to his side with her first aid kit in hand and started to clean and dress his wounds. Sam did nothing but stare at her and smile graciously at her. “Thanks (Y/N)”. 

Her eyes lit up as she responded, “Anytime, Sam.”

Dean narrowed his eyes at his younger brother and stared between the two of them intently. Sam quickly locked eyes with his brother but uncomfortably looked away as (Y/N) told him to take off his shirt so she could stitch up a knife wound. 

Dean smirked and decided that some alone time between his brother and his brother’s crush was in needed at the moment. 

“Well,” Dean spoke loudly, “I guess I should go find Cas…he uh, he disappeared. Probably went to go find a White Castle, uh…bye.”

With that, he shrugged on his coat and left before (Y/N) and Sam could bid him goodbye. 

“That was weird.” (Y/N) muttered. Sam nervously nodded in agreement.

In a way, (Y/N) was thankful that Sam was attacked by the vampires. Not in a bad way, like she hated him. But she was grateful because it gave her a chance to gawk at Sam’s chiseled body without looking like a total creep. 

Her breathing shook as she cleaned up the blood and medicated the cuts and bruises littered on his torso. She had just gotten to the knife wound on Sam’s chest when he cleared his throat apprehensively. 

“Uh, (Y/N)?”

(Y/N) immediately snapped out of her trance, heart beating faster than ever. “What, what is it?”

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, why?”

“You were kind of…staring at my chest..”

(Y/N)’s face burned with embarrassment as she did her best to avoid Sam’s stare and stitch up the last of the knife wound. As she brushed her fingers over it, Sam hissed quietly in pain. 

(Y/N) mumbled a “sorry” as she healed him and forced herself to not run her hand completely over his very warm and toned chest. 

She had turned around to throw away the soiled bandages and cloths but froze in place when, in a moment of bravery, Sam had wrapped his arms around (Y/N) and pulled him into his warm and comforting chest.

(Y/N) couldn’t see or feel it, but Sam was shaking as he kissed her temple and moved his kisses slowly down the side her face until he reached her neck. Her breathing became erratic as she fluttered her eyes shut and let him suck softly on her neck.

“S-Sam..” she stuttered. He mumbled a “hmm?” against her skin as a response. 

“W-what are yo-u doing? Oh…” she let out a tiny gasp as Sam grabbed her breast through her thin t-shirt in one hand and started to squeeze it gently. She moaned softly against him until Sam grumbled with desire against her neck. He turned (Y/N) around and intertwined his hands in hers as Sam sat back down on the table with (Y/N) in between his legs.

Sam’s lips brushed ever so softly against (Y/N)’s as he wrapped her arms around her waist. Her soft hands caressed his biceps as he finally kissed her.

Their lips melded together in a warm embrace. Heads were spinning, body temperatures were rising, hearts were soaring. Sam kissed her as if she were an angel made from stardust and diamonds, holding her in his embrace as if she would disappear the second he let go. (Y/N) clung onto him for dear life as if this was all a dream, like she would wake up to her phone alarm as if kissing Sam had never happened. She let her lips be kissed by a man with all of the glory, love, and joy that she wanted to be loved by. It was a miracle, being kissed like this. And both of them swore that in that very moment, they were infinite. 

Sam hands gently trailed up and down her body as they kissed, and it wasn’t until he grabbed her bum that (Y/N) had pulled away unexpectedly. 

“Sam, I-”

“Please.” his voice was hoarse. It was desperate and oh, so full of love. 

He grabbed the back of her head and rested his forehead against hers as she stared at him with wide, unblinking eyes. 

“Please let this happen.” he nearly begged, “I don’t care if this is a mistake, I don’t care if you don’t think anything is going to come out of this. But please, just let this happen. I love you so much; you have no idea how long I’ve waited for something like this to happen. Just…please.”

She melted under his words and nodded as he pressed her tight against his chest again, only breaking away to undress her and vice versa. 

Within seconds, there was a pile of clothes on the floor. Sam picked up (Y/N) and wrapped her legs around his waist as he stumbled blindly into his bedroom. There, they got tangled up in the sheets as he laid her down and worshiped her body. 

(Y/N) moaned lightly under him as Sam kissed down her thighs and pressed his lips to her clit. He gently sucked on it as she grabbed onto his hair and threw her head back against the sheets. 

A finger was inserted, then another. Sam thrusted in and out with his fingers and looked up, making eye contact with (Y/N). He grew hard at the sight of her above him: eyes wide open, chest heaving, mouth spilling out perfectly angelical moans and whimpers. Sam moaned into her core, making her come instantly into his face and allowing him to lick up her juices. 

She sat up and pulled Sam onto the bed. Her face was flushed and her breathing was unstable, but it didn’t matter. (Y/N) pushed Sam onto the sheets and straddled him, kissing his neck and traveling down to his hard member. Sam delicately groaned as she sucked on the tip, running her tongue over it and pumping the rest with her hand. 

She took him further into his mouth, sucking harder the further she went down. He gently fisted her hair in his hands as (Y/N) went down on him. The moans and choppy breaths that were elicited from his mouth made her wet again immediately. As (Y/N) allowed him to touch the back of her throat, she gagged slightly, but made Sam moan as loud as he could. 

“Stop!” he nearly whined. (Y/N) pulled her mouth off of him.

“Ride me.” Sam nearly begged. Without any hesitation, (Y/N) straddled him and grinded herself over his rock hard shaft, teasing him a little bit. 

“Oh, Jesus Christ.” Sam groaned. His fingers dug into (Y/N)’s waist and she bit her lip to refrain herself from moaning. Eventually, she stopped teasing and finally slowly slid herself down over his large member. Once she sunk down on him, (Y/N)’s vision was flooded with stars. She let out a loud gasp as he became buried to the hilt and Sam painfully waited for her to adjust to his size. It took everything in him to not pound her right where she sat.

Finally, (Y/N) began to move. She bounced up and down on him perfectly, his member squeezing walls that had never been reached before. A deep moan bubbled from (Y/N)’s lips as she squeezed and contracted around him. 

Sam suddenly began to jostle his hips against hers, no longer being able to sit idly by as he realized he was able to completely fill (Y/N) up. (Y/N) whimpered as he bounced her on his stiff cock, making the experience all the more pleasurable for the both of them. She tried to lean forward to kiss him, but they were panting too much for them to really kiss one another - and so Sam heaved himself into a sitting position as he bucked her lips harshly against hers.

Sam panted and groaned underneath her as he fucked her. (Y/N) wrapped her arms around his neck and she allowed him to fill her up over and over again, clinging on for dear life as she allowed herself to be ravished by Sam Winchester. 

(Y/N) felt Sam’s hands around her tighten as she moaned and dug her nails into his shoulder. Sam grunted, he knew there were going to be noticeable marks by the time this was over. 

“Ah! Oh God, Sam!” (Y/N) nearly screamed as she felt herself near her orgasm. 

“Fuck, (Y/N)…” Sam grunted. 

Their orgasms came over them like a tidal wave, flowing out from the deepest parts of their bodies and flooding the air. Loud moans and groans could be heard as they climaxed with Sam buried deep inside of (Y/N). It was a type of euphoria that had never been experienced before, and it was something that could never be experienced with another person. (Y/N) had always loved Sam from the start, but the amazing sex they just had made her love him all the more. Sam felt the exact same way.

As (Y/N) gently lifted herself off of him, Sam lay down with (Y/N) on top of his hot body. They were both excruciatingly tired and sweaty, but it didn’t matter. At this moment in time, both were seen as beautiful in each other’s eyes. 

As they lay there in silence, the anxiety Sam had felt when he first kissed (Y/N) swelled up again, making his throat become dry and his hands tremble slightly as he held her. 

“I love you.” he blurted out into the dimly lit room. 

(Y/N) froze under his touch. Her heart skipped multiple beats as she heard Sam say the three words she always wanted to hear him say.

“I love you too.” she replied back almost immediately, leaning up and kissing him passionately. 

Both Sam and (Y/N) smiled into the kiss as they held each other as two people in love for the first time.

Jack emerged from down below with a big smile. “I’ve synced the navigation computer with the Hub. Gwen’s calculated the likely tidal flows of last night, so we’ll follow that out to sea. And if there’s so much as a flutter of wings from anything in the water, the sensors in the bow will pick it up and adjust our bearings. So, sailor boy, all we have to do is sit back.”

“Can I not… you know,” ventured Ianto.

Jack knew what Ianto wanted to do, and it wasn’t every day you got to cruse past the assorted sailors and yachters out on a blowy day in the Bristol Channel. “If you want to stand by the wheel looking cool, that’s okay with me,” he grinned.

Ianto slipped on a pair of shades and stood proudly on the deck.

—  The Sin Eaters
Torchwood Audio Book

Myxilla incrustans

…is a species of encrusting Myxillid demosponge which ranges from the Faroe Islands, off the coasts of Norway south along the Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea. M. incrustans is typically found between the low water mark to a depth of 400m, where it will encrust on vertical rocks and areas exposed to tidal flows. 

M. incrustans is also known to occur in the North west Pacific Ocean and in Japanese waters where it is typically known to encrust the shells of clams in the genus Chalmys


Animalia-Porifera-Demospongiae-Poecilosclerida-Myxillidae-Myxilla-M. incrustans

Image: Cwmhiraeth

Am Alsterufer, Hamburg, Northern Germany. The Alster is a right tributary of the Elbe river. With its source in Schleswig-Holstein, it flows through much of Hamburg and joins the Elbe in central Hamburg. While the Elbe is a tidal navigation of international significance and prone to flooding, the Alster is a non-tidal, slow-flowing and in some places, seemingly untouched idyll of nature, elsewhere it’s a tamed and landscaped urban space. In the city center, the river forms two lakes, both prominent features in Hamburg’s cityscape.



Rob Mulholland

“Tide Flow - Time Flow”

Mirrored Stainless Steel Figures Approx 1.85 mtrs High

Installation at the Caol Ruadh Sculpture Park 2012  on the kyles of Bute, Argyll, Scotland

Exhibition open from 24th June to October 2012

Rob Mulholland’s latest installation ‘ Tide Flow – Time Flow ‘ is part of a group exhibition at the newly opened Caol Ruadh Sculpture Park overlooking the Kyles of Bute, Argyll, Scotland.

“‘ Tide Flow – Time Flow ‘ has been installed on the shores of the Kyles of Bute. As the tide ebbs and flows, the reflections of the sun and sea constantly alter the appearance of the mirrored stainless steel forms creating a kinetic surface that moves to the rhythm of the sea. The Cretaceous sea-forms, standing alongside the human figures, are a reference to our genetic past and ask us to consider our evolutionary journey thus far. ”

Entering Manchester on Upper Brook Street


View NW, towards the City centre. According to Keith Potter and Gerald England I was heading towards the then-pioneering ‘tidal flow’ system had been recently introduced at the junction with Grosvenor Street about 500 yards ahead. I was at about Brunswick Street and was passing on the left the site of the Manchester University buildings since erected there. ~ Jonnyboy Smith

Bad or good, movies nearly always have a strange diminishing effect on works of fantasy (of course there are exceptions; The Wizard of Oz is an example which springs immediately to mind). In discussions, people are willing to cast various parts endlessly. I’ve always thought Robert Duvall would make a splendid Randall Flagg, but I’ve heard people suggest such people as Clint Eastwood, Bruce Dern and Christopher Walken. They all sound good, just as Bruce Springsteen would seem to make an interesting Larry Underwood, if ever he chose to try acting (and, based on his videos, I think he would do very well … although my personal choice would be Marshall Crenshaw). But in the end, I think it’s best for Stu, Larry, Glen, Frannie, Ralph, Tom Cullen, Lloyd, and that dark fellow to belong to the reader, who will visualize them through the lens of the imagination in a vivid and constantly changing way no camera can duplicate. Movies, after all, are only an illusion of motion comprised of thousands of still photographs. The imagination, however, moves with its own tidal flow. Films, even the best of them, freeze fiction - anyone who has ever seen One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest and then reads Ken Kesey’s novel will find it hard or impossible not to see Jack Nicholson’s face on Randle Patrick McMurphy. That is not necessarily bad … but it is limiting. The glory of a good tale is that it is limitless and fluid; a good tale belongs to each reader in its own particular way.
—  Stephen King

Mechanic/Ice cream shop au
Inspired by @ghostbananas !!
Sneak Peek:

Shiro says, “Have a good rest of your day, Keith,” and turns before Keith can do much else besides blink after him and try to get his heart rate back under control.

Oh no, he thinks, stumbling back a step until his tailbone rests against the counter behind him, ignoring for a moment the pressing insistence of waiting customers.

He’s cute.

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The Moon

I’ve written about the Sun sign - our essence, our divine mission, the principle we’re trying to live up to - and the Rising sign - the path we take to get there, our personality, our appearance. After getting to know these two aspects of your chart, it’s time to move onto the third most important, the Moon sign. The Moon is our innermost self. The core of our being. The part of yourself you’ll never be able to shake because it was formed in your earliest years. The Moon represents our emotional inheritance from our family, specifically our mother. The sign our Moon is in shows how we perceived our mother - a homemaker in Cancer, a fighting spirit in Aries, an eccentric in Aquarius. Because we are so bonded with our mothers in childhood (or the mothering figure in your life), through symbiosis we take on some of her characteristics. We are heavily shaped by this early experience.

And so the Moon tends to show itself as our instinctual reactions. It is our more unconscious side, and it pops up when we are in danger (emotional or physical). It is also our emotional needs and desires, what we need to feel comfortable. What makes us feel safe. It is how we express ourselves emotionally, whether we keep it all inside (Capricorn), display it dramatically (Leo), or intellectualize it (Gemini). It’s important to understand your Moon sign because we all have an emotional subconscious side that will rear its head in moments of weakness - not that emotion is weak, it’s just that sometimes we’re trying to keep our head above water and rely on our conscious minds instead of our hearts. But the heart, our true emotional self, always finds its way into our actions. Society views this way of acting as instinctual, animalistic. The werewolf transformed into a wild animal on the night of the Full Moon. The woman is branded with PMS and PMDD when she follows the lead of her emotions around that time of the month (the menstrual cycle is 28 days, just like the cycle of the moon). Society has shunned this natural wisdom of the lunar cycle, of the tidal flowing of the soul. And yet, everyone has a Moon in their charts, men and women alike. When we cut ourselves off from this side of ourselves, we cut ourselves off from our ancestry, our hearts, our foundation.

The sign of your Moon sign shows how you express your emotions and what you need to feel secure. Our self-image is also reflected in the Moon, just as the Sun’s light (our essence) is reflected on the Moon’s surface. If the needs of your Moon aren’t met, your self-esteem will plummet while your insecurity grows larger. The house placement of your Moon shows the area of life you feel comfortable and secure. What comes easily to you. And where you may find emotional fulfillment. In the third house, you are comfortable in the intellectual realm. In the seventh house, in the land of relationships. In the tenth house, you are comfortable in the career world. In the fourth, you feel safe in your home with your family.

The Sun is the masculine, externalizing force, the principle going out into the world and making something of himself. The Moon is the feminine, receptive, internalizing force, at home re-producing the means for life. We all have this balance of masculine and feminine energy, yin and yang. Although the Sun sign is very important and shows your vital energy force, you need to balance your life out with the Moon, your sensitivity and receptivity. We are all a blend of consciousness and unconsciousness, light and dark.