so in summary we know Steve:

  • has no shame when it comes to obsessing about Danny
  • was hurt enough about Danny considering retirement without telling him to confront him about it
  • wanted his last words to be an I love you
  • or a promise from Danny to name his restaurant Steve’s because he wants them to always be together even when they’re not
  • has no qualms about comparing their relationship to a marriage

and we know Danny:

  • has trust issues he has discussed with Steve
  • knows Steve well enough to know that if he didn’t tell him about the list he would keep obsessing about it
  • hates the idea of Steve’s last words so much he tried to stop them
  • loves Steve enough to try to say his own last words when death appears imminent
  • accepts that Steve was right to be upset about his potential retirement and apologizes for not discussing it with him

I will fight anyone who doesn’t think that their relationship, though flawed, is healthy and loving


Okay, so. Let’s think about Danny Williams for a second here. This is a man who is constantly complaining about Steve putting him in harms way and blames Steve for every injury he has gotten since meeting Steve “tis but a flesh wound” McGarrett.

Now, let’s talk about the Danny Williams we see when Steve is in danger or even just plans on going somewhere dangerous.
THIS Danny is the Danny that will go to North freaking Korea b/c Steve hasn’t called him in like two hours and “that’s not like him, I know somethings wrong.”
THIS Danny goes to North Korea knowing that there’s a more than likely change that:
●Steve is dead already
●They will all die horribly
●Some of them will die horribly
●Danny himself could die
●He will never see Grace again
THIS Danny goes with Steve to Cambodia to check out a grave site. For literally no reason that is explained in the show, Danny goes to CAMBODIA with Steve to hike (Which he hates) through forests (Which he hates) to find a dead body that might or might not have something to do with Steve’s mother (who I seriously think Danny dislikes b/c of how she treats Steve).
THIS Danny also goes to AFGHANISTAN for no other reason than to stand there and tell a guy in charge that Steve is alive b/c “trust me, I know Steve, he’s alive. I know it.” Seriously, he doesn’t even participate in the mission to save Steve! He stands there like a worried family member (wife, lbr) and watches as Steve is rescued b/c for some reason he can’t do that in Hawaii. Probably so he’d be right there when Steve is brought back so Steve won’t be alone. Even though Cath is literally two villages over. I mean… !!!!
THIS Danny will be the death of me, and possibly himself with how much risks he takes to his person every time Steve asks/needs him to.

Steve’s reaction to Danny’s potential retirement and not talking to him about it is still rocking me to my core. like when he’s confronting him and he makes the parallel to himself being as upset about it as a spouse would be, he’s exerting himself by pulling up the boards to put together the makeshift bridge. that makes it seem like his intense looks at Danny, the force he’s using to pull up the boards, and the way his voice raises is just because of that exertion, but it’s not

he wasn’t just upset with Danny, he was angry

Steve is normally so good at bottling up his emotions that the fact that he confronted Danny in such an emotional way is telling in and of itself. he was being absolutely genuine in his disbelief that Danny was contemplating such a huge life change without discussing it with him. we know he has abandonment issues and even though Danny is only on the island for his kids and could easily be snatched away if Rachel decided to move and the courts sided with her, he has come to see Danny as a constant. he sees himself growing old with him. for Danny to contemplate retirement without including him in the discussion probably hurt him on a deep level, which is most likely why Danny apologized

while I’m sad we haven’t been seeing their recent therapy sessions, it’s remarkable that they’ve made enough progress for Steve to express himself emotionally and for Danny to apologize when he sees where he’s coming from. it took a few years, but therapy finally seems to be working for them

indehed said: I’d also say that they were on the line with the military at the time. Maybe Danny felt being too heartfelt in the moment might not be good for Steve’s naval career? But he gave it a pause for thought while he weighed it up. Plus, I think all episode showed us a Danny unwilling to say anything that might sound like a ‘goodbye’ thing to say. He refused to believe it was the end. It’s a strange opposite to his usual on show cynical side but it’s still there to me.

What you wrote made me think something else, actually.

Yes, Danny is usually the one who pictures the worst case scenario, we saw him having that attitude many times and we had a wonderful scene in 4x19 explaining that so perfectly… only to have - two episodes after that - Danny having this conversation with the man who led Steve’s rescue operation:

Man: “If he was, he may already be dead.”
Danny: “No, no, he’s alive.”
Man: “How can you know that?”

Danny: “Because I know him. Trust me, he’s alive.”

Somehow, when it comes to Steve, Danny is no more the worst case scenario kind of guy. Trust, instinct, love, faith… those are the things that guide Danny around Steve or when Steve is involved. It’s beautiful.

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I am like so in love with that roxy doing an uppercut I can't even possibly express it. Thank you for gifting the world with that

mistermoxie said: Good morning! I really dig the new style you used for your Roxy art! I really like the backlighting and the shine on her eyes. She looks like a smol squishy fite friend. Lalondes are my Big Favorite and I love them all the more in your style!

aw dang thanks a lot guys!!!

roxy’s my Big Fave™ too, and i fricking love doodling her, so im really glad y’all enjoy the way i draw her :,0

here’s another rolal for you:

I’m probably reading waaaay too far into this but when Steve apologized before flipping the truck and Danny asked “what are you sorry for?” it implies that he doesn’t know what Steve is apologizing for

we literally started this episode with Danny upset about Steve going into his office and seeing The List

yelling at him in the car about him going into his offcie and seeing The List

complaining as they walked towards the camp about him going into his office and seeing The List

and yet, when they could be approaching death, he has no idea what Steve is apologizing for??? Danny should know exactly what Steve is apologizing for because he’s been complaining about it the whole time, but he doesn’t

Danny asking “what are you sorry for?” means he actually didn’t have a problem with Steve going into his office and seeing The List. after all, this is the same guy who walks into Steve’s house without even a knock. so if he wasn’t actually upset about Steve going into his office and seeing The List, what was he really upset about???

he was upset because he knew what The List symbolized. he was upset because he knows Steve well enough to know that he’ll never stop asking about The List until he tells him why he made it

Danny really really didn’t want Steve to see The List because he knew his potential retirement would upset him. he was upset because he didn’t want Steve to be upset and when Steve saw The List there was no avoiding the conversation that Danny knew would upset him. it was basically a vicious cycle of “I’m upset because I didn’t want to upset you and now I’m upset because I upset you”

Steve may have been the one to say I love you in this episode but Danny’s actions said it for him