I’m so tired of people saying that shadowhunters is better than the books, like????? No. It’s not. It’s a jumbled confused mess and the only redeeming quality is that there’s more highlight on poc and lgbt characters (Which is amazing thank you to the writers and casting ppl for that). But like, that’s it. That’s all. People are always going on about how much they hate Cassandra Clare and how the show is 1000 times better than her books when in reality the show has no plot and no character development and they try to mash 2 ½ books into one season and it was confusing. If you hate Cassandra Clare for not making every character gay or not white, then why did you read all of the books? Like I get it and I honestly am so done with reading about straight white ppl, but you can’t deny that the book series its self- the plot and development of the characters- was good. Stop saying she’s the devil. She is a human being and yes she has her faults but if she hadn’t written the books in the first place we wouldn’t have a movie and a tv show and one of my all time favorite series would not exist. So if you don’t like her books, read something else.

Yakuza 0 Launches January 24, 2017 on the West, Exclusively on PS4

Posting earlier today on PlayStation Official Blog, Scott Strichart, Associate Localization Producer at SEGA of America, announced the release date of Yakuza Zero. The game launches January 24th, 2017, in both Americas and Europe. Both regions will get Physical and Digital copies of the game.

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The official box art was also revealed:

Yakuza 0 Launches January 24, 2017 on the West, Exclusively on PS4.

One day you’ll wake up and scroll through your newsfeed and find out that she’s moved on; she’s married and working and has kids of her own, and that’s great… Or, it should be, but your mouth tastes like bile when you remember that she’s not yours, she never was yours, and she’s elsewhere in the world giving all her love to someone that’s not you. It won’t stop you from thinking about her. Nothing will. No matter what she does or who she loves or who she becomes, you were touched by her.  You carry a part of her with you wherever you go. But it doesn’t matter how much of her you carry with you. It doesn’t matter if she changed your life and took up residency in your mind long after she said goodbye to you for the last time. Because she’s elsewhere in the world, giving all her love to someone that’s not you, and you’ve been here for years, holding out for something that was never meant to be, for years after it was never meant to happen.
—  i know nothing about love so i write about loss (1/?)