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my second installment of Shadowhunter!AU c: Our dear Viktor Nikiforov as a Shashka-wielding shadowhunter (he’s holding a seraph blade in his other hand in my last photo). I kept his hair long just because ;D Also, people always wonder if he’s half-faerie simply because of his bone structure.

I may also do a version of him as a full faerie or warlock because seriously he could be anything

ANYWAY, more Shadowhunter!AU to come because I just love it c:

Lady Midnight Challenge «art»
-day 7- the blackthorn siblings
Sorry for the crappy pic … xxx

anonymous asked:

pearlmethyst, one caught by the other making out with some kind of stand in [ie, hologram or pillow or something]

how bout hologram + pillow

Pearl should know not to come to these sleepovers anymore

Shenanigan Hour! Suggest a weird situation and I’ll draw it horribly in MS Paint! (Pairings and memes encouraged)