• Me:*comes home from school*
  • Me:hey omg whats up
  • Books:
  • Me:really? Aww I missed you guys too!
  • Books:
  • Me:*hugs them*
  • Books:
  • Books:
  • Me:*whispers* I should see a doctor

I was flipping through CoHF again and when I got to the Epilogue I realized how damn important Tessa Gray is throughout the entire shadowhunter chronicles (so far). So here’s a couple of things I thought of that should be recognized (sorry it’s a bit depressing but I had to get it out there). *WARNING SPOLIERS*

1. Will wouldn’t have found out his ‘curse’ was fake.
2. Jace Herondale wouldn’t have existed
3. The Herondale line wouldn’t have existed.
4. (Possibly) The Blackthorn line wouldn’t have existed & Emma Carstairs would have been left an orphan.
5. Jem would have died if he didn’t become a silent brother.
6. Will would have been struck with grief from his death.
7. If Jem did become a silent brother, Jace wouldn’t be there to cure him with the heavenly fire & no possible future Carstairs line if he was cured.
8. Charlotte and Henry may not have Charles, meaning Jocelyn and Clary won’t exist.
9. Charlotte may not become consul and any children she have would be a Branwell not Fairchild.
10. Even if Charles was born a Fairchild and continued the Fairchild line, Magnus would have turned away Jocelyn Fairchild/Morgenstern and baby Clary when they came to beg for help because Tessa was not there to convince him to help them.

So yeah a bit, a lot sad but that the more reason to love Tessa. Sorry to be a downer but now I hope your dash is full of Matthew Daddario to make you feel happy!


Redesigned Infernal Devices covers

based on the new covers

"I held it truth, with him who sings / To one clear harp in divers tones, 
/ That men may rise on stepping-stones 
/ Of their dead selves to higher things." - Tennyson

the mortal instruments version