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In Korean fandom nowadays, Mori and Fukuzawa pair is sometimes called as ‘kyuu soukoku’. Kyuu(舊) has former, old, etc meanings, so it seems quite logical to call this big bosses who have ‘soukoku-tic’ relationship 'w` (Although story about them is rather new than original soukoku/shin soukoku story, so the word has been used to tell soukoku from shin soukoku for much longer..)

WHEN THE HULK INTERACTS WITH SOMEONE, he’s typically inclined to use nonverbal communication as opposed to spoken word. this is a matter of personal preference, and because there are many scenarios where he’s around civilians and in the public eye – the hulk has seldom spoken in public before, and he wants it to stay this way, because his supposed inability to speak offers a degree of SEPARATION between his two forms. the less human he appears, the better.

HOWEVER, HE DOES SPEAK ON CERTAIN OCCASIONS, most commonly if he’s in a private setting. when this happens, his aptitude in conversation can seem a far cry from the sophistication that he demonstrates as bruce. there are numerous mechanisms that create this discrepancy, all of which are explained below.


WHEN BRUCE IS IN HIS NORMAL FORM, his social skills are acceptable. he’s excellent at maintaining eye contact with other people, and aside from demonstrating the occasional tic before he opens his mouth, such as a double blink or a held pause, he doesn’t have any cumbersome habits when it comes to speaking; he can express the words and impressions that he wants to convey with minimal hassle. however, the same ease of communication cannot be observed with the hulk. whenever he speaks with someone, it appears to take him a tremendous amount of EFFORT to form speech, almost as if he must force himself to physically produce each sound. this is predominantly evident in the furrowing of his brow, the subtle squinting of eyes, or – as he often does in his normal form – the occasional double blink. his breathing could become slightly LABOURED as well, which further supplements the appearance of effort. and lastly, his GAZE tends to be extremely fickle – whenever he speaks, this gaze will continually flit from his conversational partner to the ground, and sometimes it will REMAIN THERE for an indeterminate amount of time. this is similar to how someone will look away from their colleague if they need to recall a memory, or something else that’s been stored away. when this happens in tandem with the aforementioned smaller expressions, his dearth of eye contact can make him appear solemn, flustered, or even ADAMANT about speaking with someone. it could also draw comparisons to a CHILD who’s just been caught with their hand in the cookie jar, and is reluctant to face the person who’s trying to coax an admission of guilt from them.

IT’S COMMON FOR PEOPLE TO FEEL OFFENDED when the hulk demonstrates the above mannerisms, especially when they happen in concurrence with his typical demeanour – namely, his characteristic disdain, petulance, and occasional aloofness. however, one must realize that he’ll demonstrate these mannerisms no matter WHO he’s conversing with. this holds true even if his demeanour is MELLOWER than usual because he’s interacting with a good friend, and even if he’s content and legitimately ENJOYING a conversation with them. furthermore, these tics shouldn’t be used as a sole means of diagnosing whether he likes someone – instead, they should look for ADDITIONAL CUES. and they will know immediately if he’s conveying these cues, because he’s a bit of a drama queen who tends to make a spectacle out of his opinions. if he were truly averse to being around someone, he would offer them a choice selection of INSULTS; he might even turn his back on them or walk away.

SO, WHY DO THESE TICS EVEN HAPPEN? the answer is simple – when bruce is in his normal guise, he can easily think of abstract concepts and visualize them, as if it were a very straightforward process, before translating them into malleable language and speaking in a way that people can comprehend. however, this doesn’t happen so easily for the hulk – his thought patterns in this guise tend to REMAIN abstract, tumbling around in his head as raw sentiments that stay OUTSIDE his mind’s eye; they fail to manifest as visualized items that can easily be translated into words. this is explained by the fact that, in a rudimentary state, the hulk is atavistic and driven by emotion; he doesn’t need the same intricacies of thinking that he needs as bruce, nor is he inherently capable of such a thing. this includes the intricacies of spoken language, which isn’t at the forefront of his mind. for this reason, when he’s the hulk, it takes a conscious effort for concepts to make the JUMP from abstract ones, to visualized ones, and finally to spoken word. in addition, to achieve this jump, he needs to summon language from his experiences as BRUCE. this endeavour might seem easy because of how the serum improved his ability to function as the hulk, but while the barriers between his two forms are somewhat lessened now, parts of them are still INEXORABLE because of the inherent biological differences between said forms. for this reason, it still takes a certain amount of EFFORT to connect these two halves of himself, and he’ll do anything he can to make this process EASIER, which includes focusing elsewhere during a conversation. even so, it’s possible that as bruce becomes more familiar with how the hulk thinks, and as he becomes more experienced with translating its thoughts into words, speaking could become second-nature to him, and his tics will DISAPPEAR. practice makes perfect, and this matter is no exception.

ANOTHER POSSIBLE REASON for these tics is that the hulk’s baseline sentiments – low self-esteem and a strong sense of inadequacy, both of which his father instilled in him during his youth – are unconsciously coming through in his smaller mannerisms, despite his persistent yearning to appear strong and capable and tailor his larger actions accordingly.


BECAUSE HE CANNOT QUICKLY CREATE SPEECH, the hulk is also prone to constant pauses. if he’s expressing something that requires an abundance of words, every FOUR OR FIVE OF SAID WORDS will be punctuated with a brief pause – just a sliver of noticeable time; not nearly enough to pull in a breath. the reason for this is straightforward; as mentioned earlier, the hulk needs to SUMMON language from his other guise; reference an archive, in a manner of speaking. this means that everything he wishes to communicate must pass from his normal guise, into a “LANGUAGE BUFFER”, and then into usability. moreover, he can either choose to speak with FREQUENT short pauses that occur between every four or five words, allowing small pieces of communication to be translated as needed, or speak with more OCCASIONAL pauses that are placed into his dialogue much less frequently, but are more drawn-out in length. the latter option is not preferred, because the long pauses can lead to his audience tapping their foot in impatience; additionally, trying to tackle massive amounts of language can CONFUSE him, even causing him to FORGET certain pieces as he works through them. this would be a nightmare for the other party in terms of comprehension, not to mention it would make him appear a conversational BURDEN, and being a burden is something that he desperately tries to avoid. and lastly, to ensure that his dialogue remains fluid and does not come across as overly stunted, he normally constructs sentences that are SHORTER in length. since sentences have a natural pause at their end, this helps to conceal the somewhat CLUNKY process in which his dialogue manifests.

ODDLY ENOUGH, there seems to be a subtle correlation between the hulk’s emotional state and his ease of speaking. if he becomes angry or otherwise emotional, it may be easier to express himself without having to pause, almost as if the barrier between his normal and hulk forms – and thus, the barrier that impedes his access to language – has momentarily shattered. bruce has known about this phenomenon for three years now, but he’s still unsure how it works. that being said, excessive anger will often have the opposite effect, rendering him DEVOID of verbal abilities.

if someone is conversing with the hulk and he looks away in thought, then responds to them through body language or vocalizations that are NOT spoken word, it’s possible that he tried finding words to express himself, but ultimately failed. this happens on occasion.

( the hulk’s capacity for longer and more complex sentences will IMPROVE the later a particular interaction occurs in his timeline. for instance, his dialogue in EMPYREAN will be fairly choppy, whereas his dialogue in WAR PAINT will be much less so. of course, the specific situation in which he’s speaking will have an impact on his overall abilities as well; as described above, he’ll be less successful at speaking if he’s extraordinarily angry. )


THE HULK DOESN’T WAX POETIC in conversation, nor does he brandish a large vocabulary to begin with. he simply doesn’t have the capacity to do this unless he takes an extreme amount of time to think about his words – after all, it’s difficult enough to find appropriate words in the FIRST PLACE, let alone find BETTER ones. instead, his lexicon is more JUVENILE, reminiscent of the language that belongs to someone in the first or second grade. whereas banner may call something “banal” or “bullheaded”, the hulk will settle for “dumb”. if banner wants to be left alone, he might beat around the bush and utilize sophisticated verbal techniques to imply his wishes, while the hulk will simply use “go away”, “buzz off”, or “leave me alone”.

( it’s important to know that the hulk’s elementary lexicon is NOT an accurate indicator of his intelligence. he’s much smarter than he appears; the full extent of this simply gets lost in translation. moreover, someone should not speak to him like he’s stupid, because he WILL take offense. )

HE’S ALSO VERY FOND OF NICKNAMES, whether the person in question is a friend or enemy. to commence, whereas bruce himself will acknowledge someone by either their title and last name if he’s unfamiliar with them, or by their first name if he considers them a friend, the hulk will use either their last name, or a nickname that refers to a prominent characteristic of the individual. for example, bruce will call tony stark “tony” whenever he’s in his normal form, albeit whenever he’s in his hulk form, he could call him anything from “stark” to “tin man” and “shellhead”. for another example, bruce will refer to steve rogers as “steve” whenever he’s in his normal form, but “cap” when he’s the hulk. sam wilson, unfortunately, receives the shortest end of the stick, commonly hearing names like “falcon”, “pigeon,” or “bird man” ( albeit it’s likely that once bruce becomes more familiar with sam, similar to how he is with steve and tony, he will start using his last name as well ) . there are very few exceptions to the aforementioned rules, one of them being betty ross – because of bruce’s feelings for her, the hulk will always call her “betty” instead of using nicknames. this was the case even before he took the serum.


THE HULK HAS A RATHER UNIQUE VOICE. while bruce’s own voice tends to strike a pleasing balance between deeper and lighter elements, and doesn’t contain much in the way of texture, the hulk’s own voice is a darker, resounding BARITONE that seems to emanate from much deeper in his throat – in other words, if bruce’s voice were the treble or the midrange component in a piece of music, the hulk’s voice would be the BASS. in addition to this deeper pitch, his voice is somewhat rough and GRATING as well, evoking an aural sensation that’s similar to the quiet RASP of a cat’s tongue. this abrasive quality is caused by the distorted shape of his vocal cords. however, while the abrasion is beyond what a typical human voice can exhibit, it still manages to remain PALATABLE to the ears and not overwhelming. some people might even consider his voice to be MELLIFLUOUS, since the combination of darker pitch and abrasion almost has a soothing quality – possibly even enough to evoke an autonomous sensory meridian response, also known as ASMR. the last portion of his voice is somewhat subtle, though it can be heard if someone listens closely – this is an UNDERTONE that is reminiscent of bruce’s normal voice. it is almost inaudible, but it IS there. because of all the aforementioned qualities, the hulk’s voice is extremely BALANCED as a whole and doesn’t come across as overly “monstrous” or “distorted”, nor is it something that would become aggravating to hear after a while.

FURTHER NOTES: this hulk’s voice is different from how it’s portrayed in both “the avengers” and “thor: ragnarok”. in the former film, there is a huge dissonance between the hulk’s darker tone and bruce’s lighter tone, essentially making it sound as if two separate individuals are talking together ( which is probably due to how the voice, which used dialogue from both ruffalo and ferrigno, had been digitally composited ) , whereas in this portrayal, those two components are more unified. and in the latter film, the hulk’s voice is lacking the extra bit of darkness and depth that this portrayal’s contains.

THE HULK CAN MODULATE the roughness and reverberation of his voice in order to produce ROARS. this is due to the increased strength of his laryngeal muscles, which are capable of altering his vocal cords, and thus the quality of his voice, far beyond the range of normal individuals. these muscles can also pull his vocal cords further down into his throat, strengthening the volume of his voice even MORE. their capabilities allow for the vibration of his vocal cords as well, which would produce a PURR, though he’s unaware of this potential – especially because, unlike a feline, he won’t automatically purr just because he’s content! ( and even if he did realize he could purr, it certainly wouldn’t happen in the presence of his peers. )


WHEN IT COMES TO THE OVERALL CLARITY of his dialogue, the hulk is extremely easy to understand. this is because he can easily project his voice, and because he ENUNCIATES extremely well, putting stress on both vowels and consonants to ensure every single syllable stands out. however, this level of enunciation also means that his voice is very FORWARD, and therefore tends to lack INFLECTION – instead of raising the pitch of his voice when he’s excited, he’ll simply project it, often with extremely loud results.

at its peak, the hulk’s speaking voice can reach 90 decibels. roars and other nonverbal sounds can reach upwards of 120 decibels.


DESPITE THE SIMPLICITY OF THE HULK’S DIALOGUE and everything else that onlookers can see, his inner processes remain LAVISH, awash with concepts and emotions that are wholly sweeping and powerful in design – enough to overwhelm the average person if they ever experience them in the same manner. and these processes remain potent whether he’s contemplating other individuals, past events, and even himself. after all, the hulk functions predominantly on an EMOTIONAL BASIS, which ensures that his sentiments are always dialed up to ELEVEN and averse to being suppressed by his intellect. because of this, his reactions to external stimuli will be written as LESS RUDIMENTARY than his speech – they will be more grandiose, poetic, and metaphorical.

GRANTED, the hulk doesn’t use elaborate language when he’s speaking to someone, or experiencing an inner monologue. from a writing perspective, this language merely helps in representing just how intense his CORE SENTIMENTS can become, which are naturally wordless. if an internal monologue does occur, it will be represented in italics, just as what occurs with bruce, and it WILL mirror the more rudimentary nature of his vocabulary.

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