tico moon


I recently heard this song playing at a photography exhibition for a friend of my wwoofing comrade, Cano. It was a lovely time, looking at some pictures and slowly sipping beer over quiet conversation. Afterwords we drank on the street and devoured takoyaki while we talked about all sorts of things. It was awesome.

Upon looking up the artist, I realized I’ve heard it sampled a few times before - I believe in a few Nujabes or Uyama Hiroto songs. But now I’m not sure which one, but I’m excited to find it. It’s inspiring to think of Seba Jun or other similar artists finding musicians like Tico Moon and using their music to create such different music, yet somehow manage to keep so much of the feeling intact. I hope I can someday make hip hop that will inspire someone like he has and continues to inspire me. Rip Nujabes.