ticklish troll

Never Take on Trolls
submitted by thatkourtnichik

I heard you were sad so I wrote you a thing. =]]

“Hey everyone!” Kristoff greeted as he and Anna walked into his childhood home.

Tons of trolls popped up suddenly as they surrounded the two humans.

“Kristoff!” The blonde headed male was instantly tackled to the ground by several of the younger trolls. Anna giggled as she watched her boyfriend struggle to get up.

“Kristoff, Kristoff guess what guess what?!” A small troll climbed up on his chest and bounced up and down.

Kristoff winced and prayed his ribs didn’t break. “What little guy?” He asked, smiling broadly at the young troll.

“I found a rock that’s shaped like a heart!”

“Really now?” The blonde asked, a fond smile on his face.

“Yeah, and Starleen and Fritz wanted to take it but I wouldn’t let them cause’ I wanted to show you!”

“Nuh-uh! We didn’t wanna take it, you just didn’t wanna show anyone else!” A small girl troll protested.

“I dunno…sounds like something you and Fritz would try to do…” Kristoff said, throwing a wink at Anna. The red head giggled and was soon accosted by Bulda.

“Anna darling!” Bulda cried, grabbing at Anna’s wrists and hugging her tightly. Anna bent down willingly and hugged the woman back tightly.

“How are you Bulda?” Anna asked.

“Just fine my dear, just fine! How are you and that man of yours?” Bulda asked.

Anna laughed. “We’re doing great. But I think he’s being held hostage at the moment.”

Bulda looked over and saw her son surrounded by his other brother’s and sister’s. The older woman grinned to herself and then turned to Anna with a conspiratorial wink. “You wanna see something funny?”

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