Ride Home (Doukyuusei)

A/N: Doukyuusei (Kusakabe/Sajou) -  21. “I just…got jealous…” - Yeeeyy prompt by lovely @ticklygiggles *-* It’s been a while since I wrote Doukyuusei and ooomg this prompt. Hope you liiike it!<3

Summary: When Sajou gets out of school and meets Kusakabe outside for a drive home, he notices his usually cheerful boyfriend is in a rather bad mood. Getting worked up on their way, Sajou decides to take this matter of a cold and grumpy Kusakabe into his own hands.

Word Count: 2255

Buzz-buzz. Sajou sighed and quickly tapped his phone and shoved it back into his pocket. That was his cue; Kusakabe was probably already at the school gates waiting for him to pick him up after college. Well, he was now taking a piss after holding it in during three classes in a row. Tough life.

His phone kept buzzing and buzzing in his pocket, and instead of responding, he finally finished and made his way down the stairs. ‘Yes yes Kusakabe, I’m coming,’ he thought with a smile. 

On his way towards the school exit, Sajou chuckled when he noticed the school was still decorated with silly Valentine’s Day decorations. The committee sure was behind with this kind of stuff. He remembered how the Christmas decorations from last time remained until almost the end of January. 

“Sajou-kun?” Speaking of the committee, there was one of its members. Sajou chuckled at his female classmate Reina, and he casually pointed at the decorations.

“About time you take those off hm?” he said jokingly, blushing at his own embarrassing guts to act sassy around the popular Reina, and she giggled playfully and stuck out her tongue.

“There’s always a time for hearts and roses, Sajou-kun,” she replied, and she hopped towards one of the boards and took off a few of the hearts.

“Whatever,” Sajou murmured with a smile, and she laughed cheerfully while she chased after him, throwing the hearts all over him.

“You’re always so gloomy! Did you even celebrate Valentine’s Day with anyone?” Trying to avoid the rain of paper hearts, Sajou quickly walked out of the building and wiped the things from his head and shoulders.

“Yeah. I mean no. Well, yeah.” Most people were kind of half aware he was dating a guy. Not everyone. He wanted them to know, but also… not. Just being subtle about it was decent enough, and the fact that just the females of the class didn’t know that much about him was nothing intentional. He was just awkward, and liked to be in the background. That was just it…

What?” Reina teased because of his vague answer, and she showered him with the final paper hearts and clapped her hands after she emptied them.

“Well then Mr. yeah-no-yeah-I-have-a-Valentine, see you tomorrow.” Reina waved at him and they parted ways after walking out of the school gates. If everyone was as charismatic as her, the world would definitely be a happy place, Sajou thought. 

He heard the sound of someone clearing his throat and noticed Kusakabe stood ready with his motorcycle. Speaking of Valentines… Sajou blushed and walked towards him. 

“Hey, sorry for making you wait.” He was ready to give him a quick kiss as a greeting, but before he could even move closer he was greeted by a helmet that was shoved into his hands, and Kusakabe turning away.

“Get on,” was his lover’s answer, and Sajou hesitated and did as he was told. 

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So keith is yhhe mlst ticklish on his ribs right? what if shiro and Lance tie him up and lay at each side of him and are like "Keith~ we heard that you're missing a rib~?" And Keith is all giggly "I think we should count them, just to make sure everything's alright~" and Keith is shaking his head and scrunchig up his nose and then dying when they dig in his lowest ribs, vibrating and squeezing and counting his ribs out loud and he can't even speak because hes laughing too much

BUT LIKE keith doing a session with lance and shiro that focus ONLY on his ribs, and lance is just like “i wanna see how much you can take” and keith Loves a challenge so he agrees and oh god it’s barely five minutes in and he’s crying and they have him bound up in a way that stretches him real tight, and they put a pillow under his back so his ribs all protrude out and lance and shiro are using that ‘one finger’ tickle method

and tingly lil sparks are shooting all up keith’s body and he’s fucking. DOne for i swear ok his ribs are his death spot

i got tickled today .

So my boyfriend and I are on an over night trip for our school’s beta club and he came into my hotel room. I was alone since my roommates were just roaming around and blah blah blah. My boyfriend sat on my back (while i was facedown in the mattress) and started massaging my back since i’ve been sore lately from tennis. He massaged my body up and up until he reached my rib cage and I squealed out loud. Then that’s when it all started. He immediately dug into my sides and I just laughed and squealed loudly into my blanket that I was resting on. As the tickles got harder and faster by the second, my laughter got louder and higher pitched. His hands sped from my ribs to my sides to my thighs and back again. Over and over. It seems to never end for me. Then he flipped me over, pulled up my tank top and starting giving my raspberries. {HOLY JESUS THEY TICKLE LIKE HELL}. I started laughing even louder and kicking my legs. I screamed once or twice as he began to assault my belly with swiftly moving fingers and an evil mouth.

Gosh….he’s so perfect.

Valentine’s Day Drabbles: Yuri on Ice Edition

Author’s Note: Part two of five of my Valentine’s Day Drabbles series! These are definitely late, woops. But I enjoyed writing these! There’s a few more pairings in this one than in my other one yaaay. They’re all rather short, so sorry about that. I hope y’all enjoy this!

Pairings Included: Victuuri, Otayuri, and Phiyuuri


   Victor draped his arms over Yuuri’s shoulders, pulling him back into a hug. Before he had been interrupted by his fiance, Yuuri was attempting to bake a cake that the two of them would share. He’d been mixing the batter, but now that he was in Victor’s arms, that idea would have to be saved for later.

   “Yuuri, can I have a kiss~?” Victor requested.

   “Right now? I’m kind of doing something at the moment,” he said.

   “I see that, but you can take a break, can’t you?”

   “I suppose I can, just for you.”

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Keith's ears (normal and gaulra) are rly sensitive so like when his ears first pop up shiro and lance just look at eatchother and go aaaahhhhhHHHEHE!!!1!!1! AND they jump on Keith and start cooing at him and stroking and tickling his ears and Keith is dying bc he's like "it hurts stoop" while allso giggling and purring and lance and shiro both get small heart attacks.

oh god this is super cute i love purry cat-like galra keithhhh

and keith has never rly had anyone touch his glara ears before so shiro and lance are like “can we feel them?” and keith is like “um. i guess? go ahead” cause he has no idea what to expect

but then lance is on one side scratching rly gently behind his ear and shiro is petting and scratching at it from the other side and keith squeaks and jerks away a bit but lance tugs him back and keith giggles and lance is like “omg does it tickle?” and keith is laughing but whines out “no it h-hurts you dumbass” just to be difficult, and lance just rolls his eyes as he continues, and after a few moments shiro blinks because he can hear this soft rumbling little noise and he just whispers to lance 

“lance… lance i think keith is purring” and lance stops for a second and keith’s eyes are fluttered closed and he’s giggling quietly and his ears are twitching and he’s purring and hes so cute holy fuck

171902 Tweet : Shindong

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The Second Atlas

You are the second Atlas, the Greek Titan who held the Heavens, but you’re much different from the original Atlas - you’re foible.

Those heavens weigh something fierce, don’t they? And you poor thing, having to keep them supported above your head, lest the world fall into death.

But it can’t be that easy can it? No, your arms may ache and your knees will always feel like buckling, but that’s not the hardest part. Because I’ve arrived.

Look at this: You, trying hard to keep the heavens above remaining above. It’s insane. You look so frustrated too. Let me help you. Let me wiggle my fingers in your exposed underarms.

Hmm? What’s that? “Don’t”? But you’re grinning! Maybe a feather will do some good, spinning in those hollows and tracing down those ribs. Oh my, look at those arms shake. You okay? Let’s try somewhere different! Maybe your stomach!

Oh, look at the feather glide all ‘round your tummy. Whoops! Sorry, didn’t mean for it to slip in that belly button! Don’t worry, let’s try the sides! Oh, that’s bad too? My, you’re quite picky.

What about these legs and feet? What? Oh, no, I’m sure you can bare it! It’s just a little feather! My, look at these toes! They’re not that sensitive are they? They can’t be! Let’s try!

Oh, they are! Well then! What about the arches? Oh my, you’re even more sensitive there! Alright, alright, I’m done for now! Maybe just a little scribbling in your armpits again!

Kitchy koooo! Tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle! Okay, okay, your arms are trembling something fierce! I’ll leave now. But I’ll be back tomorrow. Maybe we can do some painting?

Scientists have pinpointed the ticklish bit of a rat’s brain.

The results, published in the journal Science, are another step toward understanding the origins of ticklishness, and its purpose in social animals.

Although virtually every human being on the planet has been tickled, scientists really don’t understand why people are ticklish. The idea that a certain kind of touching could easily lead to laughter is confusing to a neuroscientist, says Shimpei Ishiyama, a postdoctoral research fellow at the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience in Berlin, Germany.

“Just a physical touch inducing such an emotional output — this is very mysterious,” Ishiyama says. “This is weird.”

To try and get a handle on how tickling works, Ishiyama studied rats, who seem to enjoy being tickled, according to previous research. He inserted electrodes into the rats’ brains, in a region called their somatosensory cortex.

Brain Scientists Trace Rat Ticklishness To Play Behavior

Photo: Shimpei Ishiyama and Michael Brecht/Science

shit i love

when lers verbally tease you like

“awww is someone ticklish?”

“coochie coochie coo!”

“was that a giggle i heard? hmm, i wonder if i can make you do it again..”

“i’m sorry but you’re just too adorable not to tickle!”

“if you don’t stop wiggling around i’m gonna make this a lot worse!”

“what a cute squishy tummy! i wonder what would happen if i gave it a tickle..”

also being called things like 




and just other stuff fucking kills me 

Fun tickle games!

Some favorites Dave and I like to play! I’ve mentioned some before, but I thought I’d make a list. 

1. Keep still! The object is for the lee to keep as still as possible for as long as possible. I like to set a phone timer to see if I can beat my records. Can be modified to things like “keep your feet in my lap”, “don’t move your toes”, etc. 

2. Keep quiet! How long can the lee go without laughing? Can be paired with game 1 for some added fun 😏

3. Concentrate! The lee has to play a video game, call a friend, or complete some other task while being tickled. 

4. Say it! The ler tickles the lee until the lee is able to admit that they’re ticklish. I’m super bad at this one tbh…

5. Dice! I typically use a two dice set up for this. One of the dice represents a tool, the other represents a tickle spot. So set 1-6 on one dice things like “feathers, fingers, hair brush, paint brush” and the other “sides, feet, tum, under arms”. If you don’t have physical dice, google has virtual ones! You’ll roll a combo, like feathers + sides, and then the ler uses that set up to tickle the lee for a predetermined amount of time. 

6. Guess the tool! The lee is blindfolded (or just eyes closed, if not comfortable w the blindfold), and the ler uses a tool on a predetermined tickle spot. The lee has to guess what tool it is, as specific as the ler wants it to be. 

7. Letters! The ler takes any tool they want (fingers count!) and draws a letter on a lee’s tickle spot. The lee (blindfolded, or just eyes closed) has to guess what the ler wrote. The ler will keep writing the letter/word until the lee guesses. Ler can also add in some ‘punishment’ for wrong answers, or occasionally ‘erase’ the ‘board’.