Help Me, Would You? (KuroMahi)

Author’s Note: Aaaye, I got inspired and wanted to write something for Servamp, so here’s this! I’ve wanted to write for these cuties for the longest time and now I finally am~!

Description: Mahiru is cleaning up around the house and wants a little bit of help from Kuro, but he’s being lazy. Upon seeing this, Mahiru tries to use a certain one of the Servamp’s weaknesses against him! He isn’t going down without at least a little bit of revenge, though!

Word Count: 870

   Mahiru sighed as he ran his fingers through his hair, glancing around the now straightened up room. He had been cleaning up for the past hour or so and was beginning to get tired. Several times before, he’d asked Kuro to help him out, but each and every time, he never got what he wanted.

   “Kurooo? Will you come out here and help me already? Please?” he called.

   No response, almost as expected.

   “Kuro?” Mahiru walked to the couch where the lazy Kuro was dozing off. He sighed and crossed his arms, shaking his head.

   “Seriously?… Kuro, get up and help me!” he said, shaking Kuro by the shoulders.

   “Nnngh.. Mahiru.. What is it? I’m busy…” he whined.

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The Intoxicated and The Ticklish (Halloween Prompt #2)

A/N: Yaaaay this was requested by darlingdarling girl Miaaa @tickly-writing <3 I wrote this with lots of looove~ it takes kinda place in pre-relationship phase hahaha when feelings are still bloooming and developing. I hope you like it!

Prompt: During a Halloween party, Person A becomes intoxicated and begins trying to mess with/flirt with/scare Person B. 

Word Count: 1615

“You’re late Hajime!” A quite tipsy Hanamaki opened the door enthusiastically, and Iwaizumi hesitated for a moment if he should take his last chance to leave already, but Hanamaki was quick to grab his arm and he dragged him inside.

Entering the gymnasium, Iwaizumi let himself be engulfed by the music, and he was amazed by how the team had transformed the space into a perfect party location. 

It was dark, disco lights filled the place with dancing colors, and it looked like the first years had done their best at providing the party with the coolest Halloween themed attributes. Skeletons and ghosts hung from the ceiling, pumpkin decorations were scattered around, and in the middle was a buffet table with snacks and drinks.

So far it looked like a typical Seijou Halloween party - which wasn’t and had never been his thing. Halloween, dressing up and the scary shit, nahh. Still, he thought he should visit since he was a third year and did not want to disappoint his kouhai. 

Their members were all over the place, along with friends from other clubs, and a few of their buddies from other schools.

Hanamaki and Matsukawa were dressed up in their skeleton suits like they did every year, Yahaba and Watari looked like wanna-be ghosts, Iwaizumi had no idea what kind of ogre Kyoutani was representing, and it looked like Kunimi and Kindaichi had either forgotten or refused to dress up since they were forced to wear the dumb scary masks. Iwaizumi was forced to do the same in his first year and he remembered very well how embarrassed he was. And then there was…

Iwa-chaaan!” A pair of arms wrapped around his neck from behind, and Iwaizumi jerked back in shock, falling against Oikawa who hugged him excitedly. He immediately pulled away again and turned around so he could face his teammate who was dressed as a vampire and holding a glass that reeked of alcohol. 

“Iwa-channn you could’ve at least changed into a costume,” Oikawa said in a whiny voice, making Iwaizumi feel awkward by checking him out. 

“Guys! Get him one of those maasks!” Oikawa yelled and he hiccupped, but his request was ignored and Iwaizumi rolled his eyes. Yes, he was still wearing his convenience store work-outfit, and if it wasn’t for his boss allowing him to leave early he wouldn’t even be here.

“First tell me why you guys thought it was a good idea to bring in alcohol while we’re still at the school grounds. You know that’s prohibited,” Iwaizumi said with a look of disapproval at Oikawa who clearly proved to be drunk with how he was swaying around and laughing foolishly.

“Oh this?” Oikawa held up his glass and hiccupped again.

“Well I just thought I was so tiiired of our lemonade parties and hey, we’re third years now right? Come ooon, no one will find out! Let’s have some fun!” The vampire hooked one arm around Iwaizumi’s and dragged him towards the table with drinks. 

“No, Shittykawa I’m fine!” Iwaizumi shook him off and quickly walked over to where the other third years were. Surprising enough, it was Hanamaki who was the tipsy one while sober Matsukawa tried to reason with him.

“Ah, you’re here. How was work?” he asked, momentarily letting go of Hanamaki who was doing these hyperactive dance moves. Satisfied to have found someone he could have a normal conversation with, Iwaizumi smiled at Matsukawa and shrugged casually.

“It was alright. I guess - aah! Heyy!” he complained when his of alcohol reeking vampire friend was suddenly at his side and playfully squeezed his butt, something friends were not supposed to do. Oikawa did it again and he squeaked adorably, jumping a little since his butt was quite sensitive.

“Hmmm that was sexyyy Iwa-chan!” Oikawa said in a seductive voice, and he grabbed Iwaizumi’s hand and pulled him towards him. 

“Hey – stop that. Let go of me, guys help me,” Iwaizumi said as he turned towards Matsukawa and Hanamaki, but they were already far away with Matsukawa chasing after Hanamaki who seemed desperate to have some more drinks.

“What’s the matter Iwa-chaaan? You’re so stifff…” Oikawa said, teasingly repeating the butt-squeezing, and Iwaizumi squirmed but soon found himself wrapped in Oikawa’s arms. 

“Shittykawa, s-stop that! You’re fucking drunk man, don’t ever drink this much aga-” Iwaizumi gasped when Oikawa used both hands to grab his butt firmly, squeezing a little more and he twitched at the touch.

“Pfffh-stahahp!” Iwaizumi giggled. Oikawa still had no idea what effect his touch had on his sensitive friend, and he leaned in and nuzzled his neck.

“Ohh? Well, if I can’t have alcohol, would you let me drink your blood? I am a vampire after all,” Oikawa mumbled with his lips against Iwaizumi’s neck, and this only increased Iwaizumi’s giggling.

“Ohohoikawa g-go ahaway!” he giggled, desperately grabbing Oikawa’s hair firmly and trying to pull him away. If it wasn’t for his own body losing all of its power because of Oikawa’s teasing, flirting and those damn ticklish touches, Iwaizumi would’ve already punched him hard. But no such thing happened, and all he could do was melt in his arms.

“Hmm you like this don’t you, Hajime?” Goosebumps rose all over Iwaizumi’s body when Oikawa licked his neck before he nibbled on the sensitive skin, and instead of trying to push him away, the sensitive ace desperately clenched Oikawa’s cloak and sank his face in his shoulder. 

“Nooohoho! G-guys help! He-ahah!” Oikawa who was still molesting him by grabbing and squeezing his butt now suddenly moved his hands towards his hips, and Iwaizumi bucked at the touch. Some of their Kouhai shot them awkward glances and giggled at the sight, but they couldn’t hear Iwaizumi’s pleas for help because of the music. They just looked so playful.

Stop! Hahahah! Don’t - fucking TICKLE ME!” Iwaizumi finally yelled in Oikawa’s ear, and one more squeeze of his hips made him jerk with so much power that he momentarily freed himself from Oikawa’s grasp, but the captain immediately caught him around his middle again and pulled him back.

“Huumm what? Tickle you? Suuure no problem!” And now he was tickling him seriously. The touches which hadn’t been intended as tickling had alread been torturous enough to Iwaizumi’s sensitive body, but now he was just really going to die of embarrassment and laughter.

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Keeping Warm


Summary: First nights with someone were known for being something else, but no one ever talked about the morning after. Steve realized this as soon as he woke up.

A/N: Based on this prompt.

Words: 1 390

No one had prepared him for what the morning after a first night with someone would be like. Steve realized this as soon as he opened his eyes and was met by a the blue-tinted autumn morning, Bucky’s breath in his ear, and a wave of anxiety.

Bucky was still sleeping, their bodies were still intertwined, and the heat was still off. The latter had incidentally been the reason this whole sudden and intimate thing had started. How Steve had longed for an excuse. How long he had longed for it. As he tried to get out of Bucky’s arms without waking him he couldn’t help but dread what this would mean.

“Where are you going?” Bucky mumbled, his eyes still closed.

Steve froze with one foot on the floor and one on the bed. “Nowhere.”

“Then why’d you disappear? Come back, it’s cold without you.”

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Daily Character #029 - Jifshi by JBWarrior

Have another of Jeff’s selves, this time a Yoshi. Surprised? You shouldn’t. :P

As you can see, unlike most Yoshi pictures I did before, this one has only a single shot. But with how little his clothing covers… and this being his default (only?) wear, I think you’ll agree there isn’t much need for an alt right now… xP

Jeff adored how this one came out so much he wants to see the shit tickled outta him, that’s how adorable he finds Jifshi. xD

Art done by me, with the help and support from @xiiithenigma and @jeffersontjacobs


Tony: It’s… *feels observed*

Tony: STEVE!!

Steve: *growls*

Tony: NONONO! Let me go!! Agh, help!!

Steve: *growling intensifies*

Steve: Tickle tickle tickle!!


Steve: I am not Steve, I am the big, bad tickle monster!!


Things I love as a lee

1. Tickles as both a punishment and a reward

2. Being a little shit so my ler gets me real good

3. Being chased (bonus if I get cornered)

4. Threats like “I’m gonna getcha~!” and “Don’t make me tickle you!”


6. Being called a lee (specifically “my lee”)

7. Being told to say something embarrassing in exchange for tickles (and then being told to repeat it dhdhdjdj)

8. No seriously like please chase and corner me

9. S i l l y  l e r s

10. Being told I’m a ticklish little lee

11. When my ler calls them self the tickle monster holy shit

12. When my ler says my name in a singsong voice omg, it’s like “oh shit, I’m fucked

fun ler things

1. when you sit on their back so their armpits, ribs, and sides are COMPLETELY at your mercy
2. forcing them to say they love you in order for you to stop
3. that look on their face when they can barely hold in their laughter anymore and are about to crack
4. when you brush your fingers across their death spot as a warning and their eyes widen
5. when their words keep getting muffled by laughter and they can’t beg for mercy anymore
6. offering a massage and knowing you’re just going to tickle them
7. using your mouth to tickle them - nibbles, licks, kisses, raspberries
8. when your lee is a lot bigger than you but you totally crush them in tickle fights anyway

I think the most evil thing with rib when people count them as they do it.

Listen though…there are twelve ribs on each side of the body making 24 RIBS MAN. Not only is it ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE to endure 24 individual ribs being tickled as they’re counted…

BUT the entire aspect of knowing you have to reach 24 ribs before you’re a free bird is THE WORST. There’s nothing you can do but wait the ENTIRE thing out.

And the even worse thing people do when they count tickle ribs is when they say something like:

“Ugh. You’re squirming and laughing too much, now I’ve lost count! Now you’re making me start all over again.”

While they smirk because they know oh so well just what they’re doing.

Still Mad

Originally posted by reigenss

A/N: (2. “I’m still mad at you.” with Kuro/Mahiru!) My first servamp entry! Aahh this anime is so cute. I wasn’t sure about this since I’ve only seen 2 episodes but I really enjoyed writing this after all. I even exceeded over 1000 words so I’ll just make this a long post. Thnx for the prompt tickly~!^^

Summary: Kuro makes yet again a mess of Mahiru’s appartment, causing an anger burst from the Eve that just haaas to be taken care of with tickles<3

Word Count: 1519

“Aahh!” Mahiru let out a long, relieved sigh as he came out of the bathroom after a warm, relaxing shower.

“Kurooo. I’m done, it’s your turn.” He dragged his hand through his wet hair and smiled. But only for a short durance, since the moment his eyes fell on the mess in his room, his bright and relieved expression made place for dark, gloomy grumpiness.

His eyes followed the mess and eventually he glared at the cause of it all: his Servamp who was sprawled on the floor like he often did.

“Showering is a pain,” Kuro mumbled, and Mahiru walked around him so he could see his face. He noticed the comics and magazines he was surrounded with, and he growled in annoyance at the mess.

“You dirty vampire-cat! You’re spreading your dirtiness in my house a-and making a mess and…” Mahiru gasped loudly once he stood right in front of the lazy vampire. A bag of potato chips lay before Kuro, and crumbs were spilled all over the floor. And that while Mahiru just cleaned after his mess earlier today!

That did it. The anger that had been slightly controlled the past few days could now finally find its lovely freedom.

“KURO! How many times have I told you? Don’t. Make. A. Mess!” Mahiru grasped the bag of potato chips with so much violence that a couple of chips flew through the air, polluting his usually neat appartment even more.

“Why are you always angry?” was the muffled reply that came from Kuro since he still had his mouth stuffed with chips.

“Oh I don’t know,” Mahiru snarled sarcastically.

“Maybe because I’m living with the laziest, messiest vampire in the world?! From now on I’m forbidding you from touching anything! You don’t take these -” Mahiru angrily grasped the magazines from the floor and put them away.

“You don’t eat until I permit it-” The potato chips disappeared into the cupboard.

“And you go take a shower, right now!” Mahiru furiously stomped towards the couch and plopped down. He took the remote and tried to watch TV, huffing in anger.

Kuro watched him dryly, still from his position on the floor. Mahiru endured his messy behavior for a while now, so why have such an outburst now? Oh well, he guessed a human could reach his limit after all. Mahiru surely didn’t mean all that. The anger would soon fade away.

As if it needed the most effort in the world, Kuro gathered his strength to lift himself off the floor. He staggered towards the angry Eve and sighed.

“Can I eat something?” he asked in a monotonous voice. Baffled that the Servamp already dared to ask that right after his anger burst, Mahiru gaped at him before he returned to watch the TV, eyes twitching in disbelief.

“No. I’m still mad at you.” Kuro sighed and kept staring down at him. Mahiru noticed, and a blush crept to his cheeks. This was making him uncomfortable. Kuro just stood there and kept staring at him in silence.

“Are you still mad?” Not even one minute had passed! Deciding to go for the silent treatment, Mahiru kept his lips pressed together, trying his best to ignore the vampire who was awkwardly standing there - staring at him with a dull expression.

“There’s a potato chip in your hair,” Kuro then mumbled, and Mahiru was too late to react. The Servamp had already reached out and took the potato chip that was in his hair on the side of his head, just by his ear.

The Eve squeaked in surprise when cold fingers accidentally brushed the skin of his ear, and he slapped his hand over Kuro’s hand, grabbing it forcefully.

“Dohon’t!” It came out as a giggle, and Kuro watched him in amazement. Mahiru sputtered, let go of his hand and quickly looked away.

“E-eh I mean…” Swallowing, he fumbled with his shirt and felt the embarrassment heat him up.

“Don’t what?” The vampire watched the emotions play on Mahiru’s face. He was blushing, his lips looked like they tried to hide a smile, and he looked just as surprised as he was.

“So you’re not mad anymore if I do this?” Kuro asked after considering the fact that the light touch made his Eve smile and giggle, and he reached out his other hand to brush his other ear.

“No - whaha I said don’t!” Mahiru gasped, and Kuro smirked knowingly. The flustered boy gulped at the sudden mischief that played on the vampire’s face. Kuro casually hopped onto the couch, making the brunet yell out as he tried to escape. He jumped off the couch but was caught before he could run away.

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