Accessor II: part 1

Setting: A medieval fantasy world, where status affords certain privileges, and some people aren’t seen as people so much as property. [#series: Accessor]

(Numbering the series like this was the worst decision ever.)

Words: 2,600


Dean bit down on his lip and tried to keep his toes from curling. By his left calf, his golden ankle cuffs lay open and discarded. The clip joining his wrist cuffs clinked mutedly behind him as he shifted against the cushions supporting his back. The slender cord being threaded between his toes tickled teasingly in its own right, and he truly had no idea how he was going to make it through this.

Castiel had seemingly spared no expense on the stocks that held Dean’s ankles immobile at the end of the bed. The polished wood matched the bed frame, and every point of contact with Dean’s skin was softened with leather-covered padding, including the bar where his toes were currently being secured. It stood a bit more than a palm’s breadth out from the wooden body of the stocks, and the tops of his feet were pressed up under it where it fell just at the base of his toes. The result was a more relaxed angle for his feet than if they’d been held straight upright, but the way his toes were being looped and tied back against it compelled the ball and arch into a steadfast stretch.

The squirming, fluttering mass of tightly-coiled emotions in Dean’s chest was seeping through his skin, staining it with heat. He’d been able to keep his composure, relatively speaking, during the occasions Castiel had briefly targeted his feet in the past, but none had been like this. The stock set was new, and though Castiel appeared to have a single-minded concentration toward nothing but snugging Dean’s toes in place, Dean had seen quite clearly how the man’s eyes had lit up when word came of its arrival. Castiel’s level of anticipation had easily matched his own, though Dean’s was colored with an entirely different connotation.

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How the neuroscience of tickling can help you control your tickling response

Why can’t you tickle yourself? Your brain (or more specifically, your cerebellum) can predict how sensations will feel based on your own movements, so isn’t surprised when you tickle yourself. It suppresses the tickle response. 

So to combat the tickly feeling caused by other people tickling you, cover their hand with yours. Your brain can then make predictions about how it’s going to feel, and doesn’t produce the tickle response.

Click here to watch Dr Emily Grossman explain all.

wake up, sunshine [kaneki/hide]

with the big move and finishing school and all of that, i haven’t really had time to write anYTHING…. which makes me sad 8( so i got this prompt and wrote a short lil fic last night to ease my conscious /o\

sleepy morning tickles are the best kind of tickles tbh  

Hide sleeps a lot.

That’s one thing Kaneki’s learned throughout the years, and it never ceases to amaze him just how much that boy can sleep. If Kaneki doesn’t rouse him in the mornings, Hide could easily sleep until three or four in the afternoon.

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More OTP tickling questions

Okay since I’m so useless right now, I thought of more tickling questions for our beautiful OTPs. Maybe my fellow tickle fanfic wirters like these:

1. Who has the cutest tickle laugh?

2. Who is ticklish in unusual places and where would that be?

3. Who gets cheer-up tickles?

4. Who takes advantage of the other one getting their arms stuck while taking off their shirt?

5. How did they discover each other’s ticklishness?

6. Who can’t take tickle bites?

7. Who has to be tickle-forced out of bed in the morning?

8. Who gives up in a tickle fight?

9. Who is in danger of getting hurt when attacking the other?

10. Who always provokes the other into tickling them and how?

Anonymous said:

Stony: Any cute,blushy,fluffy moments in your relationship that you want to tell us about???

“Umm.. No, not really.”

“I have a one! And it happened a few days ago!”

“Wait, what are you talking about– NOOOO, you wouldn’t dare!”

“So, it goes like this. Me and Tony were on our floor, I was reading, Tony was standing in front of his holographic screen, working–”

“Steve, I swear, if you tell them, I’m gonna divorce you the next second we get married!”

“Yeah, right, babe. So, anyway, it was near lunch time, and I asked Tony if he was hungry, and he replied with a half hum, totally ignoring me. So, I continued and said that I am pretty hungry, and he still kept ignoring me–”


“And I said that I could eat literally anything, and after no reaction from him, I got irritated and pulled Tony to the couch and knocked him down on his back, and lifted his shirt up and then started to nibble and lightly gnaw on his stomach and sides and ribs.. He had burst into that squeaky giggling and started to flail all over the place, screaming for me to stop and that he gives up, and it was soooo adorable.”

“… I hate you on a level you can’t imagine.”

“Aw.. but you’re so cute while giggling helplessly! And next time, don’t ignore me if you don’t want it to repeat!”

Quiet Day

Steve, Bucky

Summary: Bucky is having one of his quiet days and Steve knows that he’s in need of cuddles and tickles.

A/N: Tricky prompted this and I delivered.

Words: 718

Steve remembered Bucky’s quirks, even after all these years. It used to pain him, to carry around so much excessive knowledge about his friend and thinking he’d never be able to use it again. But now, with Bucky back and his memories restored, Steve was finally able to take advantage of his ability.

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Summary: Sirius gets a tattoo and Remus loves it.

A/N: I’m in Wolfstar hell help.

Words: 401

Sirius got his first tattoo when he was 16. A mobile illustration of the moon going around the Earth now covered the right side of his lower ribs. He presented it to his friends proudly.

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Mouth Against Skin


Summary: Steve’s mouth is all over Tony’s body. Tony’s ticklish body. How will this end?

A/N: Written for sour–strawberries‘s birthday which is todaaaay! Happy birthday, love! I hope you like your little gift!

Words: 394

This was the first time Steve had decided to use his mouth on parts of Tony other than the, ahem, you know, special place. And Tony was going crazy.

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