ticklesart asked:

how do you come up with all these great ideas

thank you!! well usually they start as a speck of an idea and then i flesh it out by thinking of silly things i say with my friends, and generally just having fun with it! for your art to be any good, you have to love what you’re making, and i really love VHS! i also have a background in filmmaking so i have a good sense of storytelling on a larger scale. thank you for your support!! ; w ;

OTP Challenge: Day 29- Doing something sweet by ~fadinginthedark

I’ve been bad and haven’t been posting these on Tumblr for the last couple of days, but I thought I should atleast blog this one.

The scene that I hope to God will happen but that has a snowball’s chance in hell- Rumplestiltskin happy because he has both Baelfire and Belle and they’re a family. I will cry if this ever happens. I just really want Belle to be Bae’s momma.

So you know how I was upset yesterday… Well today I was like “You know who makes me happy? Michael Reed aka the nicest person I’ve met ever, who happens to gives wonderful hugs too. A+ human being! Imma doodle him… whoops this is not a doodle.”

holy crap that guitar is huge. it wasn’t so bad when it was an acoustic but i changed the style and forgot to change the size. meh it’s to late to change it in the sketch. if i color it i’ll make it not so giant

To Matter Management Mistress Bunny,

June 3, 2013

Dandyton, Verk- Theoffices of The Department of Multidimensional Travel would like to place a formal request to be informed before the next time Mr. Walter  or any of the other departments attempt to alter large portions of Blue Matter which may affect the aether, so that we may temporarily perform a precautionary shut down of our systems, in hopes to avoid another situation such as the one we have experienced this week. As we are located on the Verkian Rift, much of the backlash of last Wednesday’s incident has collected in our general area causing major malfunctions in our multidimensional portals. There was a full systems failure, in which we lost control of the technology directing the dimensional hub and additional rifts opened within our offices unleashing multitudes of lifeforms across space and time onto our facilities. As of today the situation has been contained to the best of our knowledge and the majority of my fellow coworkers have been accounted for.

Our best regards to Mr. Walter and his family


Walter Girl T(ickle)

Multidimensional Attendant


My Grandma gave me a hot glue gun yesterday so I did the most sensible thing I could think of… I horded all the lightweight cardboard and broken wire hangers in the house (plus an almost empty spool of wire) to made an Anubis mask. It’s pretty rough right now but I’ll paper mache and sand it later so it’ll be smooth.

Should I leave it as a half mask or should I make a bottom jaw? What about a hinged jaw that’ll move when I open my mouth?