tickle your kitty

You can’t lie to daddy (Tickling/fantasy)

I get a call from the school. They say they caught you and some other girls cheating on a test, and I have to come pick you up.
I come into the office and the principal explains that you were trying (badly) to hide the fact you had the answers on a piece of paper in your sleeve. Your classmates/friends were looking on with you, and you were caught as a group.
I go into the lobby, and with a sigh I take your hand roughly “Come on, Daddy’s going to get to the bottom of this…and you’re going to tell me everything.”
Your heart begins to race - what punishment is Daddy going to use on you? Your butt is still sore from your last belting, and it hurt so bad.
The car ride home is silent. I let your mind go wild with the possible games and punishments you might be expecting.
When we get home, as soon as the door closes I tell you to go upstairs and strip naked, then sit on the edge of the bed. You nod slightly and gulp, heading upstairs and complying with Daddy’s orders.
You sit on the edge of the bed for what seems like an eternity before Daddy returns.
“Lie back and put your hands over your head sweetheart, and spread your legs.”
You’re used to this position, but daddy usually doesn’t let you use your bed. It’s much softer and more comfy than the table in Daddy’s den that he usually has you lay on.
You nod and lie back, putting your hands over your head as daddy secures your wrists to the bedposts with some silk ties. He goes down to your ankles and does the same.
“Now, whose idea was it to cheat on the test?”
You gulp slightly, it wasn’t your idea, but you don’t want to tell him it was Ashley, since he might not let you hang out with her anymore and she’s your best friend.
“I…can’t say daddy…”
“Oh? Are you sure about that?” he leans in to whisper “I’ll give you one more chance.”
A chill runs down your spine - you know that daddy can make you hurt real bad, and you’ll probably end up telling him anyways. Still, Ashley has lots of cool stuff at her house and you don’t want to get her in trouble either. You let out a whimper and bite your lip as you shake your head. “Nuh uh daddy…I can’t…”
I go to the end of the bed and picks up a small bag “We haven’t had to use these toys yet, but I think that these will help get the truth out of you…” from the bag I pull out a feather, a vibrator, and a velvet glove. I also take your chastity belt out of the drawer next to your bed.
“My belt daddy? Noooo please don’t put it on me…” you whine as you remember the last time daddy had it on you for a whole month. By the end you were so sensitive that the orgasms Daddy gave you later that night made you scream so loud the neighbors almost called the cops.
“Oh I’m not gonna put it on you yet princess…” I say
That’s when you realize what the other toys are for. “Oh no! Daddy please no… no tickles!”
It’s too late. My feather dances over your feet gently, making giggles bubble up to your lips as you struggle against your restraints. The more you squirm against the soft sheets below, even your back is more sensitive and it tickles more as a result. “So that’s why daddy kept me on the bed…” you think as you laugh louder, kicking your feet and giggling sweetly.
“Mmmm I know it tickles a lot babygirl…but this is your punishment for not being honest. If you want it to stop, tell Daddy who told you to cheat…” as I ask again, I stroke the feather along your soles even faster.
You blush and kick harder, laughing more and more as the tickles overtake you. “N…nooo daddy….I…won’t tell…hehehe…hahaha!” you squirm and laugh as the feather teases your feet more.
“Oh, you will…eventually…” the feather dances along your toes and tops of your feet as you wonder if holding out for Ashley is going to be worth it. Just as you resolve yourself to endure, you feel the feather moving up along the inside of your legs towards your knees…up over your thighs…and you begin to panic.
“D…daddy? What….what are you doing?”
“Ohhh I just know my princess has some other sensitive spots…doesn’t she?”
Your heart catches in your chest…you close your eyes and hope he hasn’t realized how ticklish your kitty is. You breathe a brief sigh of relief that transitions into another bout of hysterical laughter as the feather begins to tease along the sides of your breasts and your nipples.
“OH DADDY NO, NOT THERE HEHEHEHAHAH!” You plead, the soft bristles sending shocks of pleasure through your body from your nipples and soft breasts.
“Mmm, yes…right here I think. Maybe it’ll help change your mind?” I tease as the feather explores every soft and sensitive crevice of your breasts.
“Mmmm unnnnnfffff oh daddy pleeeeaasseeeee…!” you begin to whine, struggling against your ties.
“Are you ready to tell me?”
You begin to feel your naughty streak, wanting to not tell Daddy just for the sake of being difficult now. If he was going to punish you, you were going to make it worth it. You shake your head again.
“I see…” the feather teases slowly over your front, passing gently over your belly towards the area between your legs. “You know babygirl…I know everything about you. I know your favorite pizza, ice cream…and I’ve also heard you giggling in your bed the last few nights.”
You turn bright red as you realize Daddy has caught you touching yourself. Wait…if he heard you giggling, and knew where I was touching yourself…
“So I know all about that sensitive pussy of yours.”
The feather felt softer than before as the tip brushed gently over your smooth kitty.
You shriek and laugh loudly “NOOOO DADDY NOT MY KITTY PLEASEEE HEHEHEHAHAHA!” you laugh louder and louder, struggling against your ties as I expertly tickle your most sensitive area.
“Are you ready to tell me the truth? Hmm?” I ask with a smile, my feather ready. “Or maybe your kitty needs more tickles…hmm?”
You bite your lip, mind racing as you wonder how to proceed. The belting you could handle, daddy’s feather on your kitty was driving you crazy!
“Oh…okay daddy…I’ll tell you.”
I pull up a chair next to the bed. “So, who was it?”
You giggle “Just kidding! I’m not gonna tell!” as you stick your tongue out playfully.
I grin, standing as the feather resumes teasing along the outside of your kitty and deftly flicking the soft tip along your budding clit.
You shriek and laugh louder than before (if that’s possible), arching your back, bucking, begging for mercy as I tickle your sensitive kitty.
“Unnnnfffff ohhh god dadddyyyyy hehehehehehahaha I’m sorryyyhehehehe I cheated…! I…I won’t do it again…hehehehe!”
I smile “Oh I know you won’t…” as the feather stops tickling her. As you look up, you see daddy putting on the velvet glove.
“You know something sweetie? I know the feather felt so good, but Daddy likes to know he’s in charge…and besides, I bet you’ll like my very soft fingers…” I tease my hand along your inner thigh, the soft velvet making you instantly tense and giggle.
“Hmmm…where’s my little girl’s ticklish spot again? I need to find it…” I say with a smile as my fingers tease softly along your inner thigh towards your kitty.
“Ohhh hehehehahahaha daddy nooooo your fingers…mmmm hehehe please stoopppp…” you blush, the tickles really turning you on now as your wet pussy begins to glisten.
I run my velvet-fingers over your pussy like small, deft spiders. Along the outside, and then down along the inside, the feeling drives you wild. “DADDY NO NO NOOO MOOORREEE HEHEHEHEHAHAHA MMM IT TICKLES TOO MUCH!” you scream, my fingers showing no signs of stopping. “IT WAS ASHLEY! ASHLEY MADE ME DO IT…!” you squeal between giggles.
“Ashley? I thought I told you to stay away from that girl…”
You gulp, now knowing you’ve been caught for lying and disobeying daddy.
“Daddy, I know..I’m sorry it’s just I like-”
“I don’t want to hear it.” I say calmly. My fingers dive back onto your sensitive kitty, punishing it yet again as I watch you squeal, squirm and beg to be let go. As the velvet touch teases your clit over and over, you can feel yourself getting closer to release. I can tell, and that’s when I remove my soft tickling fingers, and get your chastity belt.
Your face goes white. “Daddy. Daddy no you can’t. Not after that! Please daddy I need to cum! Daddy I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry!!” You begin to plead and whine as I put it on, feeling the soft insides of the chastity belt against your aching pussy makes the punishment that much worse.
After I secure it on you I undo your ties and scoop you up into my lap. I stroke your hair and whisper “3 weeks.” and hold you as you cry at your sentence. “Daddy please that’s not faiirrrr…”
I hush you, kiss your forehead and lie down next to you. “Are you sorry you cheated princess?”
Wiping away your tears you nod “Uh huh.”
“I know you are. Daddy doesn’t like seeing his babygirl sad, but you need to learn this lesson, understand?”
Your aching pussy is on fire, desperate for release, but barricaded by your chastity belt. “Uh…uh huh…”
“For lying to me about Ashley you will have tickle sessions for the next three days. For cheating on the test you get two more days, and for not telling Daddy what he wanted from the start you get a full week of tickles.”
Your cries get louder “Two weeks of tickles daddy? I can’t…I’ll go crazy waiting!” you cry.
“Shhh…no you won’t babygirl. Daddy will make sure you look forward to when you get to cum. Maybe if you’re really good we’ll take that off of you sooner. Okay?”
You nod, sniffling.
“Good girl. Do you want pizza for dinner?”
You nod. I hand you a pajama shirt and take your hand as we go downstairs.