tickle machine

lee questions 💕✨

1. as a tickle fight penalty, would you rather have your arms tied or your legs/ankles tied? 

 2. rather be tickled on your worst spot for 5 minutes or 5 less bad spots all at once for 1 minute? 

 3. rather see someone else be tickled or have someone see you be tickled? 

 4. rather be tickled by tools (feathers, toothbrush, brush, etc) or fingers? 

 5. if you could have your own tickle machine in your house to use whenever you want, would you (and if yes, what would you do first)? 

 6. tickled with a blindfold on or with a blindfold off? 

7. be tickled for punishment or be tickled as a reward? 

 8. have your feet tickled by a soft wet tongue (like a dog tongue) or a rougher scratchy tongue (like a cat tongue)?

9. rather the ler know that you love being tickled or not know that you love being tickled? 

10. rather try not to laugh or try not to move while being tickled? (which would you rather and which would you be more successful at)

A typical day at Ryuyku's office(I assume)
  • Ryuku: Another day of absolutely nothing bad happening, hooray!
  • Nejire: Yay for us!
  • Froppy: Learning at this hero-office is rewarding...obligatory Kero.
  • Uravity: It sure is, I wander how the other interns are doing.
  • *Meanwhile*
  • Fatgum: Eijiro, PLEASE stop crying!
  • Tamaki: The corner is my friend, the corner is my friend.
  • *Also meanwhile*
  • Nighteye: You call this a humourous haiku-GET IN THE TICKLE MACHINE!
  • Mirio: No captain, he can't take it no more!
  • Nighteye: Was that a Star Trek joke in two thousand seven-TEEN?! WAY TOO OUT OF DATE-tickle torture for all!
  • *And back to present*
  • Uravity: Probably fine.
  • Froppy: Probably, kero.

A/N: This is for the lovely @nhasablog! It’s her very late birthday present! I hope you love it darling!

Tony Stark was learning a lot during his first year of college, nothing from his classes of course because he already knew everything his professors taught. No, Tony Stark was learning a lot about his roommate, James Rhodes. For example, Rhodey loved sushi, but only if salmon was involved. Rhodey was a surprisingly good singer and knew how to play guitar. Rhodey enjoyed romantic comedies, though he would deny it with his dying breath. But, if there was one thing that Rhodey loved more than anything else in this word, it was taking naps. There had been multiple occasions where Tony had walked into their shared dorm to grab something and Rhodey was sleeping on his bed and sometimes even on Tony’s bed. 

But Tony’s absolute favorite thing he’s learned about his friend, was that he was ticklish. 

Rhodey had taken advantage of Tony’s ticklishness too many times to count. The bastard hadn’t let him live down that drunken confession and attacked his ribs or stomach or knees or feet on a daily freakin’ basis. It was only a few days ago that Tony finally got the upperhand and was able to tickle Rhodey’s ribs for all over two seconds before Rhodey was the victor once more. 

But now, Rhodey was sleeping on Tony’s bed, probably taking his fifth nap of the day. Tony had two hours before his next class and he had already caught up on all of his homework, so Tony knew he would be bored. And what better way to entertain himself, than to get some well-deserved revenge!

Tony quietly made his way up to his bed and paused as Rhodey suddenly turned onto his back, but the older student simply made a sleepy noise and stilled. Tony grinned as he considered his options. On the one hand, he could simply softly tickle Rhodey until he woke up fully. On the other hand, he could simply strike hard and fast so as to tire him out quickly to prevent retribution. 

Hard and fast it was. 

Tony wasted absolutely no time as he dug his fingers right into Rhodey’s ribs. Rhodey immediately started squirming. He opened bleary eyes and looked so confused as his sleep-muddled brain tried to catch up to his nerve endings.

“Tony! Ahahaha! Whahahahat are you dohohohoing?” Rhodey was laughing already, not even trying to keep it in check. Tony figured it was because he was still trying to fully wake up. 

“Revenge my friend. Revenge!” Tony crowed as he dug his fingers into Rhodey’s sides, moving up and down his rib cage and being sure to wriggle in a finger or two between each bone. 

Rhodey let out a rather embarrassing shriek and tried to curl in on himself, but Tony quickly jumped on top of him, straddling his hips and moving his hands to Rhodey’s stomach and hips.  

“Dude, you are hella ticklish!“ 

"STAHAHAP!” Rhodey begged, trying to grab Tony’s hands. Tony knew if he had started this very one-sided fight while Rhodey had been more alert, Tony would be getting the ever loving shit tickled out of himself at the moment; however, Rhodey was still in the haze of sleep and was therefore uncoordinated enough to stop our counter-attack. 

Tony dug his thumbs into the hollows of Rhodey’s hips, and fanned his fingers out to right above his new friend’s pant line. Rhodey screeched and let out a peal of laughter at the simultaneous soft and harsh tickles. Tony laughed as Rhodey tried to buck him off, but the younger student simply clamped his knees tighter around Rhodey’s waist. 

“PLEHEHEHEHEHEE!” Rhodey begged, not even able to complete a full sentence. 

“I dunno Rhodey,” said Tony. “It’s only been like, two minutes. Just last week you tortured me for five!" 


Tony grinned and finally slowed to stop. Rhodey lay panting as Tony patted his chest before getting off of his friend. 

"That was fun." 

"You’re…so dead…” Rhodey panted out. 

Tony waved him off. “Stay off my bed and it won’t happen again." 

"Dead.” Rhodey repeated. 

Tony grinned as the thrill (that he would totally deny he felt) of promised revenge ran through him. He knew he was in for it, knew that before he even started, not that he’d ever admit it.

Tony grinned at his friend as he made himself comfortable on Rhodey’s bed and pulled out an old Captain America comic book.