tickle bunny twins

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Can you do a fanfic with Jade and Tori having a tickle fight for whatever reason. I think that'd be cute

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It was obvious that Tori was having a bad day. She had on a grumpy face, her eyes held bags underneath and her outfit looked like it was picked out at the last minute.

Jade didn’t like it.

What could have made Tori so upset? It made her even more confused knowing that she didn’t cause the Latina’s pain.

“Vega!” She called down the hallway, noticing the girl at her locker. Tori turned around and looked indifferent to Jade’s presence.

“Look, Jade, I’m really not in the mood today so -”

“Shut it, Vega. Wrist. Now.”
Tori frowned. “Please, Jade, I’m really not in the mood.” Jade raised an eyebrow and grabbed the girl’s wrist, dragging her down the empty hallway involuntarily. Tori didn’t have the energy to fight back so she allowed herself to be pushed into the Janitor’s Closet. Jade followed closely behind and locked the door behind her.

“Now, enlighten me, Sweet Sally Peaches. What’s got your panties in a twist?”
Tori didn’t respond; she just looked down at the ground with a frown embedded on her face. Jade scowled and was becoming really wazzed off. She hated to be ignored. She continued to stare at Tori, trying to figure out what to do. Sad faces were not good unless she was the cause of them.

Then, she got an idea.

“Come on, Tori,” she sang sweetly, creeping up to the girl. “I think you might need a visit from the tickle bunny twins.” Tori’s eyes widened and she began to back up.

“No, Jade! Dont - ahahahaha!” Her pleads were overrun by giggles and she felt her face turning red. Jade smiled and continued tickling her, making both of them fall to the floor. Tori smirked. “I think it’s your turn!”

Jade immediately tried to get up but Tori pulled her back down. “Oh no, Vega. So help me God, I will cut you with my specially crafted - ohmygoodness ahahahahaha!”

The two were now participating in a full out tickle war, heads thrown back with crazed laughter and hearts beating fast in their chests. Jade managed to straddle Tori and was ticking her neck and stomach, causing the Latina to cry from laughter.

“Oh, God. Jade! Jade, stop!” Her hair was disheveled around her and her face was stained red. “I can’t breathe!”

Jade stopped tickling her and smiled, letting the girl catch her breath. The two sat in a comfortable silence, breathing heavily and staring at each other. Tori became aware of their position and blushed, but didn’t say anything.

“Why were you so down, Vega?” Jade finally asked after a few minutes of silence. Tori looked over Jade, her flushed face, disheveled hair and long legs straddling her waist.

“Y'know, I don’t even remember.”

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