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lindaraquelita  asked:

hello queen of the prompts, holy mother of the writing styles and defender of all things bellarke! I was wondering if you would write something based off of one of these as a prompt? Bellarke style?h t t p : / / w w w . tickld. com/x/jaw/medical-volunteer-shares-the-funniest-stories-ever-about-his-time?utm_content=inf_10_93_2&utm_source=tickld&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=contentse&tse_id=INF_33dde08078fc444aacbf71831cd04f70I thought it would be really cute

This was really fun to write.  For those who are curious, the link leads here.

Sweat trickled down Clarke’s back and she wiped her forehead with the back of her hand.  Working in the medical tent had seemed like a good way to get a free pass to the festival for the weekend, but she severely, severely underestimated the annoyance factor.

Because drunk and high festival goers were really fun when you were one of them and the world’s most annoying patients when you’d treated nothing but people on bad trips for two days straight.  She set up an IV for her fifth dehydration patient of the day and walked to stand by the fan to try and cool off.  “PINECONES,” someone at the tent entrance yelled, and Clarke startled.  

“What?” she asked and turned around.  A man a few years older than her with curly brown had two guys hanging off his shoulders— one a gangly guy with a sad attempt at a beard, and the other a clean shaven man with nice cheekbones and soft dark hair.  It was the latter who had yelled pinecones, apparently, because he was now asking her if she’d seen a pine tree anywhere.  “Nope, no trees,” she said and looked to the sober-appearing one in the middle.  “What’d he take?”

“No idea,” he said, and seemed genuinely apologetic.  The taller stoner was combing through his hair and the speaker flinched away.  “But it’s safe to assume they both took it.  Usually if one does, the other does too.  They keep…well, Monty keeps trying to eat things he shouldn’t,” he said, gesturing to the pinecone aficionado.  “And Jasper was kind of freaking out earlier.  Kept seeing people in their tent.”

Clarke sighed.  “Well, I don’t do babysitting,” she started, but he shook his head.

“No, I know that— I just figured there should be someone a little more qualified than me to keep an eye on them,” he said.  “I’ll stay, and you can step in if— things take a turn for the worse?  I honestly don’t know what they took, and if it’s not safe…”

Jasper patted his friend’s chest proudly.  “This is Bellamy.  He’s my mom,” he explained.

Clarke found herself smiling and looked into Bellamy’s brown eyes.  “You’re his mom, huh?”

“Someone has to be.”

“He spent last night checking to make sure we had enough blankets,” Jasper explained, before getting distracted by Clarke’s neatly piled stack of gauze.  Bellamy yanked him away just in time and together they walked Monty and Jasper to a corner.  Clarke handed them water bottles and a couple girls brought their friend in with a sprained ankle, so she turned her attention to them.  

Monty and Jasper were cackling over something when Clarke finished with the injured girl and swung by their corner.  “Something funny?” she asked, and Bellamy shifted uncomfortably.

“He thinks you’re pretty,” Jasper said in a stage whisper, and Monty collapsed into giggles.

“We do need a dad friend,” Monty added.  “You’d be good.  You’re just as annoyed with us as Bellamy.”

“I’ll consider it,” she stage-whispered back, with a wink at Bellamy.  “What brought you out here?  This doesn’t seem like your scene,” she asked him, because she was a little starved for sober conversation.

Bellamy motioned to his friends who were now gasping with laughter, tears rolling down their faces.  “Someone has to watch out for these idiots,” he said.  “And I like the music.  Mostly.”

“Yeah, me too,” Clarke said, and for a few moments, they just smiled at each other.  He was handsome, and nice, and well, fuck it.  “My replacement shows up in about an hour, and I think these two will be okay by then.  Want to catch the last sets?”

Monty gasped audibly and Jasper stopped laughing to watch them with interest.

Bellamy’s smile broadened and he pointedly didn’t look at his friends.  “That’d be nice.”

A giant drunk frat boy stumbled in and Clarke had to turn away.  “It’s a date, then,” she called over her shoulder, and Monty and Jasper cheered.