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Dating Min Yoongi/ Suga would Include

1. I don’t know if anyone has asked already… But could we get a “dating would include” for us Yoongi stans? Btw I absolutely love your blog😍

2.  May I request you a “dating Suga would include”? Thanks in advance :3

Note: You both requested on the same day, and it made me very happy that I can finally write for my bias wrecker this BTS members. I hope you will enjoy! 

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used. 

In the Daytime

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  • This lovable man is going to be the best boyfriend on the planet
  • Waking up in the morning consists of you telling him that you both need to get up and his response being “five more minutes” for the next half an hour as he holds you in his arms.
  • Him not being able to function until he’s had a cup of coffee
  • Him kissing you on the cheek everyday before he leaves for work
  • Unless you’ve had an argument
  • That’s when you know shits serious when he doesn’t give you that “goodbye I’m off to work” kiss
  • Him having a busy schedule, but always making time for you in his day even if it means he loses out on sleep
  • Him working long hours into the night in the recording studio to write songs for BTS
  • It isn’t unheard of for you to go there to find him asleep in the most uncomfortable positions
  • You bringing him home because you don’t want him to have a crippled back before he’s reached 30
  • Him writing songs for you that no one ever hears except for him and you
  • Lost of humming, rapping and singing around the house. 
  • Especially while he’s playing the piano. 
  • Which you never get tired of watching because oml who can resist the way he looks so passionate when he’s playing music and his long fingers are pressing against every perfect note
  • If he’s feeling generous he’ll let you sit on his knee and teach you a few simple songs to play on the piano
  • Him being private about your relationship but still taking you out on dates because he knows you love it
  • Hates being teased, especially when you’re around
  • “J-Hope I will kick your fucking ass if you don’t shut up.” 
  • Him getting embarrassed when the others tease him about his sex life
  • “I saw {y/n} had a few hickeys on her neck earlier, there was like one or two… or ten.” 
  • “J-HOPE!”
  • Him making you playlists full of songs that remind him of you, the relationship or times you’ve shared together. 
  • Smiling when it brings you to tears of joy because nothing makes him happier than seeing you happy. 
  • Him holding your hand when he’s nervous. 
  • His thumb will rub the back of your hand and his clasp will become tighter as his nerves run high. 
  • Being the most supportive person on the planet.
  • “If you want to do that Jagi, I will support you the whole way through.” 
  • Him taking secret photos of you when you’re not looking because those are what real beauty is to him. 
  • Like his lock screen is a picture of you looking up in awe at a fireworks display and he treasures it more than life.
  • Min Yoongi being the best fucking boyfriend on the damn Earth. 

At Nighttime

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  • Since he’s busy in the day time most of the time your true hanging out time will more than likely be in the evening 
  • The two of you cuddling on the sofa and watching a film together
  • Except the film is long forgotten about since you started kissing
  • Him leaving small kisses all over your face and neck to show you how much he loves you in smaller gestures
  • You sitting between his legs as you play video games together
  • Him ticking your sides when you’re about to win to he can catch you off guard and take over. 
  • “You cheated!”
  • “N’aww c’mere Jagi~” 
  • Hugging you tightly until you’re over your grudge which usually lasts about 5 seconds let’s be honest, who can be mad at him?
  • Him taking you out to basketball courts in the dead of night because no one else will be around to see you two together
  • Him teaching you how to score a basket
  • His arms holding the ball with you from behind as he teaches you how to position yourself and aim the ball. 
  • Picking you up and spinning you around when you score your first basket on your own. 
  • Him taking you out for night time drives when there’s no one around
  • Blasting music out the windows because it makes you both happy and who is around to judge or give a fuck?
  • backsteat car sex
  • The two of you cuddling up in bed gives him life
  • But sometimes he needs to be more intimate
  • rough sex
  • You telling him you’d like him to be more dominant and thinking he’s forgotten about it until he pushes you up against the wall and starts showing you whose really in charge. 
  • marks, scratches and love bites that get you both into shit
  • “Yoongi, how many times have I told you to stop getting those ugly marks.” 
  • “How many times have I told you I really don’t give a fuck what you think about my ugly marks, Jin.” 
  • Smirking when he see’s the other member’s jealousy, or Jungkook’s blushing, because you’re his and nothing will change that. 

i didn’t really think i cared about GoT all that much anymore, but apparently it only took some edits, spoilers and fantheories to make me a proper jonerys shipper trash. life is hard, y’all.

We Live Like Kings - audreycritter - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Fic for @cerusee
Gen/Family Bonding
Young!Jason Todd
Rated: T

The massive clock ticked off the seconds of the fourth quarter and far below on the field, players were moving into formation at the Gotham Knights offensive twenty yard line. They looked minuscule from the windows, so the few people in the luxury box mostly watched the game on a huge flat screen television mounted in front of a curved leather couch.

On the other side of the room, a table with the remnants of catered h’or d'oeuvres was set back against the wall, beneath framed and signed photographs.

Bruce Wayne was doing three things at once, during the last quarter of the game. He was giving just enough attention to the score that he could react appropriately during plays. He was keeping up a buddy-buddy conversation with two executives that were considering merger deals that let Wayne Enterprises essentially buy out company control in return for shared accounts and research funding.

And finally, he was occasionally twisting around on the couch to glance at Jason Todd. The tiny thirteen year old could still pass for eight or nine despite the fact that he’d single-handedly cleared about a third of the catered snacks himself. The boy had been visibly excited at the prospect of the luxury box when Bruce had mentioned it, but the thrill had clearly faded when it became clear that Bruce was busy, in a way, and that there wasn’t much to do other than watch a football game.

Jason wasn’t, for all his protests, really that interested in sports.

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anonymous asked:

I just found out that my heart and lungs are failing and I'm terrified. Death itself doesn't scare me, but I hate the thought of leavin so many things undone. I feel like my life hasn't amounted to anything worth noting. Should I come out my family and the girl I like? Or will it cause too many problems? I don't want to be a burden upon them if they don't accept me, and I don't want them to have a bad image of me... do you have any advice for me?

Do everything u need to do to feel happy. Tell the people u love that u love them and make sure they know it. Come out to ur family if u think it would be safe to and spend time doing fun things and watching ur favourite movies and playing ur favourite games… Tick off as much of that bucket list that u can, enough so that u can feel somewhat ready when the time comes. Shape the memories u want to leave behind for ur loved ones while u still can. SO much love to u.. Ur so brave


No idea where these are from originally, but just randomly came across these Team Sparia photos online tonight, and… Well, they’re new to me. And they’re amazing. 

UPDATED: Thanks to Kris on twitter for letting me know that these were actually taken by Andy Reaser!

Gadge Snippets!

Thought I’d drop a few snippets of my gadge stuff, because I am working on them both even if they’re being super rude and difficult right now. Hope you enjoy!

And the Clock Kept Ticking, Chapter 16 (Final Chapter): The End of the World

It’s been almost a year of this, of all out war with the Capitol.

And here, now, it’s time for the grand finale.


Madge takes the gun and fires, her whole body recoiling.


It tastes a little like hope.

roses are red, roses are white, Part 1, Chapter 2: to kneel before the queen

“And what brings you here, Lord Lovell?” she asks, the words burning holes in her tongue. He straightens up; his eyes stuttering for a moment over the bruises Prince Cato’d left behind on her cheek.

“I bring word from her Majesty the Queen.”

There is pleasure and satisfaction in his voice as he says it and Madge feels her stomach tighten, acid climbing up her throat and filling her mouth.


Madge knows her future is bleak, knows she is fighting an uphill battle, but she cannot surrender now. She will do everything within her power to keep herself afloat, to ensure the survival of the Bedford family.

Let the Yorkists have England, they will never have me.


Haymitch blinks at her in surprise but Madge does not back down, her fingers tightening in the folds of her dress.

“I have heard rumors of that,” he says eventually, shrewd eyes raking over her. Madge bristles.


    EDWARD’S ISLAND. One of many FASCINATING sites when vacationing at Camena, Oregon  —  at least from what you ONCE heard. The rich history of the island attracts quite the visitors due to its advancement in radio technologies  …  and the SINKING of the USS KANALOA   —   the WWII submarine targeted by Japanese submarine chaser Tokisada. The isolated land ALWAYS CHANGES and so have the people COMING and GOING. This doesn’t seem to be the first time the school has thrown one. Attending a beach party located on the infamous ex-military base was something to do, right ?
8 PM. You feel the chill in the air as the sounds of the rushing waves fills your ears. The garrulous chatter of gulls perched on rocks and the quiet, DARK yet serene scenery kept you wide awake and distracted. Fellow cohorts appear with MIXTURE of emotions ranging from ANXIOUSNESS to EXCITEMENT. You’ve seen the CLICHE horror movies of the rebellious group of teenagers throwing such extravagant celebrations only to TURN for the WORST. You can only HOPE it doesn’t end that way You finally arrive to the destination, seeming to be the last ferry ride to the island. Calling the place ABANDONED felt like an under statement. The MISSING presence soon replace by LIVELY, INNOCENT souls. Some familiar faces while others new. Your hostess seems to have her hands full until a voice came through the crowd : “ LET’S GET THIS STARTED ! “ Guests settle down, allowing the hostess to speak once more, “ I ONLY INVITED THE SELECTED FEW BECAUSE WE DON’T WANT A NUMBER OF PEOPLE GETTING CAUGHT OR I’LL GET IN TROUBLE FOR IT. THIS ISLAND ISN’T GOING TO HOLD HUNDREDS OF US, YOU KNOW ? 

Trapped on EDWARD’S ISLAND and subjected to CHILDISH games and CHALLENGING puzzles, a group of people eventually find they have made the GRAVE mistake of coming. They knew they should NOT have trusted everything they hear


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Hitman Fic: "Dead Men"

Author: General Kitty Girl/Kelbora

Word Count: 1,811

Characters: Hitman & Ivan Braginski

Rating: R (Warnings include: crude language, alcohol, mentions of death, blood, and dismemberment)

~Dead Men~

A simple cardboard square made up the field of battle for a war manned by wooden effigies. Faceless pawns and deformed bishops, moving towers and horse idols dueling to the beat of a clock; all for the purpose of defending an all powerful queen and useless king. Chess is considered a dance of minds enjoying the make-believe destruction of metaphorical kingdoms of light and darkness…

He just thought it was obnoxiously boring.

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