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I ended up taking the bus up to my parents tonight because my mom was having a hard time. I’m so frigging tired at this point and just dreading work next week. It’s going to be a long week and I’m not having anything even close to the restful weekend I want to have FML.

I’ve gotten a couple messages mentioning/asking about the Pokemon Go Fest, so here’s my report:

While the lines at the beginning were HORRENDOUS and the server was definitely dicey at points, at the end of the day, I still had a lot of fun! I think Niantic made up for their poor planning with the refund and various giveaways, though I feel bad for those who bought tickets second-hand and/or came into Chicago from far away solely for the Fest.

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SO I bought tickets to Dunkirk in advance and when I went to redeem them I saw these hella young girls (I'm 21, they were probably 15 or something) and I heard them get their tickets for Dunkirk and I was like "HA these young children, watching a serious war film for Harry Styles, whereas I, an intellectual, am here to witness Christopher Nolan's filmmaking genius." but inside I was telling myself "bitch please you're here for Harry too"

Lmfao. We’re all there for Harry. Even the old men in the theater are there for Harry. Even if they don’t realize it.

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You wanna hear a cute as fuck story about when Kyle took me to see the Lion King on Broadway back in like 2005? We were together for about 4-5 years then, and I think it was almost when I proposed to him, or was it after? I don’t remember. Basically, Kyle bought tickets to see the Lion King, because he fucking wanted to and thought that it would be a totally kickass idea to take me to New York without Stan and Kenny. It was a musical so I couldn’t pass that shit down, and we went to stay in New York. Jimmy was living there at the time so we stayed with him for a few days. He had a totally kickass apartment, making cash being a stand up crippled comedian. Besides that, Kyle was totally excited to be going there. He wasn’t bitchy, he wasn’t complaining about shit, he was totally calm and actually smiling a hell of a lot. He’d been wanting to see that for ages and for it to be the actual Broadway show really put the icing on the cake, dude. He was so giddy, it was totally awesome. When we got back to Jimmys place, he was all over me. He was just in heaven, he loved that musical so much. It was pretty kickass, I’m not gonna lie there, but it really hit Kyle hard in the best way. He thanked me for coming with him, he was such a sweet Jew that week. He wanted me to himself, thankfully Jimmy had a late night show to do when we got back so we had his apartment to ourselves. We basically banged on his bed and I don’t think he ever knew that we did. We had sex with the New York glow, dude. Totally romantic.~ Plus, Kyle was really just a sweetheart then. He was so happy that we finally had a trip alone together and plus it satisfied both of our musical urges.
Jimmy was weirded out with how sweet and in love we were then, taking the blow that him and I were gonna be hitched sometime in the future strangely. He was totally happy for us though. He was like, “Eric, you’re so fucking cool. How did you land a man like that?” And I was all, “Oh, it was nothing. Just these hot looks, dude. Kyle was made for me.”

“He’s an actor on Broadway.  I broke up with him in December because he couldn’t manage his anger.  He’d scream at me on subway platforms.  Once he busted my lip while trying to grab something out of my hand.  That was when I finally ended it.  But he called me on New Year’s Eve and asked if he could go to a party with me.  We’d bought our tickets months earlier.  They were expensive so I agreed.  My sister was coming with us so I wasn’t worried.  Everyone had a great time.  …At the end of the night, we dropped off my sister and went back to his place.  I was so drunk that I curled up in a pile of clothes.  When I opened my eyes he was taking photos of me and laughing.  I immediately decided to leave.  It was literally the start of a new year and I wanted to begin on a good note.  He yelled at me to come back but I kept walking.  He followed me down the stairs and grabbed my arm.  He told me to ‘stop acting stupid.’  Then he pinned me up against the side of his building.  He was choking me and saying ‘calm down, calm down, calm down.’  A van drove by and started honking at us.  But they didn’t stop.  They didn’t help me.  I broke free and ran into traffic but nobody was stopping.  He caught me, and pushed me up against a van, and lifted me into the air by the neck.  When I woke up on the ground he was gone.  I asked the judge to sentence him to anger management courses.  He’s finished them.  But I’m still dealing with the trauma of that night.”

The Pilgrim (Part 1)

This is the first half of a Zimbits soulmate AU, where you can feel the pull of your soulmate like a compass. This is a first draft, so no corrections have been made so far. I just wanted to throw it out there. There will be a second and final part to this- and I’ll do my best to write it soon. 

Dear Mama and Coach,

I’m sorry to leave with only a note, but this is something I have to do. I left for my pilgrimage. I know I’m way too young, but I couldn’t wait. … I think my soulmate is dying. I felt the pull stop for a full minute. It never happened before. I can’t wait another four years before seeking them! I hope you understand.

Also, I didn’t tell y’all because… I think my soulmate may be a man.

I hope you’re not too mad at me. I’ll call.

I love you both,

– Dicky

North. The pull had always pointed North. Sometimes, when Eric changed cities, he tried to triangulate the feel, but there was never enough difference in what he felt to pinpoint a precise location on a map. His soulmate could be in any of the states above Georgia, or- well, they could live further North. He wondered what would be worse for his parents, that his soulmate was a man, or that he was a Yankee.

He’d stressed about it for years but, now that he was stuck on a bus for who knew how long, he couldn’t stop worrying. He fidgeted with the cheap pilgrimage kit he’d bought at Atlanta. A map of the United States, a plastic ruler, a tiny pencil and a miserable looking compass that didn’t seem to point in the same direction if he shook it a bit. It was all he could afford, since the bus ticket from Madison to Atlanta, then Atlanta to… wherever, took most of his “borrowed” money.

That was another thing. His parents would be so mad when they noticed he took from his savings account. That money was supposed to go to his skating class- or more recently, his hockey equipment.

Maybe he could have asked. Maybe they’d understood, and offered more, and Coach would have lent him his own brass compass, the one inherited from his own father, the one he used to follow the pull until he found his own soulmate. Maybe his mother would have kissed him on the forehead and maybe she’d have offered to ride with him wherever the pull led him- North, North, always North…

But maybe not.

It wasn’t something Eric wanted to risk. The steadiness of the pull had stopped, for just a minute, maybe more, but that was enough to change Eric’s own life. He had someone, somewhere, whose soul was compatible with his- who was maybe a lover, a friend- and that someone’s life had blinked.

He held back his nervous tears, fidgeted with the compass once more.

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Moving in with Yoongi 🏘 ~Thank you for requesting I hope you like them ! :)
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So, like you all, I watched the Tonys last night.

And here’s what I have to say.

Remember last year, when all the other interesting, cool Broadway musicals got stuck in the shadow of Hamilton?

Remember how all the beautiful little shows, like Waitress and Tuck Everlasting and Bright Star and Allegiance and On Your Feet were left unnoticed by most, as everyone bought tickets to Hamilton?

Remember how so many shows had to close because nobody wanted to buy tickets to them, because we were so caught up with Hamilton?

I’m afraid that Dear Evan Hansen will become the new Hamilton.

I’m afraid that so many other great, diverse, revolutionary shows will be lost in Broadway history, lost to this eight-person, nearly all-white, musical.

I’m afraid that, in five years or so, there won’t be anyone who’ll remember Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812.

I’m afraid that Groundhog Day will close because people will choose Dear Evan Hansen over it.

I’m afraid that Come From Away won’t get any recognition this season.

I’m afraid that nobody will remember Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for anything other than “Christian Borle was in it.”

I’m afraid that Bandstand, Anastasia, Miss Saigon, all these beautiful shows, will be performing to unresponsive audiences, as bored teenagers, fidgeting in their chairs whisper to their parents “Why couldn’t you have taken me to see Dear Evan Hansen instead? This sucks.”

Don’t get me wrong, Dear Evan Hansen is great, Hamilton is great.

It’s just that I hope the other shows this season are appreciated, too.

“Kissing Booth”

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader (College AU)

Summary: After Nat volunteers your services at the kissing booth, you find yourself sitting across from you is none other than your best friend.

a/n: i swear this is my last unedited 7-minute one-shot. but today i was reminded of a personal experience and quickly jotted it down in story format. 

You feel sick to your stomach as you clutch your water bottle to chest. Alarms ring in your head as you take in the long line snaking around the booth. “I hate you.”

Natasha smirks and gently pats your shoulder. “You’re doing great, sweetheart. Just a few more minutes,” she coos, her tone so saccharine that it almost betrayed the sharp sarcasm underneath.

Grimacing at the redhead, you chug down the remaining contents of your water bottle. “Who’s brilliant idea was it to have a kissing booth? And I’m not even a part of this sorority! Why am I here?!”

“Because you owe me. I’m not a fan of the kissing booth, but we might as well commit since we’re here. And we’re bringing in some major cash for charity, so look pretty and keep going!”

You grumble under your breath and slump back onto your stool. If past-you hadn’t asked Natasha to look over and edit three major papers on Russian literature for you, you could be eating cotton candy or riding the ferris wheel. But no, here you are working off the last few minutes of your shift at the dreaded kissing booth.

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Hey @sixpenceee I’ve got a matrix ish story that happened super recently
Ok so I was going from my house to the nearest town to meet my boyfriend. The time was about 2:30? I remember counting my change and realising I had the *exact* amount for my ticket - £1.35 - and not a single bit more.
So. I get on the bus. I’m halfway to town in one of the villages between. So I’m about 15 mins away and decide to shut my eyes and quickly have a nap.
Then, I woke up, feeling like I had been asleep for maybe 10 seconds. But no, it was dark outside and I was on a bus heading back towards my house - new ticket, bought at 05:35pm, and I was a stop away from my house.
So I got off. I get really bad anxiety and let me tell you this just threw me the everliving fuck off.
Check my phone, have about 6 missed calls from the boyf. It was almost 9pm.
I don’t know how it happened, how I lost so much time, how I even got more money to get a new ticket, etc etc etc. What also weirds me out is my hair had a different coloured hairband that was way way thicker too. I probably just put it in and forgot but it’s not one that looks familiar.
Not gonna lie, this fucked me up good for the next week or so.

I’m not saying Otabek “doesn’t care about making friends with others expect for Yuri who he remembered for five years because he has pretty eyes and rescued him from fangirls, bought tickets to a park in advance so they can be friends, then days later helped his new friend change his EX skate goes on "dates” with him and has matching ankle bracelets" Altin is madly in love with Yuri…

But yeah Otabek Altin is madly in love with Yuri~

What traveling has taught me:

-It’s not a race. I was always so bummed about the number of countries I’ve been to compared to other people my age until I understood that the number of places visited is not what traveling is about at all. It’s not important about how many places you’ve been but the depth you’ve explored them. I have been to some beautiful places all around the world that I am insanely grateful for. We can not compare our journeys to others.

-Read books you normally wouldn’t read. Question each line. Watch movies you normally wouldn’t go see. Study the cinematography. Order the meal on the menu you can’t pronounce. This is how you discover new parts of yourself.

-Take care of our earth. We are destroying it faster than we even know. Humans need places that have not been altered or rearranged by man.

-Simplify. Clean. Get rid of shit. We don’t need a lot to live. Oh, and, pack light.

-Walk barefoot. Harden the bottom of your feet. Wear less makeup and dress the way you want. Be comfortable with your natural body. Drink more water. Take care of yourself.

-You have the power to choose love. Love the sky, the stars, the animals, the people, the trees, the street corners. Always choose to love.

-Going alone is okay. If we all waited for someone to travel with us, we’d be waiting for a very, very long time. So, please go even if you have no one to go with. There are millions of people all over the world that are just waiting to meet you. Some of them you’ll meet in a hostel room and you’ll end up spending the night walking through the street markets, some of them you’ll meet at a bar and discover new corners of a city you didn’t know existed, some of them you’ll meet sitting on a bench at a bus stop and you’ll end up sharing the best coffee you’ve probably ever had, some of them you’ll meet watching the sunset on the beach and you’ll end up sharing stories and laughing with them until the morning and some of them will end up being your best friends. And sometimes you’re going to be alone and going on tours, to the movies, or to restaurants sounds scary to do by yourself at first but soon enough you’ll learn that it is completely okay to be alone. Solo does not mean lonely.

-Don’t say you don’t like anything until you try it at least three times.

-Save your change.

-Spend less time on social media. It’s no secret that social media is addictive and it’s really good at taking away precious moments. It’s important to not be glued to your phone or laptop while abroad. Social media will always be there for you when you get home.

-Traveling is overly romanticized. It is very hard work. It does not solve all your problems that you have at home. And traveling is not what it looks like on Instagram.

-When you’re eating, really taste your food. Talk to the locals. Immerse yourself fully into this new culture. When you’re out hiking, let go of your phone. This is how you’re going to get the best experience possible. Live in the moment.

-Take photos. It is physically impossible to remember all these moments in your life. Someday down the road, maybe when you’re feeling a little depressed or bored, you can grab your camera and scroll through these photos that’ll remind you of some of the best times of your life.

-It’s okay to look like a tourist. It’s cool to make mistakes. Don’t be afraid to ask a questions. If you make a mistake, do or say something offensive then and apologize and move on. Your life won’t be over.

-Cheesy souvenirs are never worth it. Collect sea glass, your train tickets, plane tickets, maps, stickers and coins. Chances are those colosseum magnets you bought in rome were really made in china. Support the locals if you’re going to buy souvenirs.

-People are good. I’m sure you’ve heard or experienced this before but the people with nearly nothing are the most giving. We can all learn something from them.

-The world is not as bad and scary as the news makes it out to be.

-Nothing will ever go as you expect it to. Plans go out the door. I learned this the hard way. In fact, I am sure every traveler has learned this the hard way. You’ll miss flights, you’ll get flat tires on road trips, you’ll end up spending a lot more money than you expected, you’ll miss buses, you’ll have to run to trains to get to them on time, I promise you’ll have a dead battery when all you want to do is call mom to make you feel better, the hostel you wanted will be full, your dumb airline will lose all your luggage, things will get canceled and you’ll spend many unexpected nights crying but despite all the struggles that traveling brings upon us, it is always worth it. The tears, sore shoulders and blistered feet are always worth it. There’s no point in getting mad that your plan fell through.

-Everything happens for a reason. If you get an opportunity, take it and if something comes along in your life to change it, let it.

Ivanka Trump Misgendered Me

So I work at a movie theater in NJ that the Trump family, having a house and several businesses in the area, have patronized in the past. Several of my co-workers have met the current POTUS himself before he became the president. The Trump family has been coming for years to our theater.

Today, Ivanka Trump came in to see Wonder Woman with her husband and a body guard. I was working at the box office when she came in and bought her tickets. At first I didn’t recognize her until I saw Jared Kushner’s name on the credit card and then it clicked. Trying to act natural so as to preserve my present employment, despite shot of adrenaline the realization gave me, I hand her the tickets and said what I always say: “Enjoy the show.” To which she replied:

“Thank you sir.”

It wouldn’t have bothered me as deeply if I wasn’t wearing RAINBOW FUCKING EYESHADOW FOR PRIDE MONTH!