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is there still a way to get into comic con or is it sold out? i literally live like an hour away but ive never been to a con before and im really dumb when it comes to them lmao like how much do the tickets cost? :0c

sadly no, tickets aren’t even that crazy priced, there is this ridiculous process where you have to have a comic con account before a certain deadline which is like somewhere in march I believe? (I made mine a couple years ago so if you wanna go next year for sure make it now!) then you have to wake up for the actual public badge/ticket sales in like late march or april and apparently some people have been trying for years and still don’t get them, I just got really lucky and somehow managed to get through!

you could still hang around the area because I heard it’s really fun and people cosplay outside and have booths! you just can’t get into the actual convention! 💗

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a lot of shows have been sold out but as it turns out it's only because scalpers bought out the remainder of the tickets and are currently selling them for crazy prices lmao rip

As of 2:10 pm, my local venue still has single tickets and VIP packages, as well as having over 1000 tickets on scalping sites. 

For the rest of these, I only checked regular tickets, not VIP. These dates are all out of order because at first I was just randomly checking, and then I decided to check them all, and I don’t care to put them in order because it doesn’t matter.

MSG still has single tickets available both days. (Didn’t check VIP.)
DC still has single tickets.
I can get four tickets together in Detroit.
I can get four tickets together in Indianapolis.
I couldn’t get single tickets to Chicago earlier, but can now.
I can get four tickets together in Seattle.
I can get four tickets together in Sacramento.
I can get four tickets together in San Jose.
I can get single tickets in Fort Lauderdale.
I can get single tickets in Nashville.
I can get single tickets in Boston.
I can get single tickets in Dallas.
I can get single tickets in LA, for both days.
I can get single tickets in Toronto.
I can get four tickets together in Vancouver.

Where did he sell out? On the few “partner sites” listed? Because he only has 22 dates listed in June and July 2018 on Ticketmaster and I can get tickets for eighteen of those dates. 

I didn’t check the four that say “partner site” and go directly to the venue, because at 18 of the 22 sites, despite having hundreds to over a thousand tickets already on scalping sites, I can still get tickets. Sometimes up to four!

Search time ending at 2:30 my local time.

Harry hasn’t sold out yet.

Edit to add: On the three big scalping sites for my local venue, there are over 2500 tickets. Also, this morning Harry’s tour showed as a “hot ticket” (or something like that) on the front page of Ticketmaster. It no longer does. I don’t know if that’s just for me or for everyone.

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That drawing you made of when you were at jaxcon? It looks as if those angels flew you there and back... like they are your personal transportation crew..

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When is God n gabe 2 coming back to your store???? :^(

hopefully by next week! i need to get my main computer back from the shop, first. books are next, and then charms will be up! still no projected date for the standees.

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dude i dislocated my kneec ap help i m so fucqing bored i cant do anything

i suggest watching game grumps and drawing comics

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Question! What's so great about Hamilton? And why is it all POC (not that thats a bad thing, it's a good thing)

Awww man where to begin…

Let’s start with the basics. The idea of a hip hop/rap musical about Alexander Hamilton is weird enough to grab most people’s attention. The thing is, Hamilton is insanely entertaining. It is simply good storytelling. You fall in love with the characters, you feel for them. Not to sound cliche, but you’ll laugh, you’ll cry. On the very surface it’s a crazy story with catchy songs.

But honestly, there’s a lot of musicals like that (not the hip hop/rap part), so why is this one SO MUCH BETTER? 

Well, for one, it’s incredibly historically accurate. They had the man who wrote Hamilton’s biography as the show’s history consultant. The show is so very very dense. It covers a lot of things, and it does it well. 

Lin-Manuel Miranda ( @linmanuel if you want to follow him here on Tumblr), the show’s creator and the guy who plays Hamilton talks about how rap is really the ideal genre to tell this story. There is no other type of music that has as many words per measure, which is really important. It also is very metaphorical of Hamilton himself, as he wrote more than just about any other Founding Father. There are so many words, well thought out, wonderfully rhymed, witty words in this show, and that is so very vital. 

That moves well into the next point, which is that this show is very meta. Every song choice is deliberate. It doesn’t just sound good that way. There’s a lot of symbolism. For example, King George’s songs are very traditional 60′s sounding music (Lin-Manuel refers to it as British invasion sounding, lol) which is a really stark contract to the hip hop choices from the Americans. The revolutionaries are given revolutionary music. There tons of other stuff, and I swear I find something new every time I listen to it, so I’ll let you do the same, instead of writing a PhD dissertation in this ask. But tbh, it’s tempting. 

To your question on POC, it’s not colorblind casting. That’s also deliberate. It’s a statement. Just because the Founding Fathers are all painted as old white men, the story of America does not only belong to the people who look like that. It belongs to all of us. 



(Those two men are Leslie Odom Jr and Daveed Diggs who play Aaron Burr and Thomas Jefferson, respectively.)

The same goes for the women in this show. From the chorus to the main characters, women are given a voice. They are part of the narrative. The thing is, women have always been important parts of history, but rarely does this get acknowledged. 

Both of these points get back into the meta of the show, where they frequently break the fourth wall (lightly, more like cracking than breaking) by acknowledging that they are telling a historical narrative and what their relationship is to that. 

You can stream the audio via Amazon Prime, Apple Music, or Spotify. The majority of the show is on the album, so when you listen to it, you’re going to hear 90% of the play. That’s honestly how most of us are enjoying it right now, cause the average person doesn’t have a cool $1,500 to drop on a ticket. (Ticket prices are crazy high rn, although you could buy one farther out for like July… that’s what my friend just did and I think it was only $277 then.)

Also, 60 Minutes did a segment on them, which you can watch here.

Basically, no one has done a show this witty since Sondheim, and this culturally significant since, well, ever. 


I know what it’s like to be a fan and to wait out here at stage doors and to come back and come back and get that picture and get that autograph. I know what it’s like to be really moved by something. So, I wanted to thank you guys for waiting out here in this crazy heat, and the ticket prices and all that crazy shit; it all means being a part of something greater than ourselves. I share that very much with you guys, and I thank you from the bottomest parts of my heart for being a part of this.


I know what it’s like to be a fan and to wait out here at stage doors and to come back and come back and get that picture and get that autograph. I know what it’s like to be really moved by something. So, I wanted to thank you guys for waiting out here in this crazy heat, and the ticket prices and all that crazy shit; it all means being a part of something greater than ourselves. I share that very much with you guys, and I thank you from the bottomest parts of my heart for being a part of this.

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I love you guys so much, I've watched all your videos. And I'm from the USA, and my girlfriend is from the U.K. and you guys give us so much hope, and help us with your advice videos. Around how much were the plane tickets from the usa to the u.k?

Usually plane tickets are about $1000 roundtrip - but recently, prices have gone crazy and are closer to $2000 roundtrip!  Ridiculous!! I can’t wait for that super train that gets you from New York to London in three hours - one can dream, right?


So, since this show premiered, I have had a slight obsession with it. Why? Because it is absolutely incredible! It’ s not like any show I’ve ever seen and the first of its kind on Broadway. And I think after last night’s Tony win for Best Musical, everyone feels the same. Now, let’s just go over why this is the BEST MUSICAL:

1. It is a TRUE STORY

I’ve always had a love for shows/movies that tell the story of someone’s actual life. I think they add a whole other element and make the whole thing more meaningful. This musical tells the story of Alison Bechdel, a young lesbian, and her relationship with her gay father. 

2. A concept that has NEVER been covered on Broadway

What was that? This is the first ever show with a lesbian protagonist? Why, yes it freakin’ is! I’m so excited about this for many reasons. Female leads always seem to be the same, they’re either a villain, hopeless romantic, old lady, a slut or just bat shit crazy. But this character is NORMAL! She’s a normal girl, with an abnormal situation. She does not have to be that glamorous, long haired, beautiful female lead, and I think that’s awesome! 


Can we just say AMAZING?! I mean, this girl is 11 years old and one of the most incredible talents I’ve ever seen! To be honest, I really think she got robbed of that Tony last night…..but that’s none of my business. 

4. The music

I have had this soundtrack on repeat for at least the last 2 weeks, it’s just SO GOOD. Jeanine Tesori did an incredible job. I feel like this musical has something for everyone, upbeat songs to heartfelt ballads to comedic numbers. You never get sick of it! 

5. It’s in a round

Maybe it’s just me, but I think round theaters are so cool. They allow way more connection with the audience and make them feel like they’re right up there with you. I think its so interesting to have a musical of this type taking place in a theater like this, its very rare to see.

Bottom line is, I NEED TO SEE THIS SHOW ASAP. Only bad part of them winning Best Musical? The ticket prices are gonna shoot up like crazy. However, I would literally sell one of my kidneys to see this show, so let’s hope all works out. 


Anyone still looking for some floor seats for tour??

Gillette Stadium, Friday, July 24th

FLOOR, Section B4, Row 9; 

7 tickets, $440 per ticket (I know the price is crazy, but I paid more for them.)

If you’re looking for floor sears anyway, it’s a better price than you’ll get anywhere else at this point!! (Check Stubhub if you don’t believe me!)

We may be willing to negotiate the price slightlyyy.

My family and I had bought them each for $455 on Stubhub, but then we found some even closer seats, and bought those (I know.. we’re crazy..) so we’re wondering if anyone is interested in these. I know the price is ridiculous (I’m super sorry!), but I need to make at least most of the money back.

If I’m able to sell them to someone without using a ticket resale site, it works out better for everyone because there’s no fees involved, so I can get more money back and you get the tickets for less!

Please let me know if you might be interested. Like I said, I know it’s pricey, but it’s cheaper than you’ll get Taylor Swift floor tickets for anywhere else, I promise!

Even if you’re not interested, it would be great if you could reblog this for me!

Thanks everyone!!