18-year-old Joshua Browder created a ‘robot lawyer’ that allows people to get free, custom-generated legal documents to appeal their wrongly issued parking fines. 

“I’m not trying to encourage illegal parking, but if you look at the statistics, around half of all parking tickets are appealed and I think a lot of these penalties are issued incorrectly. There is big business in penalising motorists, raking in £100 million in profit for councils, according to the RAC.”

“I think it is a huge shame that those most likely to make a mistake and get a ticket are the most vulnerable members of society — the elderly and disabled.” 

“Money does not motivate me. I just don’t think councils should be unfairly — and in some cases illegally — penalising those who don’t have the time, legal knowledge or energy to appeal.”

“I won’t make any money from it because it’s a public service. I just want to help people. There is so much wrong-doing and that to me is a terrible shame. If only people knew what to do about it and exercise their rights.”

‘I hope to also help the disadvantaged fight for their rights, but with all the power of the internet.“

It’s estimated that his service has already saved users $3 million. Source

Odds of winning a ‘Hamilton’ ticket are bleak, but not as bad as you think (Mashable):

Across social media, we joke, cry, complain and sometimes rage about the futility of winning a ticket, but when you look at the numbers, it could be a lot worse.

In plain terms: you should finish that best seller you’ve been working on. However, you can probably relax around vending machines.

If you’re really looking forward to being a game show contestant or writing a great American novel, you should be trying to do that just as much as you’re trying to win a chance to see Hamilton — and the odds, mathematically at least, say you’ll succeed as one of these things.

Or, if you ever hear someone say, “you’re more likely to be struck by lightning that winning a ticket to Hamilton,” you now have clear evidence that that is decidedly not true.

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signs when buying concert tickets
  • the ones that scream at the computer because it isn't loading: aries, gemini, leo, sagittarius
  • the ones that press the refresh button too many times: aquarius, virgo, scorpio, pisces
  • the ones that end up with the worst seats: taurus, cancer, libra, capricorn