good luck to every shawol out there for shinee world 5 ticketing today! don’t forget that it starts at 10 AM in YOUR local time (i.e. in 1 hour for Dallas right as of now, Dallas time, 7:00 LA time) remember to be at least 30 minutes early for the waiting room and that no matter how far or how close you are to shinee does not equal the amount of fun you will be having!


A Fireworks Celebration! by Andrew Carter


another important message from spacetaemin

Nervous af

So I was browsing the AXS site and it doesn’t look like there’s a place where I can enter my card info a head of time. I looked at my profile settings and everything but it looks like I have to enter my info when tickets go on sale.

I’m super nervous because those extra seconds (or god forbid I mess up) could cost me when it comes to getting tickets…

If anyone know if/where AXS allows a person to enter their information ahead of time, it would be much appreciated. 

@aegyo-shinee, @jinkirella and @yeppeolittlethings do you have any ideas???

anonymous asked:

plc anon, im all of them except coran because what the fuck is a turn signal? what do u mean going the speed limit? what is a stop sign? what do u mean listening to Hamilton as loudly as i can while screaming out the lyrics is not "safe" officer? but ive never gotten a ticket? one time a guy cut me off and my older bro was like "no no it's not worth it don't fight them FUCKING DRIVE" and we didn't know i couldn't see well until i was 16, so i shouldn't have been able to drive. (mostly pidge tho)

adkfjgsdjhf oh no

i’ve never gone the speed limit a day in my life, my guy. i don’t have severe road rage, but i get like. miffed. disappointed. grumbly.

tbh the only time i’ve gotten pulled over was for the Pidge Situation (unknowingly going 75 in a 25) because it was late at night and i was a new driver unfamiliar with the location. it was my second six months with a license which meant i wasn’t supposed to be out after 10pm except for school or church functions, and i was coming back from a tennis tournament, so my license wasn’t in danger but i was worried it might not count and i’d be in huge trouble? so i was very scared polite to the officer and he said that it was an honest mistake (the road eventually turns into a highway and i thought we were already on it) and he didn’t want me to get points on my license this early on and let me go without any ticket.

i thanked him profusely and he said “no problem. i hope you get home to _____ safely!” “oh, um…thanks!” i replied, confused as to how he knew what city i was from. was it on my drivers license? i didn’t think so. i meditated on this during the hour drive (les mis blasting) and finally i got home, looked in the mirror, and realized that i had my high school/town name written across the front of my shirt in large, bold text.