We just released tickets for June!

Visit our ticketing page  to book your tickets for June!

If you have any questions check out our website or call the Ticket Office, open from 9am to 5pm ET, Monday through Friday, at: (212) 664-3056

Hey, pals! Unfortunately all of our June tickets have sold out.

But good news! We’ll be releasing June monologue rehearsal tickets this Wednesday 5/6 at 11:30 AM ET! Stay Tuned! 

blured-visions asked:

Hi could you please let your followers known I'm selling 2 tickets for the 5sos London Wembley show in the 12th June as my sister can't go anymore and i don't want to go. Asking for £76 for the both of them which is what i paid :) thank you x

^^!!! :)


for some unspeakable reason trohma decided to tag me for the selfie tag thingy, because theyre perf and annoying- idk why any of you would wanna see my face but two low quality photos is what youre gonna get coz i suck at selfies
one where i dont look so boganish wearing my fave flann and one where i dont know how to pose like a normal person

i tag arbokdik ptrix-stmp pixipvnk andy-hvrley sickukulelebeats zoetheinvisiblepotato ivebeenstumped shotgunnwedding @oh-fuckberries cupidschoke-hold twntyxnepilots and anyone else

I really don’t understand why so many fans are angry about the ticket prices.. I spent 86€ on a concert ticket and I would do it again because it was an amazing night which was definitely worth the money, I totally regret that i didn’t buy a VIP ticket. And the tickets in the US being less expensive doesn’t change anything about this great night and the amazing memories I will have for the rest of my life. So why should I be angry about the fact that other fans are able to experience all this and pay less? I am happy for them. They waited for such a long time, they even had to wait while we were able to finally see them again live. And they are fans, just like we are. We should be happy for each other and about the fact that Tokio Hotel are back and just enjoy this time instead of being mean or angry.. Not once i heard someone after the concert complaine about the concert. I heard no one say that it wasn’t worth the money. You were all so happy and excited and I just can’t understand why you let the lower prices of the US tour ruin all those great feelings. 
Moreover, don’t be angry with the band. They had to create the whole tour, which cost a lot for sure. Yes, we had to pay more. But we also were the first ones to see them again after 5 years and the first ones to see this awesome show. And I am sure that they did not forget about their fans in canada, south america or any other country. They’ll come to your country as well but of course they can’t be everywhere at the same time. 

So please stop being angry or jealous at each other. Stop ruining this wonderful time. Just be happy that Tokio Hotel are finally back and enjoy this time. We are all fans and we should just enjoy all of this together without all those fights..:)

Help Ghost see her bae!!

I’ve been dating him for 6 years and it’s about time I get to see him.

The catch is I’m short on cash -nervous laughter-

While i do have the money for the plane ticket, it’ll be my entire savings from my old job.

So I was wondering if you guys would consider commissioning me??

I’m willing to do $5 doodles and my big commissions which are here:


NSFW can be negotiated which means I’m willing to do anything! I can even do traditional works done on canvas now yay!! If that was something you were interested in.

Please shoot me an ask if you would like to help out and if not for reasons then could you reblog because that would be great ;w;

Thanks friends!!