Gift ideas for the signs

Aries: band t-shirts, sparklers, skateboard

Taurus: vintage radio, scented candles, exotic chocolate box

Gemini: retro glasses, a signed copy of their favourite book, scrabble initial ring

Cancer: nostalgic photo collage, flower crowns, theatre tickets

Leo: designer perfume, champagne, silk lingerie

Virgo: typewriter, coffee travel mug, flapper dress

Libra: french vintage posters, macaroons, charm bracelet

Scorpio: leather jacket, doc martens, chokers

Sagittarius: wreck this journal, festival tickets, dream-catcher

Capricorn: pocket watch, leather bound diary, vintage telescope

Aquarius: lava lamp, vinyl player, hip flask

Pisces: polaroid camera, personalised mix-tape, water colour paints

  • Sirius: 'James what is my one rule?'
  • James: 'You can tell how old a girl is by her elbows?'
  • Sirius: 'My other one rule.'
  • James: 'Flax seed relieves upset stomach?'
  • Sirius: 'My other one rule.'
  • James: 'Always have a fake pair of concert tickets in your pocket in case Lily invites you to something stupid?'
  • Sirius: 'My other one rule.'
  • James: 'Labanese girls sprint to third base and then stay there.'
  • Sirius: 'My other one rule.'
  • James: 'New is always better?'
  • Sirius: 'New is always better!'

B1A4 in Chicago is just a week away and I still have an extra P1 ticket! I’d really love to make sure this made some Bana’s day and not just go to waste, so of anyone’s interested, send me a message and I’ll be happy to negotiate a price lower than the original $150 face value!


tara x faith moodboard for @slutorama

“you look like you’re on the lam,” faith says to the other girl at the bus station, casually, as if she hasn’t been running for weeks on end from an ancient vampire that wants to kill her. she pulls two slightly crumpled tickets from her pocket. “you wanna get outta here?”

“w-with you?”

“you see anyone else here offerin’ to help?”

“okay,” tara agrees.

neither of them looks back.

° 09.15.16 ° || #lastnightThough between #SouthBeach and #Fbar I had a smashing good time, still have Drink tickets in my pants pocket || Adam Hicks and his #fireballshots #icant and Henry Ellis extra silly ass #THURSDAYTURNUP || #TGIF #itsThefreakinWeekend #happyhour #houstonNights

Title: Fly High
Characters: Sehun/Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1,019
A/N: Because anon requested a Sehun scenario on an airplane, so have my magic words and enjoy.


“Um, Miss?” Someone says, and you pull out your headphones to hear them better. “Are you in the right seat?” You don’t even bother looking at the guy as you show him your plane ticket.

“First Class, Deck A, Seat 4.” You say with a smug smirk on your face, putting your ear buds back in. You pocket your ticket, but suddenly the guy pulls your ear buds out. “Hey–” You turn to look at the rude, insensitive son of a–

“Yah, you can’t even take a joke?” He sits down in the empty seat beside you, and you stare at him with your mouth agape. He looks at you with a raised eyebrow, the corner of his lips slightly curled up. “What? You’ve never seen an idol before?”

“Not Oh Sehun, in the flesh.” You admit, and he chuckles at your reaction.

“Well, you didn’t do anything wrong. I was just playing with you.” He sighs, leaning back and crossing his arms, before shutting his eyes. “It’s a long flight from Seoul to Hawaii. I guess we’ll be seat buddies for a while.” He mumbles.

“Does that mean–?” You sit up in your seat, looking over the back and, like you were hoping, two other EXO members are seated behind you. “Well, I’ll be.” You whisper to yourself. They smile at you politely, and you return it, before slipping back into your seat and wondering what the heck Lee Soo Man asked you to come on this trip for.

“So, you know me, but what’s your name?” Sehun asks, opening his eyes and looking over at you. “You can’t leave me hanging.” He teases, smirking a little.

“It’s _____, from JEWELS.” You say your group name, hoping it’d spark some recognition. Sehun blinks at you, and for a moment, you think your plan worked, but then he says,

JEWELS, as in the clothing store?”

You sigh, shaking your head. “Forget it.” You shrug.

Luckily, instead of bugging you about it, Sehun pulls out his phone. “Oh,” He twists around the corner of his seat to see the other EXO members. You take the opportunity to look him over, and vaguely hear him say something about getting a text from SM. Sehun’s dressed in casual clothes, his hair matted against his forehead, and without makeup on.

Sehun in the raw. What a day you’re having.

When he moves back to sit normally, he catches your lingering stare. “Take a picture,” He jokes, smiling a bit. “It’ll last longer.”

“I don’t think I’ll need to..” You tell him, glancing down at your phone. You realize you received a text from SM, also. “Why are you heading to Hawaii again?” You ask.

Sehun leans over his seat to look at your phone. “Photo shoot, why?” You tilt your phone in his direction, and let him see for himself. “Oh.” He stammers, glancing up at you in surprise. “You work for the company?” He looks like he feels guilty for not noticing, but you just laugh.

“Yeah, I’m a trainee here in Seoul.” You say, and he peers at you curiously.

“So you’re the girl we’re doing a photo shoot with.” He blushes for a short  moment, looking embarrassed. “I should have noticed earlier, I’m sorry.” He apologizes, but you tell him it’s fine. Then, “If you’re going to Hawaii, can you speak English?” He questions, looking a little mischievous.

“Yeah, I was born in Canada, so I know English well.” You say this in English, and his lips pull into the most beautiful grin you’ve ever seen. It makes you double take, and you feel the red creeping onto your cheeks.

“Mind studying with me, then?” He asks, pulling out a Hangul-to-English dictionary. “I’m no best at it soon.” He stammers, and you chuckle at his attempt.

“Sure, sure,” You agree, leaning halfway to take the book. “But, no help.” You say, tucking it behind your butt, and he pouts. “We learn through speech, or else you’ll never get good at it.” You tell him in English, and he nods readily.

“Now, tell me every English line you know. Just to get me an idea of where you are.” You tell him in Korean, so it’s easier for him to understand.

“You’re beautiful.” He says immediately, and you nod.

“I am, keep going.” He drops his jaw and blushes, trying to explain that he was just doing what you asked him to, so you just laugh it off. “I know, I know, just keep going.”

“Um…” He mutters, wracking his head for something else. “Call me baby.” He mumbles, and you can’t help but laugh. Seeing your reaction, he keeps listing things off. “Love me right, you can call me monster, shawty I’m-a party ‘till the sun down.” By the time he’s done, you’re bent over your lap in a fit of giggles.

Sehun, unable to see you in this state without being affected, starts giggling with you.

“Yah, if you two can’t shut up, I’ll throttle–” Junmyeon, you recognize him, leans over the seat in front of you, but stops mid-sentence when he sees you. “Oh– _____, from JEWELS, right?” He asks apologetically.

“Yeah.” You tell him, amazed that he recognized you. “Ah, Suho, from EXO, right?” You say back playfully, and he chuckles at your banter.

“Yes, I’m surprised you know know me.” He says sarcastically. “You’re… doing the photo shoot with us, yeah?” You nod, and he suddenly turns bashful. The stern leader from before completely melted away. “We’re honored to work with such a talented dongsaeng.” He confesses to you, and you find yourself blushing timidly.

“No, no, I’M honored.” Sehun makes a tired noise, shooing Junmyeon away, and he takes the hint. Junmyeon smiles at you one last time before moving back in his seat.

“Pay attention to me.” Sehun tells you, reaching over you to get his book back. “You can meet the rest of them all you want when we land. While we’re in the air, though? You’re mine.” He says possessively, but it’s cute, and you don’t know what to do but nod.

You, Noah and Me: a date


Luck of the Irish. The weather held steady, no rain or snow and not even really cold; and while the rest of the state seemed intent on celebrating New Years eve in bars and at parties, they’d elected a better venue. He had a program in his back pocket, tickets for admittance, and because he couldn’t help himself, tickets for the train ride. This was going to be the last evening to witness the “zoo lights” event, each of the habitats decked out for Christmas, and there was also going to be a firework display just before they closed at 8. 

Depending on how tuckered out Noah was going to be, he planned on asking Seren if they could stay. The parking lot wasn’t crowded and neither was the front gate. He was pretty sure they would be able to spot him; he was wearing civvies, not his uniform or a suit, but he was the only one out there, and the only one with flowers. Because his mother would personally fly there from out west and slap him if he didn’t bring three roses, and kick his teeth in. She might have been tiny, but she was mean.
At four o’ clock, his head was bent over his phone, changing the settings to vibrate, before changing his mind and turning it off except for emergency services.

Your friends warned you about me
And how I used the broken bones of the people I’ve hurt as armor
And how when I was little my father slammed the front door so many times that I learned how to close it without making a sound
So when I leave you, you won’t even know
I’ll be kissing you with one foot out the door and a train ticket in my back pocket
And when I see you in the grocery store a week later I’ll pretend I don’t remember your name
But I won’t be able to look you in the eye
And I’ll crash my shopping cart into a shelf when I try to walk away
You always loved ghost stories
But more than that, you loved trying to figure out whether or not they were true
You weren’t afraid of spending October nights in the old cemetery in the woods
Where a little girl cracked her head open on the tombstone of a serial killer
Because when you really like hurting people, you can still do it once you’re gone
So you don’t bother throwing away all the T shirts and CD’s that I left in your bedroom
Because you can’t erase love, no matter how hard you try
You can only adjust to the feeling of craving something you’ve lost and will never find
So you don’t waste your time deleting text messages where you told your friends about how you met a girl
Even though you never really saw me as a girl
I was just another ghost story
And my body was a cemetery
You weren’t afraid to stay there after dark
And when your friends warned you about me, it only made you want me more
Because you lived for adrenaline rushes, and loving me was a risk
Like walking across hot coals
But that’s the problem with loving someone like a dare
You walked across the hot coals to see if you could
But you would never want to stay there
—  You only loved me to see if you could survive it but I was the one who fell apart

You fish a ticket out of your pocket with your free hand. It has bars of color, the same shades as the banners. White text reads “Admit One, Carnival of Achievement. All access, black wristband.”

hailcakes and I are sort-of making an RT/AH/FH Carnival au.
I Decided to make a ticket for it, since I’m sort of making a thing. Don’t ask what the thing is yet. It’s not quite done.

The top is the front and the bottom is the back. I’m pretty happy with it I think? There are a few things I wish I could have done better, but photoshop is in Spanish so…


I am composed
entirely of
Walking alone,
dragging bags,
half worn with boredom,
The only connections
I had
I lost
to the tickets in my pocket,
But the love
I felt
churning in my heart
even when I was,
halfway across
the world
from you,
is the one true thing
I held on to.

SoulReserve 2016


Irino-Miyu-is-too-free-spirited-facts (1): Miyu is forgetful

Host: Here’s what people says about you. That’s from your manager:“Miyu always loses his tickets.”

Miyu: Yes, I do. Usually, my manager keeps my ticket. When I reach the ticket gate, he gives it to me. Once I’ve checked, I’ll give it back for him to keep. That’s how we usually do it.

H: Because you would lose it.

Miyu: Yes. Sometimes when I do keep the ticket, I tell him: “Look, I have my ticket put in my pocket. Here, you see!“.

H: You wouldn’t remember where you put it.

Miyu: Yes, I thought, I won’t forget because I just told him. And I have it in my pocket anyway. But once I reached the ticket gate, it’s lost somehow.

H: It’s like it got spirited away. (reference to the Ghibli movie Spirited away, Miyu voice acted Haku in that movie)


Miyu: Yes, it is.