ticket to ride concert

pushing on a bruise, getting takeout at 3am, a kettle boiling, driving through a tunnel full of lights, a tire swing.

freshly baked choc-chip cookies, buying a latte before work, getting into a warm bed on a cold winters day, seeing a shooting star.

playing hide and seek, treasure hunts, rewinding an old video tape, sleeping in.

staying in & watching movies on gloomy days, swimming in a lake on a moonlit night, cooking dinner with your best friend, your first favourite song

the summer breeze at night, staying up all night and watching the sunrise, lighting candles, sneaking out

old book smell, a new haircut, running through a field, freshly cut grass, the relief after passing an exam

busy streets, the smell of roses, a friendly hug, running through the rain, bumping into an old friend

playing truth and dare, becoming friends with strangers, alley ways, rain splashing against the window, street lights

climbing trees, scraped knees, finding a four-leaf clover, the sinking feeling when you’re on a roller coaster.

rushing towards the ice cream truck, learning how to ride a bike, front row concert tickets, fireworks

midnight phone calls that last until morning, having your palm read when visiting a night time market, winning a prize from a crane machine, exploring empty houses

swimming while its raining, finger painting, fairy lights, building sandcastles

—  thenatalchart | What I associate with the Signs! Inspired by this post, made by wildfairys :)
My First Concert Experience
  • <p> <b></b> I went to my first live concert recently, a rock kinda on the screamy-side one.<p/><b></b> I kept dozing off oddly enough.<p/><b></b> My ears were ringing from the sheer amount of noise and I couldn't really hear anything. So all I was able to do was feel the rumbling vibrations from said noise.<p/><b></b> It reminded me of a giant purring cat and was very relaxing actually.<p/></p>
Reasons I can’t go to concerts:

- I live too far from the closest venue (2-3 hours)

- My parents don’t want me going alone to concerts

- My friends don’t enjoy the same music as me

- Tickets cost a lot 

- I can’t find a ride

- The concerts on another continent 

- I’m too short and I most likely won’t get front row seats, so how would I see 

- I can’t handle a shit ton of people

- I would feel like I’m being overly judged because I don’t have enough merch 

- Life isn’t fair to everyone 

But none of that makes me any less of a fan because I love my Idols!

If you think otherwise you can eat my nonexistent dick :3

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My happiest moment, a friend offering her ticket, and a ride to Harry's concert at a small venue. (I got a code and didn't pull up one seat, I was in shock.) I've never met her, only talked through DM. Very grateful and beyond excited! Harry brings good people together.

CONGRATULATIONS!! Seeing Harry in small venues is going to be a unique experience. Now that he knows he can sell out arenas in seconds, I would be surprised if he did small venues again.

And how lovely to have found a fellow Harrie who is so generous!! Kudos to the Harrie! You must be an amazing person to have connected so well with this person too!

And yes. Harry brings people together. The number of friends (real friends) I have made from being a Harrie is astounding! Thanks for sharing your happiest moment!


On this day in music history: August 14, 1965 - The Beatles tape their fourth and final appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show”. Back in the US to begin their second American tour, The Beatles perform before a studio audience at CBS Studio 50 in New York City. The band perform six songs including “I Feel Fine”, “Yesterday”, “I’m Down”, “Act Naturally”, “Ticket To Ride” and “Help!”, the day before their history making concert at Shea Stadium in front of 55,600 fans. The Sullivan appearance is pre-taped for broadcast a month later on September 12, 1965 as the opening program of the landmark variety shows eighteenth season. It is also the final Ed Sullivan Show to be broadcast in black & white, with the program converting to color broadcasts the following week. After the initial broadcast, it is many years before The Beatles final Sullivan appearance is seen again by the public. It is released in its entirety in February of 2003 on the DVD set “The 4 Complete Historic Ed Sullivan Shows Featuring The Beatles”. The programs are repackaged in 2010 and reissued by Universal Music Group’s Hip-O Records imprint in cooperation with SOFA Entertainment, who own the rights to The Ed Sullivan Show.

Luhan is holding a concert in China, and the special tickets require quite a lot of money! 

It was announced that Luhan’s 2016 global tour ‘Reloaded’ is heading to a start. Luhan in collaboration with light designer Leroy Bennett is working hard to prepare a satisfying performance for the music listeners in Guangzhou.”

In addition, Luhan has prepared a special concert package for his fans. This is a special event customised to match the high quality of the concert. Ticket holders will be provided special ride, plane tickets, meals, as well as goods such as towels, water bottles, pillows, and more.”

This special package has three different prices of $642, $881, and $1152! These expensive but special tickets were sold out in just 32 seconds in Beijing!