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Hirunaka no Ryuusei Live Action Box Office Results

I haven’t seen a post about the HnR movie sales, so here it is! ;)

*Note: Japan box office rankings are by number of tickets sold, not revenue.

HnR was released on the 23rd March. Let’s see how it’s been performing on the Japan Weekend Box Office for the previous three weeks:

As you can see, it has:

  • ranked 5th for two consecutive weeks (then to 8th)
  • a total gross over $9 million USD (over $1 billion yen) 
  • is the best performing manga adaptation on the box office for all 3 weeks (to compare, P to JK, another shoujo manga movie adaptation released 25th March, has a highest rank of 7th and total gross of $7,278,360. Also, a KnB movie came out during HnR’s second week but hasn’t ranked higher than HnR,) 

I think we can conclude that HnR has been a success. I’m not entirely sure about movie budgets and whatnot, but I’m pretty confident that HnR has generated some profit. :) TCLP will probably get a boost in manga sales, too.

Personally, I think both the casting (Alan and his fangirls lmao, but I think Shishio/Suzume’s actors were also well-chosen) as well as Yamamori Mika’s beautifully woven characters helped with HnR’s success.

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taylor needs to be dragged though

For what though? 

Yeah, she could speak up about a wider variety of feminist issues. Yeah, she could do more. I’d welcome it. Honestly though, she’s an entertainer, not an activist. She does a lot to support feminism already. Just the fact that she talks about how she is a feminist and how feminism means equality is huge really. A lot of her fans come from the most conservative parts of the US. You know, the parts of the US that are extremely misogynistic and hate feminism? Her simply openly identifying as a feminist and having a fairly conservative image at the same time actually helps a lot. It helps ignorant people learn that feminism is about equality, not some crazy radical movement that wants to destroy men.

She has a huge fanbase all around the world. People of all ages, races, sexualities, religions, abilities, etc. At every single one of her concerts, she encourages her fans to embrace who they are and not let anyone knock them down for it. She tells her fans (a majority of which are young, impressionable girls) that they should know their worth and demand what they deserve. She tells her fans “You are not someone else’s opinion of you.”

She’s called out the sexism in the music industry multiple times. Like how she gets dragged for writing songs about her relationships but people have nothing to say about all the male artists that do EXACTLY THE SAME THING. Just because she uses herself as an example doesn’t mean she’s trying to make it all about her. It happens to plenty of other female artists. She even called out an asshole interviewer for gaslighting her DURING the interview. 

People say she has vapid and childish lyrics. No, Shake It Off, 22, and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together are not examples of well written lyrics. They’re catchy songs, and that’s what they are meant to be. She’s written plently of heart-wrenching songs with amazing lyrics that critics throughout the industry praise her for. She just doesn’t release those songs as singles because she wants to reach the top of the charts, and catchy songs are much more likely to reach the top of the charts than slow ballads.

People say she can’t sing. She definitely can, better than me and I would bet better than most people. However, she is not a powerhouse vocalist like Beyonce or Adele or Ariana Grande. Talent isn’t all about vocals. It’s about vocals plus writing ability, stage presence, etc. She has okay vocals, but she’s an amazing writer and has an unbelievable stage presence. Beyonce and Ariana Grande only write a small of amount of what they actually release, but they’re amazing vocalists so that makes up for it in leaps and bounds. Taylor knows this is a weakness of hers. That’s why when she thought she missed a note during her Grammys performance she actually started fighting back tears in the audience.

You don’t have to like her music. You can think it’s annoying. You have that right. Music is subjective. Just because someone likes a certain artist and you don’t also like that artist doesn’t mean you have to be an asshole about it. I’ve noticed that most of the time, the artists who get made fun of the most are the ones with primarily younger female fans, like Taylor Swift and One Direction. Are young female fans not good enough? Does that make the music not good because young girls like it? Because that’s what it seems like.

People say she sues her fans. She has NEVER sued a single fan throughout her entire career. If you can prove me wrong, please do. Please give me the receipts. Not cease and desist requests from Etsy or her management. Those are nothing. I want actual lawsuits that she has filed. The only person I can actually think of that she has sued is a radio DJ who put his hand up her skirt. She reported him and he was fired, and then he sued for “lying about it” even though there were witnesses, so she countersued. That’s it.

People say she’s greedy because of the Spotify thing and her letter to Apple. The issues that she pointed out with Spotify are well-documented. Artists do not get paid enough for streaming services. This is her own industry and something she has the power to make a statement about.  When Adele did the same thing, there were cricket noises. Neither Taylor nor Adele need to have their music on streaming services to survive. Spotify has said that artists with global hit albums (like Taylor and Adele) make about $400k a month from streaming. That’s about $5 million a year, which seems like a lot, but for Taylor or Adele, it’s really not that much. They’re both worth at least $100 million, and they make the vast majority of their revenue from touring. Lesser known artists who don’t play stadium shows for $100 a ticket need streaming revenue and album sales to continue making music. Both Taylor and Adele are trying to make a statement so that smaller artists actually have a chance. They both started their careers before streaming really became the dominant medium, and they really just want to give others the same chance.

People say she always makes it all about her. Yeah, her reactions when she wins awards or when her friends win awards are a little bit over the top. But that’s just how she is. I’ve been following her career for almost a decade, and she’s always reacted the same way. When Ed Sheeran won his second Grammy, and she was jumping up and down over it and hugging him, she actually was that excited for him. He wrote that song while he was touring with her. She was one of the first people he ever played it for and he is one of her best friends. Also, she doesn’t tell the cameras to point at her. They just do that because they want to get her reaction and try to make it into more than it is. Which is exactly what happened. She’s literally just a person who naturally reacts with a lot of theatrics and gets really excited a lot. She also was up for the same award that night, and lost to Ed, so it’s likely she wanted to seem really happy so they couldn’t get away with saying she was bitter about it, which kind of backfired. 

If you’re on Kanye’s side in all of this, I honestly don’t even know what to say to you. Kanye did not make her famous. Not at all. She was accepting an award on national television when he rudely interrupted her. Yeah, Beyonce’s video is one of the greatest videos of all time, which is why it won Video of the Year the same night. They don’t give Best Female Video and Video of the Year to the same person for the same video. Taylor Swift was perfectly famous in her own right before Kanye stepped in. What he did was uncalled for, even Beyonce herself agrees, because she gave up her own speech later on that night to let Taylor have her moment. 

If you say she dates too many people, I will kick your slut-shaming ass backwards into last Tuesday.

Yeah, she won AOTY instead of Kendrick. Honestly, I’m a fan of hers but I believe Kendrick deserved to win the award more. His album is excellent and extremely culturally significant. 1989 was good. In fact, 1989 was an excellent pop album that was fairly well written and had some huge hits. It was the safe choice. Yeah, Kendrick probably should have won, but you can’t hate Taylor for that. She didn’t give the award to herself. Thousands of people in the music industry vote on the Grammys, and she won. There’s nothing we can do about it, except continue to support and advocate for rap and hip-hop artists like Kendrick in the hope that they will win in the future.

If she really was so terrible, why would so many people like her so much? Not just her fans, but other well-respected celebrities, as well. You know, the people who see her behind closed doors and away from the cameras. The people who see what she’s really like. Why would Beyonce take her precious time to come to her birthday party and have Jay Z as the DJ? Why would Rihanna say that she’s considers Taylor to be a much better role model than herself? Why would all these industry legends like Mary J. Blige, Steven Tyler, and Mick Jagger agree to perform with her? Why would Nicki Minaj (who takes shit from no one) forgive her and then perform with her to show the whole world that their “feud” was over? Why would Taylor give so much money to charity to help kids with cancer or help Kesha pay for her legal fees? Why would she take her own personal time to talk to fans on this very website, even talking some of them down from the ledge? There are people who would literally be dead if it weren’t for her. 

Making some jokes about her is fine. She even thinks most of them are hilarious, but enough is enough. Drag people who actually say and do really terrible things, like Chris Brown for example, who almost killed Rihanna and then just recently mocked Kehlani’s suicide attempt. Don’t waste your time dragging Taylor. She really doesn’t deserve it. But I mean, she doesn’t really care. She’s not going to feel victimized. She doesn’t care what some nobody behind a screen thinks about her. She’s worth $250 million and has millions of adoring fans all over the world, so no matter what you say, she still wins. I don’t know why I even took out the time to write this. I shouldn’t care either. No one wants to listen anyway.

Tl;dr? You still hate her just because you want to? You are the problem, not her.

Anti-vaccination activist mom changes her tune when all 7 kids get whooping cough

The anti-vaccination movement is an idiotic, anti-science trend pushed by Hollywood liberals like Jenny McCarthy. The result has been a resurgence of preventable diseases like measles and whooping cough.  One mom, an anti-vaccination activist in Canada, is finding the truth about her self-righteous platform the hard way. 

from Washington Post:

In the ongoing skirmishes between public health officials and vaccine skeptics, I’m scoring this one for the pro-immunization forces. A Canadian woman who had declined to have her children immunized against pertussis, better known as whooping cough, has changed her position now that all seven of her children have come down with the disease.

Yes, Tara Hills was stuck in isolation at her Ottawa home for more than a week with her sick children and her regrets about refusing to vaccinate them against the highly contagious respiratory disease. Whooping cough, a bacterial infection, causes violent, uncontrollable coughing and is best known for the telltale sound victims make as they try to draw breath.

Occasionally, it can be fatal, especially in infants less than a year old, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Hills kids completed a course of antibiotics and were released from isolation Tuesday.

“I set out to prove that we were right,” Hills said in an interview with the Washington Post, “and in the process found out how wrong we were.”
Vaccination rates in Canada, like those in United States, have waned in some communities, mostly as a result of increased skepticism about the dangers of immunization that have spread on the Internet despite overwhelming scientific evidence that vaccines are safe and effective. A debunked 1998 study linked the measles vaccine to autism. Both Canada and the U.S. have suffered large outbreaks of whooping cough and measles in recent years.

read the rest

Let me be clear: as a libertarian, I don’t believe anyone should be forced to vaccinate their children, but it shouldn’t take an oppressive government to force you to do something that’s plainly based in science and common sense. The decision to protect your children from preventable disease is part of personal responsibility. I will never support a government agency forcing vaccination on anyone, but you’re an idiot if you don’t do it voluntarily.  

It’s no different than seatbelts.  Do I support police writing seatbelt tickets to boost revenue for their departments?  No.  Going without a seatbelt in your car shouldn’t be a crime.  However, you’re an idiot if don’t wear you’re seatbelt. 

Vital Socioeconomic Points To Keep In Mind As You Glance The Ferguson Report

Small, poor towns and suburbs rely on violations for revenue

City dwellers will take this for granted, but small towns without a dense concentration of people to tax depend disproportionately on tickets for revenue. That’s always been a threat to people of color, but that conflict of interest will become more common as poor African Americans are driven further from cities by rising housing costs and deepening poverty.

Apparently Ferguson was especially vigorous in pursuing these kinds of revenue, essentially issuing arrest warrants for people having financial difficulties.

Empirically demonstrated anti-Black biases (the report calls them “unlawful biases”) can turn suburban living into a Jim Crow fantasy

Groupthink on steroids. Ferguson, 67% Black, including many low-income African Americans, was patrolled by an overwhelmingly White police force that we now realize (read: should have known) had deeply racist potentials. This socioeconomic situation was only but a stone’s throw away from a plantation wet-dream. Is it any wonder then that officers were routinely harassing Black residents, overcharging them with violations, and constantly threatening them with lethal violence? Reeks of “stay in line boy…” mentality.

As a matter of fact, the routine of oppressively policing and incarcerating Black people became so normal that Ferguson more or less stopped keeping records of time served for many of its imprisoned.

Our legal system is intersecting with our economic system in ways that make corporatized oppression a booming sector.

Someone’s getting paid to train and give Ferguson’s PD the dogs they use to exclusively attack Blacks. The same federal government that issued this damning report also sent Ferguson’s PD military equipment and several vehicles, more or less to further ride down depreciation value. This level of automated violence against specific demographics doesn’t happen today without someone gaining on the other end.

And until we restructure our economic system and make defunding of oppression our end goal, Ferguson will continue to happen in countless suburbs across the nation for years to come.

Will Unions Save College ‘Student Athletes’ from Poverty?

The 2014 NCAA men’s basketball tournament came to its frantic conclusion on Monday night, with hundreds of millions of dollars in bets, ticket sales, and ad revenue changing hands across the country as young men hurled themselves at each other in desperation on national television. In the end, UConn point guard Shabaaz Napier was basking in the glow of victory, smiling for the cameras with his teammates, which made it easy to forget that he recently expounded on the seedy underbelly of college sports in America.

“I don’t feel student-athletes should get hundreds of thousands of dollars, but like I said, there are hungry nights that I go to bed and I’m starving,” he told reporters in late March when asked about the Northwestern University football team’s ongoing effort to unionize.

In case you haven’t noticed, big-time college athletics is a pretty sordid business that rests on the exploitation of the labor of young men and women, many of them from poor backgrounds, under the auspices of the dubious “student-athlete” construct. Supposedly these kids are on campus to learn first and play second, ridiculous one-paragraph essays notwithstanding. But as has been repeatedly pointed out, the universities, coaches, and NCAA brass rake in huge profits each year—college sports is now a multibillion-dollar industry—while the kids who don’t make the pros (or suffer heinous injuries before they have the opportunity) are largely left high and dry.

Fed up with the status quo, the Northwestern Wildcats—a mediocre but widely identifiable Division I football program—filed with the regional office of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to form a union and earn legal recognition as employees earlier this year, and, in what is being hailed as a potentially landmark ruling, they won. Now the students are set to vote on April 25 on unionization, and there is at least some chance they will embrace the opportunity, assuming the university overlords don't scare them away from the idea. With employee status and union bargaining power could come protection for those with athletic scholarships from suddenly being cut off from receiving an education if they became injured or didn’t perform as expected—and maybe, further down the line, they could receive a real share of the cash generated by the massive advertising revenue their athletic endeavors make possible.


Louis Tomlinson To Host Charity Cinderella Ball - One Direction’s Most Charitable Deeds

You know it, we know it, heck, the whole bloomin’ world knows it, but still it’s always nice to have an excuse to remind everybody just how bloomin’ lovely, wonderful, and big-hearted those One Direction boys are.

The latest example of this comes courtesy of the gorgeous, high-cheekboned babe that is Louis Tomlinson, who last night announced that he was set to host a ‘Cinderella Ball’ for Believe In Magic - a charity that makes dreams come true for seriously ill children.

We will give you a moment to stop crying.

With the majority of tickets to the ball being invite only, Louis has released a few to the public and we are just about ready to sell everything that we have in order to go.

We shall go to the ball, etc. etc.

Originally posted by queentianas

Anyways, Louis’ act of goodwill had us thinking about all of the other charitable and amazing good deeds that our fave four boys have done over the years, and we figured that today was as good a day as any to put all of them in writing.

After all, it’s far too common for the fab stuff that the boys do to get overlooked by all the drama and scandal surrounding their personal lives in the mainstream - so why not spread the word a little bit, eh?

1D made their mark on the philanthropist world early on in their careers, jetting off to poverty-stricken Ghana as part of Comic Relief in 2013. Clearly heartbroken by the tragedies that they were witnessing first hand, the boys also recorded the official single for the charity, a remix of ‘One Way Or Another’ and ‘Teenage Kicks’.

Prior to that, however, the boys had started to individually work with causes that meant something to them, with Niall Horan organising an event to raise money for Irish Autism Action and another charity, Temporary Emergency Accomodation Mullingar, in September 2012.

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Saying that he was “honoured to be able to give back to his community”, Niall’s popularity saw the ticket website for the event break down with all 500 tickets being snapped up in moments.

Talk about a legend, eh?

Liam Payne and Harry Styles also teamed up for a cause close to their hearts, with Trekstock - a leading cancer charity that supports young people battling the illness.

As ambassadors of the charity, they launched a global campaign in 2013 which promised the chance to #HangWithLiam&Harry by offering all those who donated the chance to win an evening out with the boys.

The original goal for the campaign was to raise $500,000, however, Liam and Harry’s involvement saw them exceed the $784,000 mark - or £500,000 to you and us and Her Royal Highness - which the charity revealed would be enough to allow them to “complete funding of their Hodgkin’s lymphoma trial, in the hope of offering a much brighter future to thousands of children and young people affected by this form of disease.”


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Earlier this year, Liam also hosted a Great-Gatsby-Esque ball for Trekstock, ensuring that the charity celebrate their fifth birthday of saving lives and generally being awesome in style. Dressed in a gorge blue suit, Liam was supported by his bandmates as he took on the mammoth, and brilliant, task of raising money for the cause.

And of course that’s not all. Fast-forward to 2014 and you’ll find that One Direction donated a whopping £600,000 to the Stand up to Cancer campaign, by kindly giving portions of their ticket sale revenues from their Where We Are Tour to the charity.

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Then, later that year, they joined charity group Band Aid 30 to record a new version of ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’, finding the time amid their hectic schedules to record vocals for the song that went on to raise over a million pounds for the Ebola crisis in Western Africa.


Louis, the Prince Charming set to host the aforementioned Cinderella ball, is also a patron for Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, dedicating his free time to putting a smile on the faces of poorly children.

The rest of the boys are also happy to put their face and name to a whole list of worthwhile foundations, so much so that when each of their birthdays roll around, dedicated fans donate in their thousands to raise money for a charity that means something to them.

Earlier this year, the fandom donated a huge £11,000 to the London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard in honour of Harry’s birthday, £15,000 for Bluebell Wood on behalf of Louis, and they are in the middle of raising funds for Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland
 in time for Niall’s next birthday, and Médecins Sans Frontières (UK), or Doctors Without Borders, for Liam’s. 

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That’s a LOT of charity donations, eh?

Team all of this up with the band’s latest project #Action1D, which urges their fans to take action to basically make the world a better place, and we have some seriously concrete evidence that these four boys are bloomin’ good eggs.

And we also know for a fact that they will never, ever, change. 

Love you, boys.

In Louisiana, the Poor Lack Legal Defense
The constitutional obligation to provide criminal defense for the poor has been endangered by funding problems across the country, but nowhere more so than in Louisiana.
By Campbell Robertson

Josh Chevalier, 18, has been in the Lafayette Parish jail for three weeks on burglary charges, with no lawyer and no court date in sight. […] In a hearing that lasted a “minute or two at the most,” the judge set a $52,000 bond and that was that. Since then a detective has interviewed him twice, he said, and the public defender’s office sent him a letter explaining that no lawyers were available. His mother is suffering from dementia, his father will not take his calls and his savings from a job at Dairy Queen are not nearly enough to make bail, not to speak of hiring a lawyer, he said.

Without a lawyer, he cannot make the case for a bail reduction. Without getting out of jail, he cannot go back to work. And so he waits.

No public money = no public lawyers

Natasha George, who until recently was one of 10 lawyers defending the poor of the parish, stood before the full gallery of defendants. “I’m the public defender in Vermilion Parish, right now the only public defender,” she said. “Due to a lack of funding for our district and our office, today we will be taking applications for our service but you will be put on a wait list.” […]

The constitutional obligation to provide criminal defense for the poor has been endangered by funding problems across the country, but nowhere else is a system in statewide free fall like Louisiana’s, where public defenders represent more than eight out of 10 criminal defendants. Offices throughout the state have been forced to lay off lawyers, leaving those who remain with caseloads well into the hundreds. In seven of the state’s 42 judicial districts, poor defendants are already being put on wait lists; here in the 15th, the list is over 2,300 names long and growing. […]

Judges throughout the state have ordered private lawyers to represent people for free, prompting objections from members of the private bar. Some lawyers being conscripted are tax and real estate lawyers without any background in courtrooms or criminal law […] With felony caseloads already far above the professional standard, the public defender concluded that turning down cases was the only ethical option. In January, the American Civil Liberties Union sued over this in federal court. […]

No public money << the funding system is corrupt

While the board distributes a central fund to the various districts, that state money is simply meant to supplement what for nearly all the districts is the main source of revenue: traffic tickets and local court fees. Louisiana is the only state where local ticket revenues account for a significant source of public defender revenue […] The funding for a given public defender’s office can depend on whether there is a highway or a casino in the parish, whether there is a road construction project or a bad flood or even, Mr. Dixon said, a hotly contested sheriff’s election that is accompanied by a dip in traffic tickets. […]

All of this highlights the contradiction at the heart of Louisiana’s public defense system. For those with little money, trends away from tickets and jail time may be a welcome development. But those same trends jeopardize a poor person’s ability to get a lawyer if he or she needs one. […]

“All of those are policies we’ve supported,” Derwyn Bunton, the Orleans Parish chief public defender, said of measures to reduce incarceration and punitive fees. “But because of the perverse incentives and the absurdity of our system, it’s hurt us here in the public defender’s office.” Pointing out that court fees are paid only on conviction, Mr. Dixon added: “It’s even worse than that. Our revenue is partially dependent on our losing.”

DOJ Issues Damning Report On Ferguson Police, Courts

A damning report released by the Justice Department on Wednesday heavily criticized the operations of the police department and municipal court in Ferguson, Missouri, where Michael Brown, an unarmed black teen, was shot and killed by a white police officer in August.

DOJ’s civil rights investigation into the Ferguson criminal justice system found that authorities have routinely violated the rights of black citizens and have used tickets to generate revenue for the city.

Get the full story here.

Taylor Swift Leads Rebounding Concert Business

With Taylor Swift leading the way, grossing more than $110 million for her North American tour, the concert business appears to have fully recovered from its summer struggles of three years ago. Overall ticket revenues have jumped from $1.7 billion in 2000 to $5.1 billion last year, according to Pollstar’s newly released end-of-2013 data. The numbers are especially encouraging for fans, given average ticket prices went up just 1.1 percent, to $69.52. In part, prices were low because of tours like Swift, whose prices averaged $84.40, and second-place Bon Jovi, who grossed $107 million with $95 price

Read more at source

Jurassic World: Claire Dearing [ENTJ]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the mod.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Claire measures everything according to bottom lines, ticket sales, investment revenues, and feedback reports, so much so that the park’s owner gets on her case for not having a “feel” for the real purpose of the park, which is to provide “fun” over profit. She easily heads up an enormous park organization, effortlessly keeping track of things and issuing orders. Her work is her life. She loves it. She’s good at it. And she is always thinking logically…

Introverted Intuition (Ni): … ahead, to how this decision will impact that one, for their future revenue in the park. Claire has such a big, long-term vision of success that she forgets to care about the minute details, such as the ethics of creating a hybrid dinosaur unlike anything else in the park. Her big picture focus is somewhat unrealistic and idealistic, in that she believes she can “contain” the problem and prevent any kind of massive fall-out.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Once all hell breaks loose, Claire becomes opportunistic and impulsive; she uses whatever tools lie around her to get things done and doesn’t dither about whether or not to get physically involved. She takes an almighty risk in SPOILER releasing the Rex; it’s all or nothing, a split second decision that pays off. END SPOILER. She gets so caught up in the moment that she lets down her guard and physically engages and meshes into her environment, right down to taking a sudden interest in the dinosaurs beyond their sales potential. 

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Her job is her life, but as it turns out, family is also important to her. Claire resents it when Owen implies that she doesn’t care about the dinosaurs or think of them as anything other than a bottom line; she is upset over their wanton destruction but doesn’t ever talk about her feelings. Rather, she acts on them, right down to that kiss.

Note: I thought ESTJ based on the trailers, but while her character is pretty much straight up Te-dom to the point where the other functions are arguable, she’s not really “considering all the possibilities” as Ne would when dealing in problem-solving. She’s a bit short-sighted, but chalk that up to arrogance – she is so used to things running smoothly thanks to her dom-Te that it never occurs to her they could go terribly wrong. On a non-typing related note, I loved the subtle symbolism of her hair going wavy in the second half …

The NYPD's 'Work Stoppage' Is Surreal

This article explains exactly what I’ve been thinking about the NYPD’s “protest.” In a word: Fantastic.

So this police protest, unwittingly, is leading to the exposure of the very policies that anger so many different constituencies about modern law-enforcement tactics.

First, it shines a light on the use of police officers to make up for tax shortfalls using ticket and citation revenue. Then there’s the related (and significantly more important) issue of forcing police to make thousands of arrests and issue hundreds of thousands of summonses when they don’t “have to.”

It’s incredibly ironic that the police have chosen to abandon quality-of-life actions like public urination tickets and open-container violations, because it’s precisely these types of interactions that are at the heart of the Broken Windows polices that so infuriate residents of so-called “hot spot” neighborhoods.

In an alternate universe where this pseudo-strike wasn’t the latest sortie in a standard-issue right-versus left political showdown, one could imagine this protest as a progressive or even a libertarian strike, in which police refused to work as backdoor tax-collectors and/or implement Minority Report-style pre-emptive policing policies, which is what a lot of these Broken Windows-type arrests amount to. […]

It would be amazing if this NYPD protest somehow brought parties on all sides to a place where we could all agree that policing should just go back to a policy of officers arresting people “when they have to.” […]

Most people, and police most of all, agree that the best use of police officers is police work. They shouldn’t be collecting backdoor taxes because politicians are too cowardly to raise them, and they shouldn’t be pre-emptively busting people in poor neighborhoods because voters don’t have the patience to figure out some other way to deal with our dying cities.

This police protest, ironically, could have shined a light on all of that. Instead, it’s just more fodder for our ongoing hate-a-thon. Happy New Year, America.

“Pro athletes get paid more than teachers because America prioritizes athleticism over academics”

That and you know, teachers are paid by the government and pro athletes are paid by the teams that they play for which gain revenue through ticket sales, endorsement deals and jersey sales among other factors

For a site full of pseudo-intellectuals y'all sure don’t know shit about shit

Jurassic World: Claire Dearing [ESTJ]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the Mod.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Claire measures everything according to bottom lines, ticket sales, investment revenues, and feedback reports, so much so that the park’s owner gets on her case for not having a “feel” for the real purpose of the park, which is to provide “fun” over profit. She easily heads up an enormous park organization, effortlessly keeping track of things and issuing orders. Her work is her life. She loves it. She’s good at it. And she is always thinking logically.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Her interactions with Owen smack of former negative personal experiences (“You wore boy shorts to our date!”). Even on that date, she had an entire itinerary planned down to the smallest detail. She is attentive to all the details of the park management and clearly has a full knowledge bank of the efficiency and flaws of the former park. She is somewhat hands-on in her environment, but not always realistic in interacting with it. Her grand finale move includes guiding a T-Rex in to fight the apex predator with a flair, which clearly harkens back to the initial interactions with the T-Rex in the first park. (“If it worked once, it will work again…” is the mantra of Si.)

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): One of her jobs is to figure out how to bring extra revenue into the park, so Claire immediately sees the potential in creating a new dinosaur. She fails to think about the long-term effects of this, shows no interest in the details of what went into the dinosaur’s genetics, and really only sees its positive potential rather than the negative pitfalls. Claire is a little naïve when dealing with the dinosaur (she falls for its trick in being “out of its pen”), and unlike Owen, doesn’t understand why it was a bad idea to create a Raptor-hybrid apex predator and raise it alone in containment with no social skills.  (Owen’s Ni says: BAD IDEA.)

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Her job is her life, but as it turns out, family is also important to her. Claire resents it when Owen implies that she doesn’t care about the dinosaurs or think of them as anything other than a bottom line; she is upset over their wanton destruction but doesn’t ever talk about her feelings. Rather, she acts on them, right down to that kiss.

Note: Retyped! She is too short-sighted to be ENTJ. Claire is also not pushing her own vision for the park, but trying to piggyback off her boss’ vision and keep him happy by thinking up moneymaking schemes to support the park (tert-Ne). She’s uncomfortable taking major risks (Owen is far more adaptive to his environment) and falls back on the tried and true methods of dealing with the T-Rex when under pressure. Once the dinosaur breaks out, she really doesn’t have any idea what the fall out will be, showing a lack of a single focus.