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TalesFromRetail: I'll be the judge of that.

I spent a long time at a big box craft store, I sometimes worked in the framing department. We did all kinds of same-day services, one of which was mat cutting. One story really sticks out in my mind and I thought I’d go ahead and share it.

A father and daughter team come up to my table with some 8x10 photographs. The elementary aged daughter quietly watches as her dad barks at me about what he wants.

“My daughter is a photographer and this is going in a competition! What do I need to make it presentable for the judges?” He says with a mixture of exasperation and irritation.

I get on the friendliest smile I can muster and chime, “Did they give you any kind of requirements or guidelines?”

I get back an immediate, “No!” followed by a more hesitant, “I don’t know!!” followed by an angry, “No.

I shrug, “Well…if it’s for a fine art competition, they will probably want…” Goes into detail on specifications.

He looked tad overwhelmed, so I was ready to try and simplify my explanation…but it turned out he was only worried about the cost. “How much would that be?”

I gave him an amount under 15 dollars. He determined this was too much and that he and his daughter would simply do something themselves at home.

So I watch him drag his daughter to the art supplies and pick out a large sheet of watercolour paper. I go about my business, wiping my hands clean of the matter.

But no…such is not the way of retail, is it?

A couple hours later the DYI-father returns, but without his daughter. The father completely botched his brilliant plan to cut the mats out of watercolour paper with a pair of scissors. He’s now more irritable and rude…especially without his daughter.

He demands I go ahead and cut mats for him, but won’t take any of my suggestions. After he decides how I should help him, he impatiently watches as I start assembling the pieces.

Amidst the silence of my working, he grumbles and repeatedly critiques my work. He decides to remind me, “This is for an -ART- competition. Don’t mess it up. If my daughter doesn’t win, I’m blaming YOU!”

Something kind of clicks in my brain.

Now outside of work I spent a lot of time in the art community and a school district had invited me to come judge their art competition. I figured it would be good on my resume if I ever made it out of the craft store. With the deadline for the competition tomorrow, I had to check…

So I look up from my work, “Is this for blahblah competition?”

"Oh! Yes, yes it is! Have lots of people come in for that?”

“No, I’m judging it tomorrow.”

Immediate shock. He goes completely white. His blank, saucer-wide eyes stare at me in desperation.

I look back down and finish up his order. I wrap the finalized pieces up in plastic, slap a price ticket on the package, and hand it over to the ghost with a cheerful, “Have a good evening!”

He thanks me in the softest voice known to mankind and walks away slowly.

To anyone wondering, I wasn’t judging the elementary photography section of the competition, but the look on his face was completely priceless. I sometimes wonder how his version of the incident goes.

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BTS as Your Valentine

❤️ = Popular

💛 = Personal Fave

☁️ = Fluff (aka everything for now)

😿 = Slight Angst

🙈 = Sexual Implications

🙌 = Completed Series

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lovelgirl22  asked:

Wow I bought P3 tickets and the op package. I was by myself and since I'm very shy girl I only managed to say hi to Zelo because he saw me and said hi to me first. If B.A.P decides to have a concert in New York again I wish I can have someone go with because I was very lonely.

Nooo you should’ve met up with some of the KMusicFam that went 😢

anonymous asked:

I didn't know the next Worlds are going to take place in Italy?? omg, I'm so excited now, I mean it's still in Europe and wow just wanted to share my excitement. sorry I'm asking this but I have no experience, do you know when they start to sell tickets or how much may they cost? thanks for making me aware of this anyway, I was so happy for you to watch it in Helsinki, I loved to read your posts it felt almost as if I was there <3

yep, worlds will be held in milan next year! i’m so happy my worlds posts have made people want to go see figure skating live, it was such a fantastic experience and i’m glad it came across from my somewhat incoherent rambling lmao, i was just so overcome with feels ♥

and hey no problem, i’m happy help the best i can! i remember reading something about the ticket sales beginning in late april and at least last year the all event ticket & vip package sales for helsinki began around march, so it could be any day now! the individual event tickets will prob go on sale sometime around july-september i think? there are rumours going around tho that the sales will begin much sooner, so who knows. you should def keep an eye on the official website for updates! the event will be held on 21.-25.3.2018 and venue will be mediolanum forum. apparently a lot of nearby hotels don’t have rooms available anymore bc they’ve been booked for the vip packages. as for the ticket prices, i can only tell you how much some of those were this year:

  • all event ice level 1 (monday-sunday, w/ practices): 795€
  • all event balcony 2 (wednesday-sunday, just the events): 284€

short programs:

  • ice level 1: 69,50€
  • ice level 2: 49,50€
  • balcony 1: 31,50€
  • balcony 2: 20,17€

free programs:

  • ice level 1: 129,50€
  • ice level 2: not sure, prob around 100€
  • balcony 1: not sure, prob around 80€
  • balcony 2: 49,50€

i’m hoping the tickets for milan will be around the same price range, but i honestly have no idea. the vip package prices that i’ve seen mentioned have been ridiculous (900€-1600€ ouch), considering the worlds will be after the olympics which will be the main event of the year :/ that’s pretty much all i know for now, but we’ll find out more when they get the website up and running! ♥

I HAVE NO WORDS FOR THIS. I just bought my ticket for this package. I will finally be able to meet my idols again and will be able to tell them that they’re getting me through life. I won’t give up on my life, I promise you. THANK YOU for making this possible for us ❤️

The second annual AP Music Awards invades Cleveland, OH on July 22! 

Purchase tickets, VIP packages and Pit Passes to the show // Tune in live at 7pm ET on AXS TV

KCON Tips (≧◡≦)

Whether you’re going to KCON in Toronto or KCON LA/NY later this summer, you may find these tips helpful! So, bookmark this page and come back when the glorious time comes!

General tips:

  • Pack light: if possible, bring a small backpack. Only bring essentials: wallet, ticket, water, and super small snacks. I brought a purse to KCON and it was the biggest nightmare when I was waiting for the Got7 runway show. I had to turn it into a crossbody because it was hurting my shoulder. NO PURSES/MESSENGER BAGS. JUST BRING A BACKPACK, YOU’LL THANK ME LATER.
  • Free stuff? TAKE IT. KCON brings in a lot of venders who are trying to get their name out there so if they offer you free items in exchange for playing their game, do it. It’s good PR for them, if people see a long line for a certain booth, and you get free stuff!!!!
  • Meet and greet with a mystery guest? SIGN UP FOR IT. I made the mistake of passing up a random meet & greet sign up because I thought the meet & greet would be with the smaller artists like Zion.T and Crush, rather than Got7, Block B, or Monsta X. It turned out to be Got7 and I was devastated, but I was able to get some interaction with them on their way into the booth and on their way out.
  • Bring a portable charger/wall charger. While you’re going to have the time of your life and you think you may not need your phone, you’re wrong. You’re going to want to record everything and meet up with voucher traders. Trust me on this one. You can also cool down (if you easily get hot walking around) in one of the movie screenings upstairs.

Fan engagement:

  • If you just want to grab a glimpse of your favorite group, go ahead and buy a fan engagement pass off someone. If you’re like me and you’re easily discouraged by the ‘so close, but so far’ tease, don’t do it. In the fan engagements, there is a fence that separates hi-touch pass holders and audience pass holders. If you just want a glimpse of noona/oppa before the concert, go for this.
  • If you want something more personal AND WORTH IT, buy a hi-touch pass off someone. People can AND WILL sell the hi-touch pass anywhere from $100 to $300, especially if it’s a well-known group because they know fans will buy it. But if you really think about it… how often does your ultimate bias group come to KCON? Not often. If you want the once in a lifetime (or for maybe for the next 5 years) opportunity to touch their hand and look into their eyes, do it.
  • Keep in mind. At least at KCON LA, since it takes place in August (a super hot month) and they’re trying to get as many people as they can into an artist engagement, if you’re audience, you WILL be waiting in the blistering heat. The hi-touch pass holders got to stand in the shade (I’m still salty about it). But there are far more audience pass holders than hi-touch, so it’s an understandable way to get everyone lined up somehow.


  • It’s very likely you’ll see your bias group walking around the convention, so keep on the look out! Got7 walked out from behind a curtained area every time they needed to enter the convention, so when I was standing by the Running Man booth, positioned in the back, I was able to see them then. Soyou made an appearance at one of the beauty booths. Roy Kim came out to a booth as well. CHECK YOUR PROGRAM SCHEDULES.
  • You’re gonna get hungry from fangirling all day, take the snacks they offer you. Whoever’s sponsoring the event, play their games– they always have goodies!!!
  • They sell posters, CDs, and general merch if you’re looking to go home with something!


  • If you’re blessed with the opportunity to be face to face with your ultimate bias, smile at them kindly and say hello like a normal person. DON’T SCREAM WHILE THEY’RE LOOKING AT YOU. Scream when they’re gone and out of ear shot. After I was acknowledged, I fell to the ground and bellowed “YESSSSSSSS”– but will Got7 ever know? Nope.
  • KNOW YOUR IDOLS’ NAME/STAGE-NAME/PROPER PRONUNCIATION. You’d be surprised how many times Jinyoung was called “jay-are”. When I called him “Junior” he had such a bright smile on his face. Even Yugyeom managed to say “hi” back when I greeted him. It’ll make their day… and yours ;)
  • Check out the schedule in the booklet at KCON for any possible special guest appearances. That’s how people found out about Roy Kim, Soyou, and Got7 appearances. 


  • food trucks will most likely be there, but they’re pricey!!!
  • bring snacks or play some games at the convention to get free snacks!


  • At KCON LA, each ticket package came with benefits (hi touch passes, audience passes, red carpet passes, etc.). It’s very unlikely you’re going to get the pass for your bias group (unless you have crazy good luck), so you’re going to have to trade/sell/buy.
  • A few weeks before the convention, look on facebook to see if anyone’s started a “KCON VOUCHER TRADE GROUP”. Someone will eventually begin a group chat on kakaotalk, and on the day of, everyone can state what they have and what they’re willing to trade/sell for. 
  • Sometimes you can bargain, depending who you’re talking to. Eventually people will want to just get it off their hands and will sell it for as low as $5 or just give it away. 
  • But don’t rely on group chats, talk to the people at convention! Odds are they’re looking to trade for something as well! I had a Shinhwa engagement pass and I didn’t even have a ticket for the day of their concert– luckily, while I was buying a Monsta X pass, the group of ahjummas next to us wanted Shinhwa but had a Got7– LETS JUST SAY IT WAS MY LUCKY DAY.

Ticket Pricing:

  • If you’ve never been to KCON before, this past summer they did a two-day deal. Because the concerts were broken up into two days and maybe if your favorite groups were on separate days, they made tickets available for two-days at discounted prices (rather than buying each day separately). Prices ranged from $800 (basically ultimate VIP experience), $450 the second cheapest and so on. Individual days cost: $400 (for the VIP experience), $250, $200 (what I got), $150, $100, and $75. 
  • My ticket came with: P2 check-in (a little faster check in than the lesser check-in lines), 1 red carpet opportunity, 2 hi-touch opportunities, 2 guaranteed fan engagement audience passes, and a swag bag. 
  • I found my ticket to be quite worth it in respects to where I sat. I had a perfect view of the stage. The whole thing with passes though was stressful, but fun at the same time. The best part of my day had nothing to do with where I was seated (seeing got7 at the convention portion), but I don’t regret where I sat!
  • KCON has been constantly improving every year so everything might be different this time around!!!!

If you have any more questions/concerns about KCON, feel free to message me! They should be updating their website in a couple months, maybe by May or June, the ticket/artist info will be up! You can also follow @KCONUSA on twitter for updates :-) Best of luck!!!!!

Where to start to get a table at Artist Alley?

Looking to get a table at artist alley and not sure how? Well hopefully I can fill you in. 

When it comes to becoming a vendor at artist alley, each organization or show have their own set of rules. 

However the process usually goes as follows, each anime or comic con will open an application page to apply to be an artist at their show. When the application day opens, you normally fill out a form that discusses info about you, show samples of your work, what type of craft or artwork you create and info about how many badges you will need. 

These forms are usually brief just so the people in charge can see the applications and determine who may be a good fit for the show. If you are accepted, a follow up email will explain to you the next following steps whether it be visiting their web page and filling out the official application form, or simply making a Paypal payment.  

Bigger and more established shows who know they are in demand may have a different method to apply. This year at Anime Expo 2016— you had to purchase an Eventbrite ticket package in order to apply. They would review your information and artwork/crafts to make sure you aren’t selling copyrighted material or bootleg goods and if you are good to go, you fill out further forms on their web page to officially get your details and application form. C2E2 on the other hand have a staff that curates their vendors and artists to have the best possible experience for their guests. They learn more about you and your recent projects, if you are published and what recent work you’ve done and any type of info that they deem informative will assist them in determining who gets accepted into the show. 

Depending on the organizations who run trade shows, each have a method that they use to determine who gets accepted, some choose the lottery method, some first come first serve, some have to pay while applying depending on how many tables they have, and how many applicants there are. 

There isn’t a sure way to get in so keep trying and if you really want to get into a certain convention, you can always email them to request to be on the waiting list. Usually, many conventions do multiple rounds of drawing depending on how many people drop out, miss payment deadlines or any other issue. 

Due to the large majority of cons being free to apply at first, artists apply to many shows and then later determine that they can’t get into a specific one due to scheduling conflict with another, its always best to be communicative and ask if they have any open spots. 

Once you are accepted, organizations will send you info regarding their rules, operating times for vendors and artists and payment information. They may also ask for further information regarding Seller’s Permit so be sure to have one for each state you operate in. 

When the day finally arrives, go set up your table during their open hours for vendors and artists and have a great time! 

Just a general rule of thumb, don’t be so sad if you didn’t do too well. Usually Fridays are mediocre in sales, Saturdays are best, and Sundays should be better than Friday’s in most cases.

Peace out.

Tips/tricks for traveling on a budget

Here it is! 

So, I’m not sure if this is the best way to organize all of the information but I basically have it divided under three categories: Traveling in general, banking/money, living accommodations, food, misc. tips for Spain. I really hope this helps you guys out! 

Also, I will come back to this post later today or tomorrow to add more things that I thought of on the flight back. Enjoy this for now! :) 

Traveling in General: 

  1. Always carry an extra reusable bag with you because you never know when you might need it.
  2. Change your location to buy cheaper flights, car rental, etc. 
    1. Example: If you are renting a car in Italy, make sure you are in the italian website of the company (the link should end in “it”). 
    2. Best site to buy cheap flights? skyscanner.es 
  3. Flights tend to be cheaper on certain days of the week ex: Tuesday/Monday are way cheaper vs Friday/ Sunday
  4. Buy your tickets either really in advance or buy them right before a trip
  5. Learn to be flexible with schedule. 
    1. Stay the extra night in a country if it is cheaper to fly out the next day or leave the country a day early if its cheaper to leave early. 
  6. If your flight is leaving really early in the morning, sleep at the airport instead of getting a hostel, hotel, motel, etc. Not only will you save money from not paying for a place, you will also avoid the hassle of getting to the airport early. Getting to the airport really early in the morning or really late at night can be very costly if you have to pay for a taxi (public transportation in some cities starts running late-ish  in the morning compared to the time you have to check in).
  7. If you are staying at a hotel, motel or hostel, try to look for one that has free breakfast and then load up when you get breakfast. Don’t steal because the workers are always watching and you’ll end up just embarrassing yourself. 
  8. Do a flight comparison, always. If its cheaper to buy single tickets rather than in a package, do that BUT always compare prices. 
  9. When I travel, I never pay for a bus, metro or taxi unless it’s absolutely necessary. 
    1. You can save money by not paying for those things and you also get to see a city better when you walk around…even when you are lost. 
  10. The tourist office of any city always has free maps, so go there for a map! BUT try to avoid doing things they recommend because they usually recommend things that are super expensive and really touristy. 
  11. Carry a reusable water bottle so you don’t end up paying for water all the time. 
    1. In Spain, you can drink water from any fountain that says ‘agua portable’ and I usually refill mine in the bathroom sink of a bar OR I simply ask the employee behind the bar to fill it for me (only if I’ve ordered something). 
  12. If you have been looking at prices for plane tickets too long, the prices might start to go up. I’m convinced some sites just bump the prices after they figure out that you are interested. 
  13. Travel in a group because it can be cheaper (e.g. splitting gas money, car expenses, group tickets on metro, group packages) but if there is a place that you want to really visit, DO it on your own!
  14. Leave behind the GPS, use an actual map! Trust me, you will see so much more of a city that way and you will also get to know a city better.
  15. You can do all of the touristy things, but also try to figure out what the locals are into. Ask a friend, relative, etc. for recommendations before you visit the place.
  16. Have an idea of what you want to see in a city but don’t make it all about the plan either. Diverge from the plan once in a while to do things/see things you hadn’t planned on.
  17. Don’t buy too many souvenirs, a post card is good enough.
  18. Take a lot of photos, maybe even too many. Selfies are a MUST!
  19. Don’t eat at places that advertise their food with pictures, usually that type of advertising is geared towards tourists and in my experience, that type of food sucks!
  20. Split meals with a friend in order to divide the cost in half. 
  21. Buy coffee, it’s good and usually very cheap in Europe.
  22. Stick with beer when it comes to alcoholic drinks, it’s cheap and you will feel happy but not drunk.
  23. Always guard your keys, always.
    1. Hostels and car rental companies will charge you extra money if you loose the keys. 
  24. Check all of the damage on a car before you rent it or sign the paper work for it.
  25. If you want to come to Europe, learn how to drive a stick shift, you’ll save TONS of money!
  26. Some highways in Europe are heavy on tolls, find out which ones they are and avoid them!
  27. A good camera is nice to have but you don’t need a top quality camera either, in my opinion. My iPhone has been great for taking photos and it’s super convenient too.
  28. Guard your belongings on the public transportation system but don’t be a freak about it! 
  29. Save money before you start traveling. I mean it. 
  30. Don’t buy clothes, you will want to but try your best not to. 
    1. Also, if you are traveling with a friend, share your clothes. Both of you don’t need to bring a little black dress! 
  31. Arrive to the airport early enough to not miss your flight….having to pay for another flight is the worst!
  32. If the vender tells you ‘oh, I don’t usually sell this one thing that you are interested in, but I sell it just for you’ get out of there! I can guarantee you that you will be charged at least twice its value. 
  33. Get to know the public transportation system of the country/area you will be in. You don’t have to use it but you should know the basics of how it functions. 
  34. Avoid wearing expensive, flashy or designer clothes because they will do nothing but draw negative attention to you. 


  1. Consider exchange rates before you travel because they can either work out in your favor or hurt you a little.
  2. Keep track of your money. If a friend owes you money, kindly remind him/her to return it. At first, it might feel awkward and stingy, but you have to think that it’s your money and there are better things you can do with it. Sorry, friend.
  3. Only take out just enough cash to survive the trip and then don’t take out more + pay for everything with only that cash.
  4. Select a bank that won’t charge you crazy amounts of money for withdrawals. 
    1. I have Charles Schwab and I don’t have to pay anything for withdrawals. 
    2. Also, I never use airport currency exchange services because I just think the commissions are too high. Instead, notify your bank that you will be traveling and will be taking out money in those locations so that way the bank does not freeze your account.

Living Accommodations 

  1. Hostels: I personally don’t like staying at hostels because I have a crazy fear of strangers sleeping in the same room as me BUT the few times I’ve done, it was not bad at all. Both times we were a large enough group to get a room to ourselves, so that was definitely nice!
  2. Airbnb: Now, this is site I LOVE! I’ve stayed in places where we had the whole apartment and places where I had the room to myself in someone’s house. I’ve never stayed in a place where I had to share the room, I will not do that. I definitely recommend this site. 
  3. Hotels: I stayed in a hotel in Dublin and that was niceeeee but it hurt my bank account very badly. I will not be doing that again. 
  4. Couchsurfing: Never done it and won’t do it. 
  5. The cheapest way? Ask a friend, relative, family friend, or a friend of a friend’s to let you stay for a little while. Just remember to clean up after yourself and to not get in the way of your host. 


  1. Pack a lunch if you are visiting a city. I know it’s really tempting to try the local good, which you should but try to also make sure you are eating enough but not paying too much for it. Does that make sense? If not, let me know and I can explain better.
  2. Always, always, always make sure you eat your veggies and drink enough water. Constipation is the worst thing ever!
  3. If you do decide to have dinner/lunch at a nice place, EAT the bread and ask for more, then pick the cheapest item on the menu.
    1. Note: Usually the bread is free BUT in certain countries (e.g. Portugal) or big cities (Cadiz, Spain) they might charge for it, so don’t be embarrassed to ask before you start eating.

Recommendations for traveling within Spain

  1. Blah blah car- check to see if there is a blah blah car trip listed for your area before you pay tons of money for bus or train.
  2. Avoid highways with tolls because they are very costly, trust me. There is a map on the internet somewhere that shows all of the freeways of Spain with tolls, so use that. 
  3. Tapas: Spain is famous for them, but remember they are only free in the south of Spain (and maybe the very north). You can have a whole meal by going tapa hopping.
  4. Going out: I don’t know about big cities but smaller cities usually have Thursday nights free of charge if you enter before a certain hour. I hate to admit it but I’ve used the 'I don’t understand what you are saying because I’m a foreigner’ trick to get into places for free.
  5. Once in a while, let a guy buy you a free drink.
  6. Split your food because usually the food portions in Spain are pretty decent size so you can always split a meal and even enjoy a nice glass of wine or a cold beer with it.


Navi :) 

How to be a “echelon” 2015 version

1 - Complain because the band is on a break from… may to august. 

2 - Shannon and Tomo don’t use social media? Assume they’re done with the band. Predict the end of Mars.

3 - Stalk every possible social media of people with a vagina who was seen with shannon or jared the last century. Complain said human beings are shoving themselves down our throats. 

4 - Look at those vagina owner to see if they have done anything related to jared or shannon. Complain because they are the only source of information. Say again they are shoving themselves down our throats. 

5 - Jared and/or shannon are seen with a vagina owner on the street. Say you’re done and you’re out. 

6 - While saying you’re done and out go update your hypocrite supporting page, buy your 74548th vyrt ticket and a vip package to an oncoming show. It’s always a good idea to pretend to be a huge supporter in the light. the illusion of winning something from them is good. 

7 - Insult LLFD as it was the worst album ever created. 

8 - A random person decided to create a fan account for a vagina owner. She’s offending the echelon and it’s jared fault. 

9 - Analyse the last pic where shannon appeared. Conclude his hands are too soft (4D computer screen you have) so he won’t be at the future shows. 

10 - Be very noisy expressing your opinions. this way it’ll look like everybody his hating them. 

11 - Get offended because you’re a fan, who only gets the right to have fan things, while people they personally know gets the right to do get things for free. 

12 - Find new troll conspiracy theories everyday. 

13 - Spread everyday as your life depends on it that every living thing around a Leto is a troll. 

14 - The band keep adding new dates, jared does vyrts, they invent the Mars camp. They speak about a new album soon. You have two options. Say how tired of this era you are it’s time for them to stop and jared should stop pressing the other two into working or you can say despite of it they aren’t invested in mars anymore, what they do it’s not enough and the band will end. Or you can say both things. 

15 - Make it clear you’re very offended because Jared doesn’t tell us the truth about his vagina owner friends. 

16 - complain about what they write on social media and about what they don’t write. make sure they never win.

17 - how does jared dare to be part of a super heroes movie. he sold himself. now he just has time for it and for his female friends. He spends all his time with them. isn’t it two days per month an absurd amount of time? 

18 - How does jared dare to have a life outside of mars. 

19 - how does jared dare to not treat his fans like they are family. He said we were. Our opinion should be as important as his mother’s. Why don’t he shares intimate aspects of his life with us?

20 - Get ready for shannon’s funeral or to visit him at the rehab center. After all he’s not been tweeting. 

21 - Make sure everyone, including your cat knows both brothers only think with his dick. 

22 - If you’ve been here following mars since the stone age, make sure the world knows it. Also let the others know how offended you are for not receiving a special treatment. You should get at least some VIP tickets for free. 

23 - Expect them to hide themselves and their vagina owner friends. God forbid jared of being caught with one of them on the street. It may offend his fans and he should change his life and do as we told. And everyone knows jared depends on the approval of every single one of his fans to have success. 

24 - What do you mean it’s weird when we say a successful 43 years old independent man should do as a bunch of fangirls he doesn’t even know exist demands? 

25 - Jared and Shannon, two grown up brothers who already spend months at a time together haven’t been posting pictures of them together, neither went for a walk in a boulevard full of paps. They are clearly fighting. 

26 - Say shannon won’t show up in the following shows, because you saw it in his eyes on the last selfie he posted.

27 - Say in every relevant tumblr that you’re out of all this, and done with the band because of some vagina owner. Who cares about music anyway. It’s a band we are talking about. And say you’re done at least twice a week during a indeterminate amount of time. And while you’re done keep checking every gossip blog for the gossip news you were tired of. After all you are done and out.

28 - they do 100 things, 99 are good things. let’s focus on the 1 negative thing they’ve done. 

29 - How does jared dare to spend OUR money in deserved things like holidays, cars, a house. Who gave him the right to buy a new big house? 

30 - Never forget. Every wrong in the world IS JARED’S FAULT.

C'mon you guys

Seriously, I’m so disappointed in the way people are handling Seb canceling his Chicago appearance at Wizard World.
Believe me, I understand what these things cost, I was in Philly, and in Salt Lake last year; they can go for a small fortune, but you have to understand something about these cons:

They’re booked SO FAR in advance in order to secure locations, times and dates, and the guests. These celebrities juggle so much; filming and appearances and unfortunately sometimes things end up overlapping.

You’re bummed; I get it. But leaving rude comments on his Instagram posts isn’t even close to the way you treat your idol, or someone you admire. I’m sure he feels bad, and I’m sure he has an idea of how much money people have spent on tickets and packages, and a lot of people bought plane tickets to get to Chicago.

You guys should still go! Check out the Con, browse the vendors; if you’re into tattoos there was an entire tattoo area in Philly, or if you’re 21 go find a cool bar, have a drink. Explore the city, because it’s still a new place. Make the best out of what you’ve got. And cut Sebastian some slack. He’s out there doing something that makes him happy and consequently makes all of his fans happy. Don’t make the man unhappy, or bum him out for having to disappoint so many people more than he probably already is. I’m sure he didn’t want to cancel, but shit happens.

Don’t be an ass and leave rude messages on his photos. He’ll probably find some pretty cool way to make it up to you guys.

MEET & GREET! Submit your meet-and-greet stories to bryanstarsfanpictures@gmail.com. They are posted throughout the week.

In December 2013, they announced a UK tour with VIP packages, as a die hard AA fan i freaked out and had to have one. So my wonderful parents got me a ticket and meet & greet package for their manchester date on Halloween 2014! Which was also Ben’s birthday, pretty cool right?!

I got to the venue and hoped to see a few of the members before the m&g so I could get all my crying out my system. So I was walking around the venue and Cameron Liddel came out of the bus I freaked out and cried! And all the fans who were stood around me started hugging me, cute fanbase right?

A few hours later it was time to meet them, I was so so nervous! So waiting in the line the boys came out and I looked at Cameron and shouted “Hey cam you’re sassy!” and he struck like the sassiest pose ever it was awesome. So after a few more minutes it was finally my time to meet my favourite band! I walked up to Cam was like “hey dude we totally just bonded” and he agreed which was awesome xD Then I went down the line, to sam, to danny then I finally got to Ben. Now Ben is seriously my hero, he wrote lyrics out for me for a tattoo and sent me them over twitter, so I printed the photo out and asked him if he remembered, and he did! So I started crying and he pulled me into a hug and told me not to cry was so cute! So then I got my photo with them, and noticed Ben’s wife was there so I went over and hugged her and spoke to her and I said “OMG I love your husband..no wait, not like that” we both laughed and she said “so do I” HOW CUTE IS THAT?! So then my friends met them and we went to the barricade and it was an awesome show!

Then a week later I had another ticket and meet & greet for their birmingham show. And they fricken remembered me! So ofc we did the same stuff, got something signed, spoke and got hugs! The as the guy went to take a picture with my phone Danny pointed to it and was like “Ha look at her phone case!” (it’s a photo of Ben eating chicken nuggets) and the whole band laughed. So then I got my photo and went to the barrier. After the m&g was done the guys were heading backstage and because I kind of forgot to talk to and hug james at both m&g’s I shouted “James don’t fuck up” and hid behind the barrier, apparently he laughed! All of the fans who were there did!

And as for the show it was awesome! Ben sang to me with these exact lyrics “she’s just a beautiful girl with the weight of the world i her shoulders”. And I just cried much! All in all a pretty awesome experience! And I can’t wait to meet them again! One of the photos ended up in kerrang magazine to!

So, I went to see bae (taylorswift) last night! We travelled from Portsmouth to Manchester (around 6 hours driving but we flew so it only took an hour) and had a nightmare getting home where we missed our flight but it was all worth it for this!! This is my favourite moment from last night, where she looked straight into my camera and danced for me!! It was amazing and I can’t believe it. I’ve waited 9 years for this and although I didn’t get into Loft 89 it was literally the best day of my life. I was super lucky and got B Stage standing tickets without a VIP package but hopefully she will release some London dates for the next half of the tour and I want to save up and get the best VIP package tbh, I just want to meet her 😍😍😍 19 years old and I’m still the same as I was when I was 11 😂😂 I’m really hoping she will see this so she knows just how much she means to me and that she’s honestly been the constant best friend I’ve had since I was little and I am forever grateful! Thank you for introducing me to the best people (I met so many kind swifties at the concert) and for being so absolutely flawless, you da best gal and you literally slayed last night 😘😍

Updated (again) WINTOUR information

If you want to buy just a ticket (Mailing List Pre-sale), the code is WINTOUR

If you want to buy one of the Beauty/Psycho Premium Ticket Packages, the code is IRRESISTIBLE

Again: Pre-sale starts TOMORROW 10a LOCAL TIME. General sale starts FRIDAY 10a LOCAL TIME

2/25/16 - San Juan, PR @ Coliseo De Puerto Rico (FOB only) (on sale 10/16 10 am local time. no vip/presale)
2/26/16 - Hollywood, FL @ Seminole Hard Rock Live Arena
3/01/16 - N. Charleston, SC @ North Charleston Coliseum
3/02/16 - Charlottesville, VA @ John Paul Jones Arena
3/04/16 - New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden
3/05/16 - Mashantucket, CT @ Foxwoods Resort Casino
3/06/16 - Syracuse, NY @ War Memorial Arena
3/08/16 - Grand Rapids, MI @ Van Andel Arena
3/09/16 - Dayton, OH @ Wright State University Nutter Center
3/10/16 - Louisville, KY @ KFC Yum! Center
3/12/16 - Chicago, IL @ United Center
3/14/16 - Des Moines, IA @ Wells Fargo Arena
3/17/16 - Birmingham, AL @ BJCC Arena
3/18/16 - Memphis, TN @ FedEx Forum
3/19/16 - New Orleans, LA @ Smoothie King Center
3/20/16 - San Antonio, TX @ Freeman Coliseum
3/22/16 - Wichita, KS @ INTRUST Bank Arena
3/23/16 - Colorado Springs, CO @ Colorado Springs World Arena
3/25/16 - Phoenix, AZ @ Talking Stick Resort Arena 

3/26/16 - Irvine, CA @ Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre

pre-sale starts on wednesday 10/14 at 10am local time. the pre-sale code + ticket links will be sent tomorrow. so again - sign up for their mailing list!

during the pre-sale you will be able to purchase just a ticket by itself, or a premium ticket bundle (option 1 or 2 below).

VIP M&G upgrades (option 3) will be available on 10/21 (ticket not included).

OPTION 1 (pre-sale for tickets only starts 10/14 at 10am local; ends at 10pm local time night before on sale)

Standard tickets

OPTION 2 (pre-sale for premium ticket bundles starts 10/14 at 10am local; ends 10/14 at 12pm local time)

Premium Ticket Bundle
limited to 150 each show
$75 + Ticket

One Premium Ticket
GA Pit or First 10 Rows Of Reserved Bowl
One Fall Out Boy Button Pack (3 buttons)
One Fall Out Boy Snap Back Hat
One Fall Out Boy Pick Pack
One Fall Out Boy Tour Passport

OPTION 3: (available on 10/21 at 4pm local)

VIP Meet and Greet Upgrade
limited to 125 each now
$120 each (ticket not included)

One Meet and Greet with Fall Out Boy
Individual photograph with Fall Out Boy (Full Band in Photo)
The Ability To Bring One Small Item To Be Autographed At The Meet and Greet
One Fall Out Boy Poster (limited and numbered)
One Commemorative Fall Out Boy Laminate and Lanyard
Access To On Site VIP Host