On the surface, this Craigslist ad seems plausible enough. A man wants to trade a hideously ugly diamond ring for two Super Bowl tickets.

Among the features listed are a total diamond weight of 3.21 carats (to quote the ad, the stones are “HUGH”) and a vow that “YOU ARE NOT SAFE ON ANY STREETS WITH THIS RING ON…:).” That’s probably true, provided you’re also wearing a lime green suit and drinking from a bejeweled chalice. Trust us, the police frown upon outdoor pimpin’. It’s safer to do that in private. 

 But something about the promise that the ring comes with an authentic appraisal, valuing it at $5,600, raises one important question: Why not just sell the fucking ring?

The 6 Most Pathetic Attempts to Get Super Bowl Tickets

Pre-reg, Hotel, and Panel Submissions!

Hey everyone!  Things are really starting to roll out!  We have a couple more big announcements to make!  First, Pre-registration is open!!  We are so excited to start kicking off this year!  It’s going to be a great one!  Make sure you get registered while you can! Badges are as follows: 3 day early pre-registrations is $35.
3 day early pre-registration w/T-shirt is $45
3 day early pre-registration as group (min 8) is $30/per person
3 day early pre-registration as group (min 8) $40/per person
and finally, a VIP badge is $125.
(A VIP badge gives you early access to the Dealers Hall, front seating to the cosplay contest, and early access to most panels!)

Secondly, hotel is also open!  Now, the La Vista center has 2 hotels on it, so there will be more options and different rates!  For the Courtyard Marriot the convention rate will be $99/night, and for the Embassy Suites the convention rate will be $144/night.  Now with the Embassy Suite rooms you do get a 2 room suite so there will be a ‘living room’ and a ‘hotel room’.

(NOTE: For the Courtyard Marriot, it auto fills the dates to Nov. 1st through the 7th. IT WILL NOT LET YOU BOOK FOR THOSE DAYS.  You need to make sure you change the dates to AT LEAST the 2nd through the 7th.  Ex. You will be fine for the 4th through the 6th.  Just make sure the dates you are booking the room for are correct!)

Lastly, Panel Submissions are open also!  If you have some great ideas for events at the convention, please submit a Panel Submission form and join us in making the weekend as eventful as possible!  You can do anything from educational panels to just talking about your favorite pass-times, to playing games!  We would love to see what you have to offer for us this year! <3


Pre-Registration Link #2

Courtyard Marriot

Embassy Suites

Panel Submissions

Hi everyone! I usually don’t do these kinds of things but this is an EMERGENCY! I need to sell this LG14 Row 10 Seat 3 ticket for the EXO'LuXion in LA concert for $230 BUT TOTALLY WILLING TO NEGOTIATE ASAP! LIKE EXTREMELY SOON! So please help me sell them guys! (The ticket has insurance hence why it is a tad bit more expensive) (posting again since I changed the price)

OSSC Jr Assistant Admit card 2015, Jr Clerk Preliminary Exam

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