Hey everyone this is Kaitlin! I have a ticket to see The Vamps in Covington, KY on August 2nd (this coming Sunday) and since I cannot attend, I have decided to give it away for free! If you’re interested, please private message me with your first and last name and your email and I will transfer the ticket via email through ticketmaster. I only have one ticket so it’s obviously first come, first served! Thanks!! :)

One ticket to a real-world Jurassic Park would cost $7,500.

Thanks to a video posted on Stupeflix, we can now guess how much a day at Jurassic World would be. The video estimates that the cost of building the park alone would total $23.4 billion. Maintenance would require an additional $11.9 billion per year. Apply that number to how Six Flags and Disneyland operate and the jaw-dropping prices begin to emerge.