So close, but so far… by Brett Kiger
Via Flickr:
Walt Disney World | Magic Kingdom | Transportation and Ticket Center

So I’m on the train with some friends and the train attendant comes to get our tickets and he takes what he THINKS is my really pretty friend’s ticket and like… punches all these goddamn holes in it for a solid 30 seconds, not breaking eye contact with her and she just looks at him like “was that supposed to be scary?” as he DROPS IT NONCHALANTLY IN HER LAP and is like “I did that special for you” and walks along like that was the suavest thing that’s ever been done ever. I thought it was a heart or something but it’s just some fuckin random holes

And it wasn’t even her ticket. My other friend is like so distressed about it. “I can’t believe my hard earned money is being used for other people’s flirting,” her words. I’m dying