ticka ticka

au where locus takes wash captive, strips him of his armor, and then puts wash’s armor on himself. he bloodies it up a bit more for effect and limps his way into kimball’s camp, where he’s received with warmth and relief, especially from tucker and caboose.

he feigns injury and doesn’t speak, only uses the playback recordings taken from wash’s torture through his helmet speakers to simulate grunts and groans of pain. tucker takes him to medical, staying alongside him as grif, simmons and caboose find a medic.

as soon as they’re alone, locus pulls one of wash’s knives and stabs tucker through various weak points in his armor; he gets almost no resistance from the captain, some combination of shock and pain clouding his instinct to survive. tucker bleeds for a long minute with ‘washington’ staring down at him all the while, thinking as he dies that wash betrayed him.