tick where it hurts

Aries - Trust that those anxieties are not unique to you. You’re not alone in the fear.

Taurus - Happiness isn’t a constant state but a thing you must find and create time and time again.

Gemini - Accept what you cannot change.

Cancer - If you avoid pain, you will never learn from it.

Leo - Commit to something.

Virgo - There are wild and beautiful stories buzzing inside you. Tell them to whomever will listen.

Libra - Reinvention takes time. Don’t rush.

Scorpio - Occupy space like you are a piece of art. Overwhelm people with your presence.

Sagittarius - Burying those feelings in a deep and dark hole will not stop them cutting you from the inside.

Capricorn - Let the light in.

Aquarius - Tick where it hurts: The head. The heart. The soul.

Pisces - The mission to fix others is a lost cause.

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