tick where it hurts

Aries - Trust that those anxieties are not unique to you. You’re not alone in the fear.

Taurus - Happiness isn’t a constant state but a thing you must find and create time and time again.

Gemini - Accept what you cannot change.

Cancer - If you avoid pain, you will never learn from it.

Leo - Commit to something.

Virgo - There are wild and beautiful stories buzzing inside you. Tell them to whomever will listen.

Libra - Reinvention takes time. Don’t rush.

Scorpio - Occupy space like you are a piece of art. Overwhelm people with your presence.

Sagittarius - Burying those feelings in a deep and dark hole will not stop them cutting you from the inside.

Capricorn - Let the light in.

Aquarius - Tick where it hurts: The head. The heart. The soul.

Pisces - The mission to fix others is a lost cause.

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Bertie’s Short Films: ‘Grey Area’

Bertie returns with his newest short film ’Grey Area’, a sort of sequel to his last film 'Tick Where It Hurts’. A beautifully coloured piece and it feels yet more mature than it’s predecessor, because of this I wanted to portray the same look I gave Tick but by adding the film texture the graininess is clear. I strongly urge everyone to watch this stunning piece of work, and I hope you like my take on the film posters!  

Side note: If you’re interested, I made all the other details I usually put on the poster almost unreadable because I thought that the film had such a clever and unusual use of contrast and garish colours so I thought I would try and translate that through the posters. 

(Also on AO3)

Mrs. Hudson balanced the tray on her hip as she carefully made her way up the creaky stairs.

It was quiet. Too quiet.

It reminded her too much of those years when she thought he was dead. During that time that she would have given anything to have all the noise and commotion coming from the upstairs flat back.

Now he was back, but so too was the silence.

It hadn’t always been that way.  When he returned, it was as if life had picked up right where it left off. There were always clients coming and going. After an initial argument, John Watson too became a frequent visitor accompanied often by Mary. The normalcy continued until Sherlock was shot. After several quiet weeks when he was recovering at the hospital, he had returned somewhat diminished in form, but as feisty in spirit as ever letting her know that everything would be okay. Then he got himself into a mess with the law, which he’d gotten out of by taking out Lord Moran, the man who had been behind the Moriarty scare.

And then a very curious thing happened, a thing which would not have been curious if it was anyone but Sherlock. A woman started spending more time at Baker Street. That woman was Molly Hooper.

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Break || Parlie

He was beginning to get worried; Charlie hadn’t shown up for a while. However, he refused to go out and hunt him down; he had to trust that Charlie was alright, at least until that thought was proven false. As the hours ticked by, he grew increasingly worried. Where was Charlie? Was he hurt? Should he go looking for him? What if something bad had happened! Sighing, he decided to give the boy a few more minutes before he started combing the streets.


we will be releasing a behind the scenes video for ‘tick where it hurts’ soon.

issylls-blog  asked:

You seem to know a lot about the art of film making for someone of my age and you can look at films in such technical and critical ways. You seem to have become even more of an expert since Tick Where It Hurts (which is a fucking beautiful short by the way.) How did you gain such knowledge and what advice would you give to someone looking to broaden their understanding film?

Hi there! Thank you very much regarding tick. Means a lot. I do think tick made me have more of an understanding of films as an artform. It’s the first one in which I took into account the meaning behind shots and the relevance of lighting to tell a story. I think only people with some interest in films can really get stuck into film as an artform. Regardless of taste in film, those who are really passionate wills always find some way of learning about the intricacies of what makes a film good and what films have the potential to be. As pieces of art. So yeah, I learnt what I did about film by watching films and by becoming increasingly more interested in that industry. So if you’re interested enough, that knowledge will come to you!