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writing prompt - april's fool

Happy April’s Fool day, and welcome to your first ever writing prompt (which, by the way, is not a joke)! These will be posted every two weeks, and a span of one week is the time for you to work on your prompt. Remember, these are required if you’d like to stay in the roleplay (if you are preoccupied with this thing called a "life", then you are allowed to postpone it, but overdue it and I’ll get all fishy here). You are allowed to skip one every two months (since there’d be four total in the time of those two months), and if you don’t complete your writing prompt within a week’s time, then you’ll receive a strike. Three strikes and you get a warning; five and you’ll be asked to leave the roleplay.

TOPIC: your plans for April’s Fool day.

  • It must be a 3+ paragraph drabble with at least six sentences in each paragraph. Remember, the longer your drabble and the more that your write, the better.
  • Please be as detailed as possible. Remember the six senses: sight, touch, scent, taste, hear, and magic. Put as much emotion as you can into the role of your character–and as cheesy as this sounds, try your best to be your character (without overdoing it too much).
  • Perhaps in the drabble, you’d like to describe your character’s moods, or possibly plan for the day (and of course, pranks! Where would we be if there were to be no pranks on April’s Fool?).

And have I mentioned that the one with the best prompt wins fifty house points for their house? Second place gets twenty five and third gets ten.

Have fun, and good luck with your prompts!

[also, please like this post if you’ve read through everything and understand what you need to do]

Ever since I discovered Grant in Glee, I feel as if he’s become a part of my life. Me and my friend Lauren, we’ve spent so much time obsessing over him, literally. The best part of him is that he’s so down to earth and has a beautiful personality. I can’t help but feel as if he’s the perfect guy for me, which is weird for me to say, but I really think he is. It’d mean everything to me if he tweeted me on my birthday, but he’ll never notice me and that breaks my heart.

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I think this is the longest confession I’ve ever gotten holy crap.