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dapper day fall 2014. disney bounds (post 2 of 2).

1-3.) disney bound group picture
4.) got her beauty sleep: aurora 
5.) this disney bound is somewhat unique and calls for a different kind of introduction: bellhop 
6.) hungry for more…tick tock: crocodile 
7.) hee-haw: lampwick 
8-9.) too cute to be gloomy: eeyore
10.) hats off to these three: aurora, snow white, && cruella deville.

My favorite fairytale is Peter Pan.
When we were still young enough to play pretend,
My sister would be Wendy,
And I was always one of the little lost boys,
Swearing that I would never grow up-

And for a while I thought it was true.
Like I was all daydream daze and morning haze.
I was always stopping to smell the flowers,
And taking walks during sun showers.
I loved taking walks-
Even familiar streets felt like exploring.
I loved taking walks-
Just never alone-
And never at night-
And never with the neighborhood boys-
You learn young that even the nice ones can bite.

And, you’re starting to think that something went wrong.
You never meant to grow up-
You were just a little lost boy.
You’re still supposed to go on adventures,
But mom and sister tells you that you can’t trust Peter.
Can’t hang around too many of those sidewalk scrape boys.

Like they’re all hiding hooks for hands.
Like they all grew up without you.
Like they are pirates in lost boys’ clothing.
Like maybe you never grow too big to play pretend-
Your fantasies just become a little less magic and a little more survival.

Like pretend you don’t hear comments called from street corners. Pretend you do not feel his hand on your waist,
Your face,
Your thigh.
Pretend your skin does not crawl when you feel his breath hot on the back of your neck.
Pretend you don’t know what they mean when they make jokes of your body-
Like the laughter doesn’t split your ears.
Like all those eyes don’t pierce you.

Pretend like you are still small enough to play pretend.
Pretend you are so small that maybe they can’t even see you.
Pretend like growing up was ever a choice for you-
Like Wendy could have stayed if she wanted to-
Pretend like you don’t know damn well why there aren’t any little lost girls.
Like little lost girls all found their way home so soon-
Like little lost girls grew up before they ever wanted to.

Like no matter how much you don’t wanna grow up,
You still feel yourself age every time hungry eyes and famished hands mistake you for a meal.

Like Pan and his corner boys like to play at sword fights with sticks,
But all the girls I know walk with car keys jutting from their fists.

Like jailbait isn’t really the cutest nickname,
But my older brother’s friend called me it when I was 10 and it’s stuck ever since.

Like little lost girls don’t get to stay in Neverland very long.
Little lost girls are never girls for very long-
But they will always feel little.
Always too small to fly with Peter and his concrete corner boys.

Little lost girls can’t fly anyway-
You need pixie dust for that.
All they’ve got is ash from the skirt they burned
The first time someone blamed it for his hands.
All they’ve got is scorched fabric and smoke in their lungs.
They’ll have buried their childhood before they’ve gotten a chance to take the sky-
To fly toward the second star to the right and straight on till morning.

No, these little lost girls are all in mourning-
Draped in black,
Attending funerals for the children they never got a chance to be.
These little lost girls did not want to grow up.
Did not want to say goodbye.
Did not want to forget.
But it was never up to them.

Now, they cannot remember the last time they took a walk down the street
Like an adventure, 
And not like a haunted house-
All tense and waiting,
Like they’re always expecting that crocodile.
Like they’ve been hearing the tick-tock of its swallowed clock in the voice of every boy who didn’t bother to ask her permission.

Like little lost girls did not ask for this-
Like little lost girls did not want to grow up either.
Little lost girl was not given a chance.
Little lost girl was not given a choice.

Peter Pan has always been my favorite fairytale-
But even bedtime stories become hard to hear,
When they just serve as a reminder of all
You were never allowed to be.

—  Little Lost Girls
geekalogian replied to your post:re: tick tock team–just thinky thoughts but not only did pan sic the crocodile on hook, but in ouat pan and the crocodile are RELATED so hook’s primary two adversaries are father and son (add in that his primary two romantic rivals are father and son as well IN THE SAME FAMILY LINE and yeah) idk why this gives me killian feelings but it does.

I love that in the Stiltskin line, each son is progressively less evil too. (I mean we all know rumple’s nasty but he at least semi-desires redemption unlike his dad) the family connections are always SO important in OUAT so it’ll be interesting.

YES, it’s really kinda fascinating as you go down the line, both in general and in regards to Killian, like the progress with each generation is so interesting:

  1. Pan - Irredeemable, has no desire to be redeemed, manipulative and evil. Enemy to Killian.
  2. Rumple - Has seriously difficulty with redemption, but at least wants it, manipulative and evil but sometimes good. Romantic rival and enemy to Killian.
  3. Baelfire/Neal - Achieved redemption with his own death, never deliberately evil though he did bad things at times, rarely deliberately manipulative and generally for what he believes is the greater good. Romantic rival and surrogate son to Killian.
  4. Henry - Doesn’t need redemption, sometimes manipulative but always for what he believes is the greater good. Surrogate son to Killian.

It’s like they go in pairs of two chronologically down the line. Pan/Rumple, Rumple/Neal, Neal/Henry. But they also made sure to establish connections between Pan/Neal and Pan/Henry as Lost Boys, and now Rumple/Henry is getting developed with Grandpa Gold, so there are more ‘crosswise’ links too.

And then there is the shared theme among all of them with eternal youth that also gets less and less strong the further down you go: it’s literal for Pan; Rumple is immortal but only as an adult; Neal was a Lost Boy for hundreds of years but eventually grew up and rejected the chance to become young again; Henry was the only one growing up in a town of people frozen in time, and aside from the one temptation to go back to his false NYC memories, has always been an advocate of 'waking up’ and growing to your true self.

Just everything about them seems like each generation is progressively more 'good’.

Separate Lives, Heart Ripper

You might remember this from the epilogue:

And he kept his promise, with one exception. Just one exception to finally close that chapter from his past that had haunted him for centuries. But it was done and dealt with and he was back at her side, ready for the next doctor’s appointment.

A couple of you asked about it… and yes, I’ve always planned to expand on that…. so here it is!


Heart Ripper

“Captain? There’s someone from Boston Police Department calling from you.”

Killian automatically sat upright on his office, his heart sinking.

“Aye, put it through…”

“Killian, it’s Tom Cavendish. First, congrats on the promotion.”

“Thanks Tom, how are things over there?”

“Not so good, I am afraid… I’m calling regarding that case you asked me to keep an eye on for you. There had been recent developments…”

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