tick tock the arenas a clock

I just realized something heartbreaking

In Catching Fire, Finnick says to Wiress after the “tick tock” incident that she’s a genius. And it broke my heart!you know why? Because Wiress and Annie both suffer from complex PTSD and are so underestimated and viewed as weak and dependent. And yet Wiress proves them wrong by discovering that the arena is a clock and Finnick felt the need to tell her that she was a genius because the love of his life suffers from the same mental illness and is always viewed as weak but in reality she is strong and a “genius”.
It’s just theory, but oh the odesta feels.


“Oh,” I say under my breath. “Tick, tock.” My eyes sweep around the full circle of the arena and I know she’s right. “Tick, tock. This is a clock.”

A clock. I can almost see the hands ticking around the twelve-sectioned face of the arena. Each hour begins a new horror, a new Gamekeeper weapon, and ends the previous. Lightning, blood rain, fog, monkeys – those are the first four hours of the clock. And at ten, the wave. I don’t know what happens in the other seven, but I know Wiress is right.