tick tick bang


The non-Barba section is growing quite well! 😊
I’m about to finish Barba drawing Nr. 20 but I’d also like to know:
WHICH RAÚL CHARACTER WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE NEXT? Or would you rather like to see one of the above drawn again? Or do you have suggestions for the next Barba/SVU drawing?
Don’t hesitate to let me know. I’m always glad for input. ❤️😊


Does it need a caption?

They are my heart and soul ❤️

Harry Houdini: First off, let me interrupt you. It’s pronounced “EX-scape.”

Scott Aukerman: I…actually do not think it is.

Harry Houdini: Oh, really. Well, which of us is an exscape artist?

 —“A Thrilling Hour or So” (Comedy Bang! Bang!  #50)


This is my favorite version of this song. :D This sounds like this was recorded around either Dirty Mind or Controversy, I’m not really sure.