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Here is my 2 cents on B.A.P not winning

I don’t say a lot on this blog but I have seen the drama in our fandom of B.A.P not winning on The Show. And yes, I am frustrated too but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. We have worked hard even just to get them nominated. And saying B.A.P doesn’t care for awards shouldn’t stop us.

They work so hard and even if they say they don’t care, it would still be nice for them to win. IT WOULD STILL MAKE THEM HAPPY. Think about it this way, wouldn’t you like to be validated, or rewarded for your hard work? Just as you would like to get rewarded for your hard work, so would B.A.P.

But, I am not ok with fans shaming other fans of not being real B.A.P fans cuz they didn’t “try hard enough”. You don’t know their situations. They may be too busy to sit there and stream Honeymoon or to vote constantly. As a older fan, I juggle work, uni and an extra course outside of uni. It keeps me busy but I try to stream Honeymoon as much as I can, I try to vote as much as I can and I have bought Blue.

We are all trying so don’t you go calling fans fake. You have no right to do so. We are trying our best.

Just keep trying, keep voting, keep streaming. Support B.A.P in anyway possible but don’t get pressured into it.


Does it need a caption?

They are my heart and soul ❤️

The non-Barba section is growing quite well! 😊
I’m about to finish Barba drawing Nr. 20 but I’d also like to know:
WHICH RAÚL CHARACTER WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE NEXT? Or would you rather like to see one of the above drawn again? Or do you have suggestions for the next Barba/SVU drawing?
Don’t hesitate to let me know. I’m always glad for input. ❤️😊


This is my favorite version of this song. :D This sounds like this was recorded around either Dirty Mind or Controversy, I’m not really sure.