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Purple Scarf

Character: Newt Scamander

Pairing: Newt/Y/n

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You had grown tried of sitting in the bank all day. You’d been waiting for a loan for the past three hours, and they still hadn’t called you in.

The chants of the protesters where still going as annoyingly strong as every second went by.

You peeked out the slightly foggy window to see the same lady standing on the same box, as always.

“We have to stop the madness! There’s witches among us!”

You rolled your eyes at the pestering people.

witches, Yeah right..

“You there!” The lady pointed to a random bystander, and that’s when you decided to stop listening. You turned your head back to the giant clock that hung in the middle of the toll desks.


You rocked your heels back and forth in the line.


You heard the dull closing of the heavy bank doors, signalling yet another person that would have to wait in the devastatingly long line.


You continued to shuffle your feet, feeling a tug on your purse.


You looked around, for anyone who was grabbing your purse. You saw a man standing about twenty feet away, people passing in front of him.


The man wore a think blue suit jacket, with a yellow vest underneath it, and odd combination of things.

He seemed to be very distressed, his eyes following something moving on the ground.


The person behind you shoved you closer up to the front. Scanning your eyes across the room again, you couldn’t find the strange man in blue.

Move lady”

You rolled your eyes at the pathetic man behind you. You had better things to do than wait in this line with this stupid impatient person.

Hustling off, you looked for the blue cladded man.

A larger man with a moustache sat on the bench, as the blue man spoke to him, making small banter.

You stepped closer to their conversation, “so…what are you here for?” The man in blue spoke to the other.

“Im trying to get a loan for my bakery…what about you? Name’s Jacob by the way”

British accent and all, the man replied “uh…same thing”. His eyes scanned across the floor again, eyes landing on something.

"Uh, excuse me…I must be off”

Your eyes followed the odd man, as did your feet.

He crouched down by a cabinet, a strange creature underneath lay, as a pug started barking.

You continued to follow at a steady pace, that man weaving back and both between people, until finally running back into the man from before with the moustache; Jacob. Deciding to but in now, you bumped into the man in the blue jacket slightly.

"Oops..sorry. I’ve been looking around, you seem in distress..”

Blue eyes shone in your vision, the man grabbing your arm and grabbing Jacob’s.

"No I’m fine..thank you though that ver-”

A glowing egg in the moustache-mans hand started cracking.

Next thing you knew the mysterious man touched both your arms, a weird phenomenon happened.

You were in a completely different place.

You three were now on a pair of wooden stairs, obviously still in the bank because of the golden decorations.

"What-what was that?!” The black haired man said, a fright in his voice.

The blue clad man took a stick and put it in his mouth, then grabbed the odd egg out of Jacob’s hands.

A blue and green snake looking thing popped it’s head out. The man peered up with an expression of wonder lining his face, confusion written all over yours. The brown furry creature you saw earlier crawled under the bank safe. “Oh gosh..” the man opened his briefcase, gingerly set the snake thing inside.

He grabbed the stick from his mouth, “Alohomora”

The wheels on the safe spun, the door slowly opening as the same furry creature could be seen inside, putting all types of gold into his pouch. “Really?”

The British man strode over to the creature, and picked it up by one of its paws. “Are you going to hurt it?” You questioned.

The stranger looked at you, as if confused why you would seem to care, but shook his head. Raising a hand up to the creatures belly, he flipped it over, tickling the creatures stomach. All the items he had stored fell out of the pouch, large coins, tiaras, even your hair pin.

You looked next to you to see Jacob reaching for the alarm, “what are you doing?” You whispered.

Without hesitation he pulled the lever down, the loud alarm blasts blaring around.

Rapid footsteps were heard over head as a frantic looking man stood in front, “halt!”

You froze, not knowing what to do, as the blue clad man continued to tickle the creature. “I said Halt!”

“Petrificus Totalus”

The man now stood still, falling backwards until his head hit the dull ground.

"Well…"the man sighed, placing the creature into the briefcase.

The continuent amount of footsteps along with the alarm followed. The man walked up to you and Jacob.

He did it again, you had both disappeared now from the staircase and were outside the bank.

"Okay I know this is a lot for you to see….so I’ll have to obliviate you now.” The man raised the stick, but before he could say any spell Jacob ran off.

"Oi! What do you think you’re doing?”

A woman with brown hair did the same thing he did, bringing you both behind the bank to a less visible area.

"What was that in the bank? You let a no-maj escape? Without obliviating him?!”

"Sorry…I don’t understand the term no-maj?”

"Non magic person!” “

"Um excuse me-”

"This is a level five disaster!”

"Excuse me-” you tried to speak.

"Do you know what this means?! I have to take you to congress-”

"Sorry.” You raised your voice. “What on earth are you talking about?”

"Pardon?” The lady looked at you, as if you had just stepped on her with your shoe.

"She’s a muggle” the man spoke finally, like a breath of fresh air after a storm.


"A no-maj, whatever you call it”

"Obviously I have no magic what are yo-”

The lady held a firm grip on the man left shoulder.

"What’s your name?”

He looked towards you, before pointing his eyes over in another direction, as if requesting you leave.

"Newt Scamander.”

"Well Mr. Scamander. We’ll have to go down to congress. You let one no-maj unobliviated-”

She flicked her eyes over to where your form had previously been, seeing nothing but air, your form running off with a purple scarf flapping in the wind.

“Make that two no-maj’s”



hope you guys like my first imagine, I’m thinking of maybe doing a part two of it if anyone’s up for it? Requests are open, and dry so feel free to request stuff :)~B