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Mi profesor de matemáticas tipo que nos "acosa" entonces yo y mi compañero de a lado quedamos en hacerle una broma pendeja al ticher :'v. Entonces me paro y le dijo "Profe me perdí" y él me responde "¿En qué te perdiste Valentina?" y le respondo "En su mirada, guapo" luego estallé en risa con los demás :'v espero que no me acose JAKSJSJJAAJAJ

ASDJKLASJDLK :v yo hice lo mismo una vez :V

The Best of Football Writing in 2013

This is the third year that The Best Football Writing list (2012, 2011) has come into existence. We’ve seen blogs come and go, as well as writers rise and get the recognition they deserve. 2013 was no exception, but the continued domination of social media in sport created a new landscape for writing. With a flood of information hitting us every day, it can be difficult to find the long reads amongst a pile of memes.

This year’s list was the hardest to compile, but there was hardly a shortage of quality writing. In fact, we were overwhelmed with tweets and emails recommending great writing in football. While we don’t know what’s in store in 2014, we’re proud to present The Best of Football Writing in 2013.

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