tich dumb


Tich’s First VEVO video hit YouTube today, and boy oh boy are we at ISWDYS proud.

We met Tich (Real name Rachel) last year at Young Enterprise Live 2012 where she spoke about breaking into the music industry and performed with her beloved stripy keyboard!

Tich is cute, sprightly and has the voice of an angel. There is nothing better than seeing someone worthy of success succeed.

Tich is a small, humble girl in a big world, tweeted by Louis Tomlinson after he saw her 1D cover, Touring with the Beibs,currently on tour with Olly Murs - Writing buddies with Nick Jonas, Adored by the wanted and loved by an adoring fanbase for her kitsch honest writing style, girly look and that beautiful smile. 

Oh and just as you’re digesting that little lot, Tich is also an ambassador for Beat Bullying. A victim of bullying herself Tich wrote and recorded their theme song. 

I bet those people who put you down are chocking on their Chinese now - ey Tich?