I heard that today(or yesterday) is .. best friends’s day??? or something like that??? anyway so I thought I would draw the secret Saturdays’s kids in those squad meme( and yes again with the sinning)

these r just some old designs that I apply into the pic(all black and white yes) they need 3 in dresses and 3 in  suits tho(accept Ulraj cuz I forgot that he can wears a suit after all silly me)


im sinning again hope u guys don’t mind


Tokyo ghoul live dubbing at TICA.
This is from a Taiwan online news YouTube channel.

anonymous asked:

I really want an SU episode where they basically throw shade at the s/u/cri/ti/cal people Like... "OH NO GUYS...IM...A DIFFERENT COLOR :OOOOO" "OH NO...IM TRYING TO BE NICE TO EVERYONE :OOOO" "OH NO IM SHORT :O" "OH NO I LOVE FUSION :O"

In all honesty, it’d never happen - but the thought of it is actually hilarious, so thanks for that XD

This blog is missed!

sigiledpaladin submitted:

I dunno if I sent this a while ago, but this blog is awesome, and missed. I understand you’re on hiatus, but this is something that really opened my eyes in a lot of ways, and I think is a positive tool for the media environment we live in. I hope the hiatus can be resolved one way or another.  

Hey sigiledpaladin! Thank you for this message. It really makes me happy to know that this blog is still appreciated and missed and I am sorry for taking for taking so long with my hiatus. Fact is, I’m considering ending it (the hiatus, that is). I thought that admins would help me keep this blog live and running, but it turns out it wouldn’t be that way. And truth is, this blog really stressed me for a while and I alone could not run it.

However! Things are looking more chill now and I might soon start posting things again! I must tell you, there are several things in our inbox that I’m dying to post. It’s really making me excited!

Again, thank you for your message! RHA might come back soon! ♥


The next few days are going to be exciting as we watch their colours change! The “pink” boy who has spots, a dark head and tail and the pink girls with a dipstick bottom and French mustache! I’m in loooove 😻 #shaisphynx #tiaosiris #tiashaisphynx #qkittens
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