OBN Ills  recently released their album “ The one and Only” On Tic Tac Totally .

Now I first did not plan to make any post about this or anything, since to be honest get bent had it all covered, their review says it all. But I really felt the urge to tell the people who still did not try it to do so. If you happen to be a sucker for garage, YOU MUST try this. so here’s what you are gonna do,after youa re done playing this video, you go to their myspace and try a few more. (if I did not convince you to buy this record yet)

Here’s a buy link. Oh and I am still working on my best of 2011 list since I got caught off guard by a few albums so late this year.

Watch on loofk.tumblr.com

Four brand new songs from LENZ. Loved their single from last year and this is no let-down. 

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RIYL: The Sound, Comsat Angels, Translator, Wire Train


I’ve been dying for this to get into all of your hands since we recorded it in June. Our 2nd LP is now available for preorder. Head on over to Tic Tac Totally! to do so and preview a few tracks.

Big thanks to the fine folk at Tic Tac Totally! The LP is going to be on 180 gram vinyl, gatefold, and come with a poster for your bare walls. The whole record was recorded analog end to end and was mastered to the lacquers straight from the tape!

I’m very proud of this record. We will be performing a release show at Beerland in Austin, TX on October 24th. You’re all invited.

Review: Feral Beat - Cold Lover 7''

By Jonathan Markley

Feral Beat is the new side project of the excessively productive Seth Sutton, who you all know as the man behind the Useless Eaters. Tic Tac Totally Records got wind of his new backing band and desire record under a different moniker, and said hell yeah, we need to release whatever new songs you have. The final result being the excellent “Cold Lover” b/w “Canned Heat” 7’’ released around Christmas.

This new group may just be a one-off affair between Useless Eaters LPs and tours—in fact, their debut single dropped in the space between Daily Commute and C'est Bon. Maybe we can cross our fingers for more from Feral Beat down the road—there are enough songs floating around for at least an EP. At any rate, the Cold Lover single is highly recommended to anyone who loves garage and/or punk, and is into any band that’s ever played Gonerfest.

“Cold Lover” is a Cramps-loving minimal rocking affair with hints of surf, early rock ‘n’ roll, and Nuggets-era garage. Short and to the point, I could listen to “Cold Lover” over and over again and never get enough of the track. Gone is some of the fast angular guitar thrashing of Seth’s other more famous project. Maybe “Cold Lover” is a twisted homage to those drunken hookups at seedy dive bars, but it could definitely be a song to put on a mix tape to a girl you just broke up with. Anyway, it’s been one of my favorites this winter, a rock 'n’ roll burner full of anger and wit.

“Canned Heat”, the B-side, is no less fun than the title track. I mean, you can’t go wrong with a primal stomping garage rockin’ song about drinking. Kinda snotty and silly like an Adverts or Red Kross song, but a bit more sedated and rootsy like Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds. Seth seems to pulling away from his outright Jay Reatard and Oblivians influences, and heading toward something more post-punk and bluesy. Maybe he’s been listening to Gibson Bros and the Honeymoon Killers. Anyway, with Feral Beat, Seth seems to be giving Robert Pollard a run for the money. Nobody is writing such highly compact, catchy lo-fi rock songs like Seth Sutton is right now. I expect many more good things from him in the near future.

Stream “Cold Lover” below and buy the single from Tic Tac Totally.


this is the new video for “undefined” by the hussy.  their new album, weed seizure, came out this month on tic tac totally.

the hussy are playing tonight at the acheron in brooklyn with foster care, pampers, and nuclear santaclaust.  should be good rockin fun.

Review: Party Bat - Do You Wanna Party With A Bat?

By Zach Stephenson

Not much is known about the Bat, but various sources confirm he guises in a bat cape lined with DIY shot glasses, shades and a double-downer beer helmet. We wouldn’t expect anything less – as his inebriated lyrics claw over a flange of distortion that leaves you feeling like you’re at the end of your count. This is his debut 7” on Tic Tac Totally, sliding onto the roster as a kind of deranged step brother to Orville’s calculated mayhem and Useless Eaters’ angular Devo assault.

The title track gurgles drug references like anecdotes from a NA meeting, pausing to cough out the chorus of “Do you wanna party with a bat?”. It’s an after-hours anthem, with a hammering synth and repetitive riff that resonates through the next morning. Think The Spits in tar or Nobunny reincarnating The Cramps instead of covering them. The B-side picks up the pace and grinds out a possible answer to the bat’s initial question, stating “Have no fear/I put drugs in your beer/You’re such a Halloweiner.” It’s simple and dumb in the vein of the Sneaky Pinks, and Party Bat’s added horror schtick takes the atmosphere to a much needed graveyard. The double B-side starts off like a sped-up Clockcleaner riff before delving into a cauldron of ‘90s waster punk. “All The Kids Are Dead,” is the most straightforward of the tracks and solid to the bone. Things this good don’t come from the garage, they seep in from a derelict basement.

Buy it here.

Addicted To The Blade
  • Addicted To The Blade
  • Useless Eaters
  • Addicted To The Blade

Useless Eaters - Addicted To The Blade

download the single from BnCmP for free

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Keeping up with Seth’s new releases as Useless Eaters is a full time occupation.  Addicted to the Blade marks his 13th frickin 7" in >3 years, plus two LPs, plus a singles compilation LP.  He’s also an amazing talented dude live, as I recently experienced for the first time. 

Seth’s also got another 7" EP that’s available on BnDcMp here.  This one was supposed to be released by Manimal Vinyl on actual wax, but has been delayed for some reason.  So if you didn’t know, Seth self records and mixes everything on everyone of his releases alone.  Suddenly that already impressive catalog of releases is doubly impressive.  When I saw him live he mentioned to me that he was releasing an EP with his touring band, where multiple people actually all played together rather than him doing every part.  This EP sounds like this is what he was talking about, and I’ve emailed the label for any info on the vinyl delay.  In the meantime pick up the new 7" and catch him on tour first chance you get.  The live energy is fan-fucking-tastic.

Useless Eaters - Addicted to the Blade 7" is only $5 bones from Tic Tac Totally here


Lenguas Largas - I Feel (7’’ version)

also this, for the sensitive folks

Review: Burning Itch - Burning Itch

By Kristen Berry

What do you do when the punk rock starts sounding too pristine? (Well, you shouldn’t be asking that question, since punk’s historically been revered for its youthful sneer and “amateurish” musicianship.) In the event that it happens, any sick fool knows that you take that shit out to the garage, bathe that puppy in grease and grime, leave it unpolished so that grade A scuzzy anti-sheen comes through nicely, and you should be good to go. Burning Itch know the drill.

From the blow-up doll and sleazy pink glitter (I feel dirty just looking at it) on the cover right down to that righteous punk rock fury within the album’s first chords, these Knoxville dudes are at your service. Ramshackle KBD-style punk rock is their prerogative, complete with an energy that’d make dear ol' Joey, Johnny, Tommy, and Dee Dee shed a tear. Frankly, the music needs no further explanation or analysis; it was made to be dumb fun, pure and simple. I mean, “You Should Fucking Die” and “Brains Fall Out”, man. It’s endearing. If you need a taste test, “Dead End Street” (below) should whet your appetite. Then, if you’re so inclined, you can trot on over to Tic Tac Totally and get yourself and your sloppy, fun-loving friends a copy.

Burning Itch - Dead End Street

Review: A Giant Dog - Fight

By Zach Braun

When I got this record in the mail the other day, it was a nice surprise to open it up and see a hyper-detailed inner sleeve full of sweaty live band pics, lyrics, and liner notes. Dropping fourteen bucks on an LP is a much more rewarding experience when you’re getting more than just the music, tracklist, and a piece of cardboard. Perusing the credits reveals that Orville “OBN III’s” Neeley recorded Fight and played drums, and his punchy, gritty production sound suits the throwback mid-tempo punk rock of A Giant Dog perfectly.

The whole package comes off like a lost album from the early 80s West Coast punk scene, with fifteen energetic tracks that sound so familiar that they could be confused as covers. Think the Avengers and the Nuns, and you’re close. Lead vocalist Sabrina has a tough and elastic voice that screeches, croons, growls, and soars above the crunchy guitars, and guitarist Andrew chimes in frequently with sympathetic southern white boy soul shouts that bring the songs into Exene/John Doe territory. “Hang Around” bites the groove of “Spirit in the Sky” and grinds away in a much dirtier, bluesy vein than X ever attempted, though. Tracks like “Hunted Down” are runaway freight train rock ‘n’ roll at its very best, and while a bit too long, Fight is a gripping debut packed with anthemic moments.

Grab it now from Tic Tac Totally.

A Giant Dog - Hunted Down