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Tic Tac Toe Masterlist

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Pairing: Sam X Reader

Song Prompt: Haven’t met you yet- Michael Buble

AU: Business AU

Warnings: None, just fluff for most part ;)

Series status: COMPLETED

Summary: The reader shifts into a new city after being offered a dream job by a big firm. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect after an ugly break-up with a douche-bag Ex. But things turn out not as dreamy as she’d want them to be and the only thing that keeps her smiling is a totally coincidental game of Tic Tac Toe.

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Part 10

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salvia-plathitudes said:

Will you ever reupload videos that were on vine? Specifically tic tac toe sports anime? That was incredible            

All my vines are on YouTube, here’s the tic tac toe one.


Jason Kyo animated my Tic Tac Toe sports anime video.  WELL DONE, Jason

The Bus 1 Conspiracy.

On August 10, 2013, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik from the band One Direction paid a visit to Los Angeles’ Shamrock Social Club tattoo parlor. The pair got two sets of matching tattoos that morning, one set being of a tic-tac-toe boards. More famously recognized is the other set of matching tattoos, the words “Bus 1.”

Pictured: Zayn and Louis, bros for life with their matching tattoos.

The two were very fond of their matching tattoos, showing them off in interviews and being all cute.

Look at their lil arms.

While this whole matching tattoo thing is adorable as hell, what if the meaning behind these tattoos isn’t? Let’s take a deeper look, shall we?

When asked what the meaning of “Bus 1″ is, the pair said it was the bus where the two of them spent a lot of their time while on tour. Rather than stay in the hotels with the other boys, Zayn and Louis opted to stay in the tour bus most of the time. Hm…

Bus 1′s interior. Quite swanky, eh?

Now the real question is: What exactly happens on Bus 1? Why are the two so keen on spending so much time in there? Or… is it a cover up for something even bigger?

Well, if you say “Bus 1″ really fast, it sounds like “bust one.” That’s right guys… Zayn and Louis are undercover cops and are busting the crooks left and right.

Which one plays the good cop and which one plays the bad cop?

Bus 1 not only was a hint towards their side job, but it also was where Zayn and Louis could discuss tactics with each other without the other boys around. The information they handled was classified and for the eyes and ears of official police officers only.

2/5 are actual cops. The other 3 are just goons.

Being an undercover police officer isn’t as easy as it seems. It takes a lot of covering up, which is evident since we didn’t even discover their secret lifestyle until now. However, you need to be mysterious and have a love for danger, which are qualities emulated by the two boys.

Hints about their profession revealed in the “Steal My Girl” music video, directed by Danny Devito.

While the boys have been sneaky covering up their true profession, there have been quite a few slip ups. And no, we are not talking about Harry slipping on stage, we are talking about Zayn and Louis screwing up and giving us the hints that helped piece this all together.

1. Zayn seen riding in police car. The driver is not visible, but we do not need evidence to know that Louis is definitely driving that vehicle.

Zayn with a rolled down window, exposing himself to the elements and exposing his secret.

2. Louis seen talking with a fellow police officer. He’s wearing a trench coat, which is basically a red alert for anyone trying to hide a secret.

Why are trench coats always so mysterious? What’s under that jacket, Louis?

3. Louis likes handcuffs. He must’ve dropped a pair of them on stage, so fellow bandmate, Harry Styles, lends a helping hand to give them back. Were we supposed to see this? Oops!

We promise it’s not as kinky as it looks… or is it?

4. Self-explanatory. These girls are locked up, thanks to the Bus 1 Team.

They probably tried to touch Harry’s curls, leading them to a life sentence in prison.

5. Louis was spotted driving a police boat in London, taking One Direction on a police guided tour through the waters.

Only police officers know how to drive boats, so Niall was shocked to find out that Louis had this skill.

6. In the Zouis weed video, we hear Louis referring to the “popo.” This was quite the slip up, considering Louis is an undercover cop. He must’ve been so high that he forgot about his secret.

Joint lit, happy days.

7. Zayn has many tattoos besides “Bus 1.” One of them is of a checkered flag.

Zayn Malik, man of many tattoos.

Where have we seen this mysterious pattern before? That’s right, on the hats of British police officers. 

Zayn accepting a police award in his checkered hat, matching his flag tattoo perfectly.

Zayn and Louis were pulling a 21 Jump Street scenario on us this entire time. If anyone was to accomplish it, not surprised it would be these two. The dynamic duo works best together.

Even in his dreams, Louis turns to Zayn for backup.

We are entirely unsure as to what their mission was, but we suspect it had something to do with the shady blond one. We tried reaching out to Louis and Zayn’s reps, but they were too preoccupied in a twitter fight with each other. Even with all of this evidence, the Bus 1 conspiracy remains


-The Expired Kiwi

Bitte küss mich nicht (Thema Missbrauch -> Vergewaltigung)

Es was ein ganz normaler Tag, doch sie spürte irgendwie das etwas anders war und es wurde ihr klar irgendetwas war geschehen, er hatte sie noch nie so komisch angesehen.

Sie gingen in ihr Zimmer, schmusten eigentlich wie immer, doch dann wollte er mehr, sie fühlte sich so leer und verlassen, sie hatte ihn doch lieb, sie wollte ihn nicht hassen.

Er hatte sich genommen was er braucht, er hat sie benutzt, beschmutzt, belogen und sie um ihre Liebe betrogen. Sie konnte das alles nicht verstehen, nur eins - es würde weitergehen.

Sie konnte niemanden was sagen, musste alles stumm ertragen, musste ihm versprechen das Geheimnis nie zu brechen. Sie hat das nie gewollt, doch dann hat sie es gemacht,
dabei hat sie nur gedacht..

“Bitte, bitte, bitte, bitte küss mich nicht.
Bitte, bitte, bitte, bitte küss mich nicht.”

Er hatte ihr versprochen, es kommt nie wieder vor, es wird alles wie es war, doch dann war er wieder da, dieser Ausdruck in den Augen. Woran sollte sie noch glauben?

Sie wollte raus aus ihrem Körper, konnte sich nicht mehr spüren, doch er hörte nicht auf ihr die Luft abzuschnüren. Es war so wie ein Alptraum, doch sie wurde nicht wach. Sie wollte kämpfen, doch sie war viel zu schwach.

Sie gab sich die Schuld, glaubte daran, was hatte sie getan, was trieb sie in diesen Wahn? In der Nacht kam die Angst, sie glaubte zu schweben, sie sah sich von oben und sie wollte nicht mehr leben. Sie wollte es verdrängen, wollte es vergessen, doch es hatte sich tief in ihre Seele gefressen.

Sie fühlte sich allein, fühlte sich so klein,
wann würde es endlich vorbei sein?

“Bitte, bitte, bitte, bitte küss mich nicht.
Bitte, bitte, bitte, bitte küss mich nicht.”

Sie hat lange gebraucht das Schweigen zu brechen, denn es war viel zu schwer darüber zu sprechen. Ihr fehlte der Mut, doch dann hat sie es getan und sie weiß jetzt, sie hat keine Schuld daran.