Cheer Worlds 2015

Wow.  The most bobbles and fuckups Ive seen at Worlds ever.  Also way too many injuries.  And most of them were injuries that stopped routines.  For those who dont know, other sports like football or basketball sometimes stop the play for anything, but cheer, not so much.  Last year, only one routine was stopped due to an injury bad enough or that was potentially bad enough.  This year there were more, including one on my team.

Athletes got

-someone got a concussion

-someone broke a collar bone

-someone broke their nose in two places

-someone tore their ACL

-someone broke both their tibula and their fibula

-someone got a knee injury

-someone got through their whole routine because the team was already down two athletes because of injuries, but the second the end pose was hit, he stayed on the ground and two team mates carried him off the floor

-someone fucked up their ankle

-someone broke a cheek bone

There’s a 15 second video to show one of the injuries and um…well to give you an idea, this is the headline:

See A Cheerleader’s Splintered Leg Dangle From Her Knee After She Snaps It In Half Landing A Flip

‘Oh you’re a cheerleader! That’s so cute!’  Yeah no shutup those injuries are real and not cute.  If cheer is considered cute, then football is adorable and baseball is mega-laughable.  

Please tell me how table tennis is a sport and cheer isn’t.