Back on the run, 3 miles this morning to ease in. My tibialis anterior is feeling better after taking a week off. It felt fine running, only a small awareness of it at mile 2.5.

I had to push myself to run this morning. I’m having a dip in motivation following last month and meeting my goal of 100 in a month. This happens each time I meet a goal but I didn’t prepare myself this time. With the combination of calf pain and goal met, I tanked, sleeping in and eating like crap. Oh well, these are the days of or lives, radical acceptance, get off the sofa and get in with it…..as of 6:30 this morning I’m back on track and setting a new goal of running the “Beat the Blerch” half in mid September in Seattle…oh, it’s the weekend before my birthday…. Coolio! And now I’m registered!

Run Happy!

Anatomy Mnemonics

Below are some old Anatomy Mnemonics someone once gave me that I found in my hard drive. Hopefully they’ll come in handy for someone else.


6 cranial bones

Old People From Texas Eat Spiders.

Parietal, Ethmoid, Sphenoid, Temporal, Occipital, Frontal.

Leg Bones

TIBia is the Thick Inner Bone, and Fibula is Finer, Fluted, and Lateral.

8 facial bones

Common Love gone Zip?(Abbr. CMMNLVZP)

conchae, mandible, maxilla, nasal, lacrimal, vomer, zygomaticus, palatine.

*Applying the first-3-letters rule to the facial bones, I came up with

Con Man

Max and Pal

Bones of the Wrist

Some Lovers Try Positions That They Cannot Handle

Scaphoid, Lunate, Triquetrum, Pisiform, Trapezium, Trapezoid, Capitate, Hamate

Never Lower Tillie’s Pants, Mama Might Come Home.

navicular, lunate, triquetrum, pisiform, greater and lesser multangular, capitate, and hamate.

*To remember that the carpals are bones of the wrist and not the foot, Lunate, Triquetrum, remember that CARPenters use their hands.

7 types of bone fractures

C3-PO Breaks his Bones

Greenstick, Open, Complete, Closed, Comminuted, Partial, and Others.


Muscles in gluteal region: from top to bottom: P-GO-GO-Q


 Gemellus superior

 Obturator internus

 Gemellus inferior

 Obturator externus

 Quadratus femoris

Muscles whose tendons attach at the pes anserinus (medial tibia): SGT



Four abdominal muscles –

TIRE: (deepest to most superficial)

Transversus abdominis, Internal abdominal oblique, Rectus abdominis, and External abdominal oblique

Functions of the Interossei muscles

 PAD – Palmar ADduct

 DAB – Dorsal ABduct

Attachments of Pectoralis Major, Teres Major and Latissimus Dorsi

 A lady between two majors.

 Pectoralis major attaches to lateral lip of bicipital groove.

 Teres major attaches to medial lip of bicipital groove.

 Latissimus dorsi attaches to the floor of bicipital groove.

 The “lati” is between two “majors.“

 A lady between two majors.

Four muscles which control the mandible

masseter, temporal, lateral and medial pterygoids

form the letters MTPP, which could be read as "Empty Peepee” which could be construed as a command (or wish) to empty one’s peepee via…oh we’d better not say it.

Four abdominal muscles
Spare TIRE

transversus, internal oblique, rectus, and external oblique

On the floor of the mouth are two muscles
Doctor on the Floor?

mylohyoid and digastric – MD.

Muscles which regulate breathing

You Will DIE! If you don’t have'em

Diaphragm, Inner costal, and External costal

The SITS muscles make up the rotator cuff:



 Teres Minor



Radial n. innervates the BEST!!!!





Hand muscles innervated by the Median nerve


 Lumbricals 1 + 2

 Opponens pollicis

 Abductor pollicis brevis

 Flexor pollicis brevis 

Innervation of phrenic nerve
 c345 keeps the phrenic alive 
 c345 keep the diaphragm alive

Innervation of the penis:

 Parasympathetic puts it up; sympathetic spurts it out

 Point , Shoot, Score! (erection, emmision ,ejaculation)

 Parasympathetic, Sympathetic ,Somatomotor

Innervation of the penis by branches of the pudental nerve

"S2, 3, 4 keep the penis off the floor”, derived from spinal cord levels

Long thoracic nerve innervates serratus anterior 
 c5-6-7 raise your arms to heaven

Lateral and Medial Pectoral Nerve

Lateral is less, medial is more.

Lateral pectoral nerves goes through pectoralis major while medial pn goes though both pectoral major and minor.

12 Facial Nerves

"At the OIL FACTORY, the OPTICIAN looked for the OCCUPANT of the TRUCK. He
was searching because 3 GEMS had been ABDUCTED by a man who was hiding his FACE and EARS. A GLOSSY PHOTOGRAPH has been taken of him, but it was too VAGUE to use. He appeared to be SPINELESS and HYPOCRITICAL.“

In order, the oil factory is the olfactory nerve; the optician is the optical nerve; the occupant is the occulomotor nerve; the truck represents the trochlear nerve; the 3 gems are the trigeminal nerve; abducted is really the abducens;
face is facial; ears really means auditory; glossy photograph is glosso-pharyngeal; spineless relates to the spinal
accessory nerve; and hypocritical is the hypoglossal nerve.

Wrist Nerves and Prohibition

RUM, for radial, ulnar, and medial symptoms of nerve troubles are wrist drop, claw hand, and tunnel syndrome …

represented by the letters WCT (Women’s Christian Temperance Union).

Cranial Nerves








VIII-Acoustic (Vestibulocochlear),



XI-Spinal Accessory,


On Old Olympus Towering Tops, A Finn And German Viewed Some Hops 

Branches of the Facial Nerve (CN VII):

To Zanzibar by Motor Car

Ten Zebras Bought My Car

Temporal, Zygomatic, Buccal,

Brachial Plexus:

Roots, Trunks, Divisions, Cords, Branches
Robert Taylor Drinks Cold Beer. (or Richard Tucker Drinks Cheap Beer :-) )

Innervation of Extraocularmotor Muscles: LR6 SO4 Others 3

 LR6–Lateral rectus - VI abductens

 SO4–Superior Oblique - IV Trochlear

 Others 3–The remaining 4 eyeball movers = III Oculomotor

For the order of nerves that pass through the superior orbital fissure:

"Lazy French Tarts Lie Naked in Anticipation.” 
(Lacrimal, Frontal, Trochlear, Lateral, Nosociliary, Internal, Abducens)

9 branches of the abdominal portion of the aorta

"Celia Smith’s Supra Rams Green Impala Past Stop Light"

Celiac, Supra mesenteric, Supra-renal, Renal, Gonadal, Inferior mesenteric, Phrenic, Sacral, and Lumbar.

Structures passing posterior to the medial malleolus of the foot:

 Tom, Dick, And Harry

Tibialis posterior tendon, flexor Digitorum longus tendon, post. tibial Artery and tibial nerve, and 
flexor Hallucis longus tendon. (i.e. Tibialis, Digitorum, Artery & nerve, and Hallucis) 

Carotid Sheath– VAN

 Internal Jugular Vein

 Common carotid Artery

 Vagus Nerve

Arteries as they come off the external carotid:

Superior thyroid, Ascending pharyngeal, Lingual, Facial, Occipital, Post Auricular, Superficial temporal, Maxillary

Some Angry Lady Figured out PMS

ABC’S of the aortic arch!

Aortic arch gives off the Brachiocephalic trunk, the left Common Carotid, and Left Subclavian artery

Branches of the aorta artery in the lower torso

Transsexuals Remember the Aorta

"Come on In Ex-Female, Pop And Prance Past Doors and Planters".

Common iliac, Internal iliac, External iliac, Femoral, Popliteal, Anterior tibia, Posterior tibia, Peroneal, Dorsalis, medial and lateral Plantars.

Branches of the axillary artery

 Sally Thompson Loves Sex And Pot pie 
Superior Thoracic, Thoracoacromial, Lateral thoracic, Subscapular, Anterior circumflex humeral, Posterior circumflex humeral, and Profunda brachii.

Arteries off the External Carotid

They are buried in the phrase Some Loser F*cked My Sister

Superior Thyroid, Lingual, Facial, Maxillary, Superficial Temporal 

Vessels joining the inferior vena cava

"He Commonly Lumbers in the Viet Cong ReGion".

A Vietnamese Lumberjack’s Heart:

 Hepatic, Common iliac, Lumbar, Vena Cava, Renals, Gonadals.

Stroke versus Aneurysm

STRoke is caused by arterial reSTRiction, and aneurysm is AN Erupting artery.


checklist of factors causing back troubles


O - Osteomyelitis

V - Vertebral fracture

E - Extraspinal tumour

S - Spondylolisthesis

A - Ankylosing spondylitis

L - Lumbar disk disease

I - Intraspinal tumour

U - Unhappiness

S - Stress

Cranial sutures

cranial sutures have CLASS!

Coronal, Lambdoid, Squamous, Sagittal.

five visceral sensors

Low TEMPeratures have BARe-CHEsted cOSMO-girls kNOCking.
temperature, barometric, chemical, osmotic, nociceptors

Femoral Sheath (lateral to medial) order of things in thigh


 Femoral Nerve,

 Femoral Artery,

 Femoral Vein,

 Empty Space,

 Lymphatics (or Lacunar Ligament)

Pelvic Diaphragm – PICOLO(A) -Posterior to anterior



 Levator Ani

Location of Thoracic duct:

The duck is between two gooses (duck = thoracic duct)

2 gooses = azyGOUS and esophaGOUS

Structures perforating the diaphragm

 “At T8 you see, perforates the IVC” (inferior Vena Cava) the “EsoVagus” pierce T10 (esophagus, vagus nerve) 
 T12 - red, white and blue (aorta,thoracic duct,azygous vein)

Course of Ureters

Water runs under the bridge (uterine a. and ductus deferens)

All We Could Ever Ask For

Original request: hi!! If it’s not too much trouble, could you write a scenario where jungkook knocks on your door really late at night and he’s crying (ugh my heart I can’t 😩) and you silently comfort him? could you make it really fluffy but not cheesy? (Sorry if that’s confusing haha) thank youuuuuu 😊😊💘💘

Genre: fluffy, perhaps slight angst(?)

Word count: 1001

Thump. Thump. Thump.

Was that the sound of the person pounding on my door or the heavy beating of my own heart? Perhaps both sounds were too loud that they bled into each other, creating a new sound as their offspring. Whatever it was, my legs dragged my tired body to the door, opening the door without stopping to look into the peephole. There stood on the other side a disgruntled Jungkook, his hair sticking to his forehead with perspiration and his breathing labored. Though his eyes were dark, I could see a hint of sorrow in them.

“Jungkook? What are you doing here so late?” I asked.

Instead of a verbal response, one like “I was practicing and came by here” or “I was recording something but I wanted to see you”, Jungkook fell into my arms, his body quivering intensely as he bawled on my shoulder. I was shocked to say the least, never seeing him in this state before, but I welcomed him into my embrace, rubbing his back soothingly. I urged him to sit with me on the threshold, letting him pour out his heart onto my shirt, which was getting soaked from his salty tears. I wanted to ask him something, but every time I opened my mouth it would clamp shut that much faster. The sight of him crumpled against my shoulder, leaving his heart open like he was wearing it on his sleeve this whole time though no one noticed, it left me speechless. I wanted to soothe him with a kind and caring “It’ll be all right” or “You’re safe” or maybe even “It’s okay. I’m right here”, but even such simple words like that got caught in my throat, their tiny sounds being muffled by my sporadically beating heart.

I was positive he could hear it. How could he not? It was loud enough and powerful enough that I could hear each contraction of back and forth, and I could feel every push and pull of my blood traveling through my veins from the tips of my toes to the top of my scalp, leaving me a ball of tingles as my nervous system worked in overdrive. I could feel every little speck of dust or pollen in the air that grazed against my skin, I could feel every last hair on my body, so well that I was positive I could count them if I tried. Even my breaths, shallower than I realized before this moment, could be felt as they tickled my bronchial tubes, stretching the walls of my lungs like a balloon being inflated, the pressure being released with a shudder as I looked down upon his figure, his hair blowing slightly in the breeze my breath created upon the crown of his head. Could he tell I was shaking? My muscles jerked and almost seemed to vibrate on their own, though I tried so hard to stop the quivering of my biceps, my gracilis, my tibialis, and anything in between. Why couldn’t I get a grip? Why was this scene making my body act like it had a mind of its own? Why couldn’t I be in control? Asking these questions were futile, as I was not able to answer them, nor was anyone else able to. Instead of questioning it, staying inside of my own head as my sanity dissolved away, I focused the only muscles I had complete control of on his body, calming to a quiet whimper as his body stopped quaking and quivering.

What a lucky bastard he was to still have control over his body while I struggled to stop the tremoring of my muscles. I wasn’t mad though. When he lifted his head, face flushed from the crying and cheeks stained with his fresh, salty tears, it was if my body froze in that moment when he locked eyes with me. His mouth moved but I heard no sound. I blinked numerous times, trying to focus on his mouth and read his lips, the sound of the world slowly coming back to me.

“Thank you.” I finally heard.

And as if a spell had been lifted from me with those words, my body stilled and my psyche calmed, entranced by his big brown eyes and bunny teeth that showed through his tiny smile. I took a deep breath, regaining my voice long enough to utter the words “You’re welcome”, and if by instinct my arms wrapped around him tightly, never wanting to let go of this moment or him. He rested his chin on my shoulder, wiping his damp face with the sleeve of his hoodie.

“I got your shirt all wet.” he stated, a small chuckle in his words.

“It’s okay.” I replied, rubbing his back in circular motions.

“And it’s so late. I’m sorry to be bothering you at this hour.”

“It’s okay.”

“And I should have at least called first before coming. You look like you were already in bed for the night.”

“It’s okay.”


“Jungkook-ah.” I said, cutting him off, “It’s okay.”

He sighed, nodding his head slightly as he pulled back from my embrace to it upright. He looked around him at the outside world, the street quiet except from our voices echoing down the block.

“It’s a pretty night.” I stated, looking down the quiet road at the street lights at the intersection, flashing red, green, and yellow in their usual timed pattern.

“It is.” he agreed, leaning against the doorframe.

We spoke little words that night, but we didn’t need to. The connection of our souls spoke more words than there were in any human language. We were content within our little bubble on that street, listening to the breaths and heartbeats of the other as we sat there, side by side, with our fingers intertwined with one another’s. There, in that moment, despite the events that happened beforehand, everything was perfect, and we were happy.

And that was all we could ever ask for.

~ Admin L

Musculoskeletal Anatomy Aides Memoires

A wee compilation of a just few helpful tips. Please feel free to add!


↑ ↑ ↑
OF Sciatic

Medial compartment = Obturator nerve
Anterior compartment = Femoral nerve
Posterior compartment  = Sciatic nerve


(This one may be a little controversial…)

Big butts are Inferior
=> Gluteus maximus is innervated by the inferior gluteal nerve


Tom Dick And Not Harry

Tibialis Posterior
Flexor Digitorum Longus
Posterior Tibial Artery
Tibial Nerve
Flexor Hallicus Longus


Thoracics look like giraffes:

Lumbars look like moose(s?)


Superficial compartment = 4 muscles
Intermediate compatment = 1 muscle
Deep compartmnt = 3 muscles
4 - 1 = 3

Superficial compartment: ‘Pass, Fail, Pass, Fail’
Pronator Teres
Flexor Carpi Radialis
Palmaris Longus
Flexor Carpi ulnaris


Mnemonics; there are SO many of these. My love of Scrubs led me always to use: 
Some Lovers Try Positions That They Can't Handle
Scaphoid Lunate Triquetrum Pisiform Trapzium Trapzoid Capitate Hammate

(Thank you Elliot Reed)



S T O P;
Scaphoid, Trapezium, 'Ook of Hamate, Pisiform


Tendon bounderies form a 'Brevis Sandwich;’
Extensor Pollicus Longus (medial)
Extensor Pollicis Brevis
Abductor Pollicis Longus (lateral)

anonymous asked:

How do I go about getting into running?

I would buy a good pair of shoes, figure out where you’re running, find a good plan to stick through to build up endurance, figure out generally how to run, warm up , cool down and stretch, notice signs of injury, stay well hydrated and be safe.

shoes/clothing: you want light but sturdy shoes, a pair that provides adequate support for your foot. I would recommend stopping by a “legit” running store where the sales associates are actually trained to help you find a shoe that works for your feet/legs. Clothing depends on the weather, if it’s warm enough I would suggest shorts or breathable pants and a non-restrictive shirt. sports bra if you’re a woman, compression for lower impact and the encapsulation for higher impact. smaller larger. If it is cold wear sweat wicking underlayer, a middle layer if it’s very cold and an outer layer that is made like a windbreaker. You want to be somewhat cool when you walk out the door so that you don’t uncomfortably overheat yourself, but you also don’t want to be freezing. have your ears covered, and I would suggest a scarf or one of those bands that can cover your mouth and nose as well to keep them warm and moist (will also help with inspired air). gloves are a good plan to keep fingers and hands warm as well.

pavement vs grass vs treadmill: For your knees, the softer the ground the better in general. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to run on grass/sod/turf (that has no divets or at least noticeable ones if it does) that’s technically best. Second is softer surfaces like an outdoor track, then pavement and lastly concrete. Try to avoid concrete as best as you can to avoid injuries. Treadmills are a class on their own, if you want to simulate outdoor running keep the grade at 1% or 1.5% to start (simulates flat ground). Don’t hold on to the guard rails unless you need to hop off or steady yourself. If you feel any pain, weakness, dizziness, hit the stop button and get off immediately.

couch to 5k (C25K): I highly recommend the couch to five K training plan, there are a gazillion apps out there anymore for this kind of training if you like to have your phone on you while you run, or if you can just remember the sequence and use a stop watch then that works great as well!

breathing and other technicalities: Some sources suggest breathing in your nose and out your mouth. Some also say that forcefully exhaling over two steps and inhaling over three is a good way to prevent/get rid of side stickers (pain on your side). If you become short of breath stop running and slow down to a walking pace, put your hands on your head so your elbows are above you, stand up straight and breathe deeply. I personally can’t breathe through my nose so I’m always breathing through my mouth, but find what works best for you. I often try to breathe in over three steps and out over three steps to keep it balanced. With endurance training stand mostly upright with a very slight forward lean, arms bent at about 90 degree angle, hands totally relaxed. Face is also relaxed, it will feel funny and weird at first, but do not clench your jaw and you should actually feel your cheeks moving up and down with you as your run. Land more midfoot (“flat footed”) than heel-to-toe or toe-to-heel-to-toe. We are not built to land on our heels (it’s something we’ve gotten from wearing shoes supposedly) and landing on your toes increases your risk of injury and also increases your overall time (not that you’d necessarily care, but it’s something to think about) and causes you to expend a lot more energy than necessary.

Types of injuries: shin splints-irritation of the tibialis posterior that causes small tears in the muscle which hurts a lot. Best way to recover from shin splints is PRICE-protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation until the symptoms have cleared up. A good exercise to do to help prevent/treat shin spints is to hold a small dumbell betwee your feet, extend both legs so the lower half of your leg (below the belly of the calf) and your feet are hanging off with the dumbell between the feet. Point your toes and then flex your feet at the ankle working the front of your leg (shins). Runner’s knee-this could actually be a few different things. Using proper equipment, doing the training slowly, stretching, etc will help to prevent this from occurring. However if you’re genetically built in the “wrong” way (like me) you might have problems. IT band syndrome-possible causes include running form, tight tissues (you need to stretch!), improper equipment, overuse or weak hip muscles. achilles tendonitis-an inflammation of the achilles tendon (back of your leg where you probably cut yourself often when shaving if you shave your legs -_-). It is often accompanied with pain and stiffness, especially after remaining still for a period of time, and there is often noticeable swelling of the tendon. stress fractures-These can occur from increasing intensity or duration of an exercise too quickly. You would experience localized pain when exercising as well as pain to the touch in a specific location. PRICE is a good way to treat this as well as seeing a doctor. And also plantar fascitis. All of these can be from overuse which is pretty much going too far too soon, or too far for too long day after day. As always if you have any pain or trouble make sure you see your doctor to check it out.

warm up and cool down: Always try to warm up, if you’re indoors 5-10 minutes would suffice of walking speed that slowly increases to a jog (or in your case probably just walking). Same basic thing at the end, slow down in small increments until you’re at the end. If you need to stop abruptly for whatever reason and don’t have the time to do a proper cool down lie down. This is an adequate way to allow the blood to return to the heart and head efficiently. note: you might feel lightheadedness or dizziness if you do decide to lie down and then get up too quickly this is simply orthostatic hypotension and is nothing to worry about unless it happens quite often.

Stretching: Warm up beforehand, and if you have time include dynamic stretching. If you are only running a few simple ‘stretches’ will do: walking toe touches “zombie walk”-alternating the hand touching the foot and walking across the field/space as you do this. then “over the gate” so you swing your leg, bent, from outside across the body to the inside take three steps and do the same on the other foot, again across the field. do the same thing but the opposite direction, from inside to outside next. then you can do a walking quad stretch but don’t hold it much more than 2 seconds at a time. If you do dynamic stretching you shouldn’t need to warm up with walking/jogging for much more than 5 minutes. After running you should stretch in the way that probably comes to mind when you hear stretch <that website has many different stretches, all are good post-run but most important are the legs and arms…toe touches, either sitting or standing, quad stretch, calf stretch, groin, and hips. If you notice your hips are tight here is a good representation of hip stretches. Only do static stretching after you run, not before as it could increase your chance of injury.

music and general safety: If you are planning on running outside please be safe. Wear reflective clothing, run in public spaces, try to avoid running when it is dark, carry a cell phone on you and/or a whistle and/or mace, let at least one person know where you will be going and how long you expect to be gone, make sure YOU know the route you plan to take and try not to stray, please avoid using headphones when running outside, run AGAINST traffic, not with it, and if you will be running at night also carry a flash light

water: It is important to stay hydrated however running outside can often make it difficult to have water with you at all times, use your own discretion for what you decide: to carry a water bottle or keep it in a set location, etc. In theory you should weigh the same before and after an exercise bought to be sure you have remained adequately hydrated.

phew that was a lot! Hopefully that’s everything you needed (and probably a lot, lot more..). if you have any questions or need clarification on anything please let me know! 

Good luck :)


I’m restless. WHYYYYY must i be so out of shape, injured, and not able to do my tri? it’s gonna be eternity before i can do another tri, especially because next summer I will be at some sort of geology field camp for 6 weeks, which entirely kills the tri season. Damn achilles and tibialis tendonitis. what the efffff bodyy? get on my level.

anonymous asked:

in that photoset of free you just reblogged, what does the image of rin and gou say?? :o

My favorite scene is in episode 5, when Rin walked with Gou back to the hotel - by Nakanishi Naoki 

Gou: (*happy sigh* My ideal tibialis anterior muscles (around the shin area)) 

Rin: Hey… Pull yourself further back while holding my feet. /// 

Gou: Ehhhh… 


No, I did not study for GREs yesterday night. Will I tonight? Perhaps. I hope so. I really need to. The date gets closer and closer, I have less than a month. For real, studying tonight. I need to.

Went to PT this morning and my foot is still wrecked. It’s so tight and it still hurts to just touch my anterior tibialis down by my ankle. At least the achilles tendinitis is gone for the most part. Mystery object in heel update…well, it’s still in there and I still can’t walk around barefoot. Oh well.

Had a good 17 mile bike with my sister this morning before she got a flat and we walked our bikes in. We were really moving, I felt pretty good. Hoping to get a 10 minute run in this afternoon and to walk a little bit. I want to focus on getting my running miles up and trying to run every day (except sundays) just to get used to running back to back and more often.

Maybe I will go start packing up some things for college. That would be the productive thing to do, not necessary what I will end up doing though. I also need to start working on updating my resume so it will be ready for grad school applications. I want to get this done by Saturday before I leave for Wyoming.

Deep Tissue/Active Release/Orthopedic

I’m going to get a massage for my lower left leg in hopes of helping the mysterious pain i have been having.  My friend referred me to the place I am going, and she said “this will not be an ‘oh that feels so good’ massage.  It’s going to be painful."  I’m ready!  I just want my leg to get better!

Full recap later!