The Wreck-It Ralph Dog AU was basically the best thing ever can we bring that back please.

Ralph is a stray, giant St. Bernard/Tibettan Masstiff mix who sits in front of Litwak’s Pet Store and Shelter every day, waiting for people to adopt him. But they won’t because he’s a big, smelly, scary-looking mutt. Ralph would give anything to have a home, but a collar would make him just as happy.

Felix is Litwak’s dog, a happy little Jack Russell Terrier, who is loved by all humans because he’s so well trained and he had a cute collar with a shiny bright dog tag. 

Bad Anon is a group of stray dogs that gather in an ally behind restaurants each night and beg for scraps as a pack. Zombie is an emaciated Bloodhound, Zangief is a burly Borzoi, Sorceress is a black Schipperke, and Clyde is a Pekingese. 

Calhoun is a scary Doberman police dog, who’s owner (Kohut or Major Hollogram) is hot on the case against this scientist suspected of testing illegal substances on stray and pet dogs alike. Cybertania bugstococis (contagious bacteria said to cause a disease similar to rabies, but worse) is the side-effects of these illegal substances. People who bring their dogs to the scientist’s lab for testing get a care package as “thanks for participating in studies”. One item form the care package is a bright, shiny collar, which Ralph finds out about through a skittish German Shepherd wearing a cone with the name “Markowski” written on the outside. 

King Candy is a Chinese Crested who is owned by the Moppet Girl’s (calling her Molly for now) mother and routinely entered into local dog shows. He’s brought home plenty of trophies and golden-plated collars, but he wasn’t always a show-pony. He used to be a stray raggamuffin rat, infamous amongst the strays for never being caught by the dog catcher. (“He ran so fast, they used to call him Turbo.”) 

Vanellope is a tiny, stray black kitten with a tattered ribbon on her tail who constantly tries to sneak into dog shows and enter as a dog. The other Sugar Rush racers are all popular toy breeds and contest entrants, who all gang up on her and call her out for pretending to be a dog. (“I jut wanna bark and wag my tail like you guys!” “You’re just a mangy cat, and that’s all you’ll ever be!”)

And the Surge Protector is the dog catcher. 

BONUS: Vanellope’s gift medal to Ralph is made from her pink ribbon and a bone-shaped doggy biscuit (to mimic the popular bone-shaped dogtag Ralph always wanted). 

Molly is actually Vanellope’s original owner, on the constant lookout for her lost kitten. The poor kitty was scared into running away from home by King Candy, who was jealous of the kitten getting more attention than him. At the end of the whole mess, and Vanellope is returned home, Molly offers to adopt Ralph as well, but Mr. Litwak ends up adopting him instead as a thanks to Ralph for keeping watch of his shop door for so many years.