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Digital progress: tomorrow I will look at it with fresh eyes but it’s close to the finish line. I’m stoked about the result & I can’t wait to reveal the whole picture; I rank it among the best of my album covers. Thank you Lies for your trust & giving me so much artistic freedom, I think it paid off! 😉

  • Doctor Strange defenders: They didn't want to cast a Tibetan man as the Ancient One because the movie would get banned in China if they did!
  • me: Suicide Squad was banned in China and made over 700 million dollars fuck off.

Pretty sure one big reason the Ancient One is not an old Tibetan man is because of a very long, flashy sequence in Dr. Strange where Tilda’s Ancient One character introduces the concept of the multiverse to the MCU.

51 - Apache Woman

52 - Indian Sadhu

53 - Kenyan Samburu Tribesmen

54 - Norwegian Woman

55 - Scottish Jacobite

56 - Spanish Bride

57 - Spanish Flamenco Dancer

58 - Sri Lankan Fishermen

59 - Tibetan Woman

60 - Tanzanian Maasai Man

stephen strange is not a poc 

stop accusing benedict cumberbatch and marvel of white washing the role when they cast a white actor for a white character but Tilda Swinton is playing the role of a Tibetan man in Doctor Strange. 

Get mad when a role for a poc is actually white washed. get mad that scarjo and natalie dormer and emma stone all took roles meant for woc, get mad that movies are made about ancient egypt with gerard butler and christian bale as leads, get mad that rooney mara played a first nation women and the media palmed it off with white feminism, get mad that photos of poc are white washed in the name of photo quality 

the problem is so much bigger than your petty dislike of benedict cumberbatch and the fact that he is white  playing a white dude - so much bigger


It’s an especially prominent week for white washing and Asian erasure. 

The casting is no news, but we’ve had our first disappointing looks at Scarlet Johannson as Motoko Kusanagi… or as EW reports, “a character believed to be inspired by Motoko Kusanagi” (emphasis mine). The article goes on to refer to ScarJo’s character by her title, Major, making it sound like the studio will be trying its best to avoid any notion that the character was ever Japanese at all.

We also got a look at the Dr. Strange trailer, where they’ve replaced a Tibetan man known as The Ancient One with Tilda Swinton in a bald cap and some monk-like clothes.  Her casting came on the heels of a wave of disappointment, as some fans were hoping for a POC to be cast as Doctor Strange himself, most notably Pedro Pascal or Oded Fehr. It seems that Marvel maybe tried to do away with the “Mystic Asian” Trope by…removing the Asian.  Outside of casting an actor of color as Strange, they were bound to run into issues and criticism for this trope. However, there were better ways to address it and in all honesty, as the initial story was from 1963, they were probably better off just chalking it up to errors of the past instead of making it worse by removing POC from the film.

Okay, so, to address the Doctor Strange whitewashing controversy, Imma just say to everyone a thing:

The Ancient One, in the comics (since you all claim to care about comic book accuracy) is not one person necessarily, but rather a title and an idea. Yes, the original was a Tibetan man, but that doesn’t mean that the only one was. In fact, he was in a group called “The Ancient Ones.”  

Given Marvel’s issues with China, it is perfectly justified for them to cast Tilda Swinton in that role since it technically isn’t inaccurate. 

If you have an issue with inaccuracy in comic book movies, take a look at Mordo. You know what? He wasn’t black. But no one cares about that, right? Couldn’t that role have very well gone to an Asian, since you pretend to care so much about the lack of Asians in Doctor Strange? It certainly would have been more accurate. 

Did I care? No, not in the slightest. 

But so many people only care because they were told to care by people who only ever have issues with white people. No one cares about inaccuracy when a POC takes over a traditionally white role. They shouldn’t. Roles should go to whomever the director feels embodies the character that they want to portray, regardless of race. Period. 

The movie was excellent and the performances of the entirety of the cast were pretty fucking phenomenal. 

I highly recommend it. 

i literally just cringed at the shot of tilda swinton as the ancient one, like, they didn’t even just move the ancient one to the highlands of scotland and say ‘he’s a celtic lady now in-canon too, drawing from a less problematic cultural tradition’

they //actually// cast a white woman as a tibetan man

who lives in tibet

and teaches this fucking white dude ancient tibetan magics


IT IS 2016

anyways it looks awful so at least there’s that