Today we’d like to share the second place winners in the Taiko Cup competition. Second place went to the team from National Taipei University of Technology, Department of Computer Science and Information Technology. The system is a home safety system comprised of an IP camera, hazard sensors, magnetic triggers, pressure sensor and motion sensors. The system is particularly suited for installation at extended care facilities for senior citizens.

Aside from common hazard sensors such as gas, heat and sound, the team also implemented pressure sensors on the bed so if the patient is out of bed or fell off, a caretaker will be notified immediately through one of three alart mechnisms (SMS, visual alarm, audio alarm). The system can also be accessed through the web interface and be monitored remotely.

"Tibbo Project System (TPS)"
The internet of things

Boards are $55 and up (quite a bit). Blocks are reasonably priced, similar to what you’d pay for Grove Sensors.

Tibbo Project System (TPS) is a highly configurable and affordable automation platform. Its flexibility is based on Tibbits® – miniature blocks that implement specific I/O features.

Need a certain I/O function? Install the right Tibbit. Have no use for something? There is no need to have it in your device.

This module-based approach saves you money by allowing you to precisely define the features you want in your automation controller.


The Taiko Cup Draws To a Close!

We told you this was going to happen, and indeed, the first Taiko Cup competition has been successfully completed! Our panel of judges reviewed the work of 12 teams who created 12 projects using Tibbo BASIC and programmable modules.

The judges then picked the top three winners, along with five runners-up. And then, of course, awards were given, and a lottery draw was held for various electronic components, sponsored by Amedi and Tibbo.

You can see some photos above – click an image to make it larger. The next few posts will focus on specific teams and their endeavors. Great work, everyone!