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Why Arthur is pretty much the best show ever

- It’s funny as heck?!

- In the episode April 9th , a fire damages the school pretty badly, affecting the kids in different ways, for example, Arthur’s dad still being in the building after he’s out. It shows how they coped with it in their own ways, and how they supported each other through it all.

-There are multiple episodes showing Francine, who is Jewish, celebrating Jewish holidays with her family and relatives, while explaining what exactly it is that they celebrate

-Multiple guest stars including Mister Rogers  and Neil Gaimen 

-Different types of families, like Buster, who lives with his mother, or the Tibble Twins, who live with their grandmother 

-There are multiple episodes relating to gender equality, such as when Francine, Muffy, and Molly get tired of the way girls are portrayed in movies, so they make their own. Or when Arthur’s afraid of people finding out he likes to knit, until someone helps him realize there’s nothing wrong with it.

-Prunella’s best friend Marina is a blind gymnast

-George is dyslexic, Buster has asthma, and The Brain has a fear of water

-When George’s cousin moves to Elwood City, he, Brain, and DW write a song about all of the countries in Africa, erasing the stereotypes of what D.W. thought Africa was like. There’s a similar situation when Arthur becomes pen pals with a boy in Turkey.

-The power of petition is used in several episodes

-Binky has a lot of different interests including wrestling, ballet, bike riding, and butterflies 


-An entire episode where everyone sings?!

chicago-coyote  asked:

Does anyone know what happened to the Tibble twins' parents? From what I recall from the show, their grandmother was their main caretaker and the parents were never seen or spoken of. Did the twins murder them? I feel like that's plausible.

that’s definitely plausible but alas, not canon. as far as i know, the tibbles’ parents travel a lot. why? who knows. perhaps they’re on the run 

Arthur Recap Season 8 Episode 10 "Bleep"

I never understood the point of this episode. I really don’t.

Arthur takes us to the set of “The Altos”, the drama centering around a man in the mafia and his family. Gee, this sounds familiar…

I wonder how HBO felt about this.

Anyway, the people of the Altos have agreed to teach us about swearing and how it is not okay to do in any circumstances…

Yeah, I’m sorry but that ship sailed a long time ago. Yesterday, I dropped several F-bombs and cursed in Spanish just because my mom locked the backdoor even though I have told her time after time not to do it because otherwise there is no way for me to get into the house if I am locked out of the front door.

Anyway, Arthur teaches us about the bleep. Child, I know about the bleep. I grew up watching Maury. 

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Anyone remember the show Arthur? Specifically the set of twins frequently referred to as the terrible Tibble Twins?

Yes, these evil creatures. Timmy and Tommy Tibble.

When I was younger, I loved this show. One day when I was three, I was sitting in my living room watching Arthur. My mom walks in, who was pregnant with twins at the time, and asks me what I want my brothers to be named. I look at the television and who do I see on screen? The Tibble twins. So what do I say? Timmy and Tommy of course. And what happened? I ended up with twin brothers named after the terrible Tibble twins.

And that is quite possibly the single worst decision I ever made as a child. Who lets a three year old name children after evil fictional twins??