Rosa Ponselle, Lawrence Tibbett, and Frederick Jagel sing La Traviata, conducted by Ettore Panizza (1935)

This astonishing recording deserves to be heard in its totality. Tibbett is, quite simply, the greatest Germont ever recorded, and Ponselle gives a shatteringly individual portrayal of Violetta in a one-of-a-kind performance that is never less than riveting even when it strays beyond the boundaries of good taste, as it arguably does on several occasions (most notably in Act 3, when she loudly moans and sobs in response to Alfredo’s accusations).


Physical proof of the photo’s existence! From this month’s issue of Outburn (#80). Interview with Thomas is short and sweet, but highlights include:
- He said he was really proud of how Kamelot fans reacted to Tommy joining the band, and that he “already had a name within the genre” as one of the best vocalists;
- They’re planning on having everybody contribute to songwriting in the future, and “[e]verybody has tons of ideas for the next album already”;
- They do feel like they’re “just getting started” since Silverthorn’s release. “It’s that old cliché that if you don’t love what you’re doing, you should do something else. And we’re not at that point at all.”


Lawrence Tibbett and Lucrezia Bori sing Offenbach’s Les Contes d'Hoffmann (1927)

If the award for Most Exquisite Singer Ever were mine to give, it would go to Lucrezia Bori.

..Myself, I think it’s a part of the Lurlinist cycle that’s gotten detached and developed independently. Arrant nonsense. We have no proof that magic is so strong—”

“We have no proof that god is so strong,” interrupted Tibbett.

“Which strikes me as being as good an argument against god as it is against magic,” said Elphaba, “but never mind that…

—  Gregory Maguire (Wicked: Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West (Wicked Years) )

Kamelot’s Haven is arguably both of your admins’ favorite album of 2015. Can’t go wrong with the Kamelot guys, Alissa White-Gluz, Charlotte Wessels, and Troy Donockley on one record. Here’s the first single, “Insomnia.”


Lawrence Tibbett sings Carmen (1935)

The original barihunk—and what a voice!

La sélection du metalithécaire n° 83

Kamelot / Haven (Napalm records 2015)

Kamelot est un groupe de heavy-metal américain formé en 1991 à Tampa en Floride.

 En 1988, le guitariste Thomas Youngblood et le batteur  Richard Warner s’entourent de quelques musiciens pour enregistrer une chanson pour une compilation de groupes de heavy-metal  produite par Keith Collins (ancien bassiste du groupe Savatage), ils prennent le nom de Camelot. Trois ans plus tard les deux musiciens vont recruter  le bassiste Sean Tibbetts et le chanteur Mark Vanderbit et officiellement créer Kamelot, avec le K à la place du C originel. Tibbetts ne restera qu’un an au sein de la formation, il est remplacé par Glen Barry.  A partir de 1993, avec l’arrivée du clavieriste David Pavlicko, le groupe adopte une formation en quintet. Noise Records va s'intéresser à Kamelot et va signer avec eux un contrat. Le label allemand spécialisé dans le thrash et le heavy-metal (en particulier le speed mélodique avec des formation tel Helloween ou Gamma Ray) va miser sur cette jeune formation américaine. 

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Scholarship winner reaching for the sky

Scholarship winner reaching for the sky

Scholarship recipient Leanni Tibbetts is flanked by Butterfield’s Joanna Virtue-Markman and Mike McWatt (CNS): Leanni Tibbetts, the 2015 recipient of the Butterfield Bank Undergraduate Scholarship, began her freshman year at the Florida Institute of Technology this month. The graduate of Triple C School will be studying for a bachelor’s degree in aviation management and flight. Once she finishes…

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