I love when people find out one of my aliases in the gaming industry (Like Tibaroo) and they tell me “Oh, don’t google that name. You’ll find out such terrible things people say!”

Here’s the thing:

We know. We’ve heard. If you think those things are awful, you should see the things we get sent privately and constantly. It’s a constant barrage. And everything you do, someone is going to hate.

You could give every person on the forums a free slice of chocolate cake delivered straight through their computer screen and there would be threads instantly about why “Why does Tibaroo hate people on diets!?” and calling this “A direct slap in the face of vegans.”

You get told horrible things constantly.

But it’s a good lesson.

People are always going to have terrible things to say about you. Somewhere out there, right now, someone hates you. I promise. They might even be thinking cruel things about you right now.

There is no end-game of universally liked. You have to set your own standard for decency and what is right and pursue that. And then you have to learn to block out the people whose opinions don’t matter.

I was about to say “whose opinions are invalid”, but you know what? They might have valid opinions. Vegans do deserve lovely treats submitted through their computer screens, too, but I didn’t have those ingredients available at the time. I can’t beat myself up at night. I just have to be happy for the work I did do.

So yeah, when you work in a public role like Community Representative, people are going to come after you. And learning to take that is a good lesson in maturity.

Be well.