tiary :)

anonymous asked:

I know this may seem unlikely, but Google. What would you do if Hosty ever told you to kill him?

Google began to glitch a bit, his eye twitching. “Th-at would g-o against my ter-tiary objective…” 

//I like this cuz it works for any verse of Host c:

daggerkid  asked:

Googld, I have a request I do believe you'll agree on. We need to protect the Host AT ALL COSTS BECAUSE HE'S PRECIOUS!! That is all

“Wh-y, my friend. I-t has already b-een added as my ter-tiary objective: Protect the H-ost. At all co-sts.”

//I don’t think you underSTAND
This bot will literally put his other two objective on hold for this boi
Like literally
He’d resist any questions he’s asked about stuff the Host doesn’t want other people to know
He’s already not killing him, so that’s objective number two
Honestly just because it’s the third objective in his system doesn’t mean it doesn’t take top priority c: