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Royal Tiara Challenge 2017

Day 25: Favorite Wreath Tiara

The Midnight Tiara

The Midnight tiara designed by Charlotte Lynggaard contains “31 flower buds created with over 1,300 small diamond brilliants and polished moonstones set into a structure of leaves and branches hand graved in 18 carat rose and white gold with black oxidized silver.” The tiara, and it’s coordinating collection, was created for the Tiara Exhibition at Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen. 

It caught the eye of Crown Princess Mary who borrowed the tiara for Prince Henrik’s 75th birthday in 2009. After that a deal was proposed, Mary doesn’t have to purchase the tiara and the jeweler retains ownership, but they won’t sell it and Mary has exclusive rights to borrow it. I love the uniqueness of the design and it’s materials. I’m also not the biggest fan of jewelry that’s just diamonds, diamonds, and more diamonds. A feel like that’s what a lot of tiaras can end up looking like, so the complete subtlety of the diamonds on the Midnight tiara appeals to me. 


SPORTACUS: (crystal beeps) Someone’s in trouble. (dabs three times and flips away)

SPORTACUS: Wait, Robbie Rotten? Sailor Moon? What’s going on?

ROBBIE: This little girl TRAPPED me! Now I’m stuck in, what is this, a tiara? You caught the wrong bad guy!

SAILOR MOON: I’m so sorry. He was in disguise, and I thought he was one of Queen Beryl’s henchmen or something. I’ll let him go.


Gryffindor: the crackling of fire, burnt parchment, loud and joyful laughter, adrenalin flooding through your veins, looking at the horizon and getting a feeling of eternity, a clear blue sky, rooms lit only by firelight, quiet whispers between friends, shared secrets, the rush of courage when you finally overcome your fears, black and golden tattoos, sleepless nights, neon lights in the dark, red lipstick and golden nail polish, leather jackets, pride and stubbornness, walking arm in arm with your best friends, breaking into the city pool at night, playing pranks and then running away laughing

Ravenclaw: the smell of books, delicate silver rings, leather armbands, cold mineral water, the sound of rain against windows, the silence of a library, heavy old curtains, quills and ink, the joy of accomplished work, myths and legends, sitting in the shade of a tree, polaroid photos of moments long gone, intricate bracelets, starry night skies, smokey eyes, early summer mornings, dew drops, braids, writing novels on old typewriters, white roses, silver tiaras, notebooks in all forms and colours, ink stains on hands, the sound of cat paws on wooden floors, theatre visits, swimming in the ocean at dawn

Hufflepuff: fairytales, sunlight through windows, dust dancing in sunlight, muffins and cakes, eating Nutella with a spoon, licking pastry from your fingers, soft giggling, yellow rubber boots and raincoats, colourful flowers, sunshine on your face, knitted sweaters, wool socks, roadtrips in the summer, watching your pets sleep peacefully, making your favourite dishes, going on a walk on a warm day; watching the sunlight stream through the branches and onto the ground, sitting calmly at the edge of the lake and watching the water move

Slytherin: fast cars, city lights at night, elegant clothing, thunderstorms, red lipstick stains on wine glasses, smirks; lip bites and winks, high heeled shoes clicking on the pavement, trench coats, stepping into shallow puddles, cold autumn nights, sunny winter mornings, frozen landscapes, firewhiskey, the burning sensation when you swallow alcohol, dancing in a crowd of people as if you are the only one there, the feeling of letting something go, dark green and silver nail polish, long velvet curtains, ghost stories at midnight, the light of the moon, mythology and long forgotten stories, leather bags

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how many tiaras does the cholmondeley family own?

The only tiara I’ve seen the current marchioness, Rose, wear is this floral tiara during the State Visit from China in October 2015.  At the time of the banquet, Royal Magazin claimed that it was the Anacaster Heathcote Tiara that had been redesigned but users on the Royal Jewels of the World Message Board disagreed with that assessment.  I tend to agree with RJWMB that they are two completely different tiaras.

The family once owned the sapphire parure from the French Crown Jewels (worn below by Sybil Sassoon Cholmondeley) but that has since been sold.

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